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Posted by: Le4rner

SMIL - 05/05/02 02:50 AM

Any one work with this yet? I am about to start studying it. So far I understand it is a mark-up language.(Shouldn't be too hard)

I was wondering about browser support, and if it is what it is chalked up to be. I have heard it might replace flash.
Posted by: Le4rner

Re: SMIL - 05/16/02 01:32 AM

And still no response.
Posted by: -=Toxic Wazte=-

Re: SMIL - 05/18/02 09:33 PM

i think there is some stuff on i thtere....i've heard a little about it, but never tried it. Learner, i know once you learn it, i will be happily waiting for one of your nice tut's..heh
Posted by: Le4rner

Re: SMIL - 05/20/02 08:31 PM

[Cheers] Heh I will gladly deliver, but I am in the middle of learning PHP, I figured I could get someone else to study it and write a tut on key points. [Shit]
Posted by: Cold Sunn

Re: SMIL - 05/31/02 09:20 PM

If no one else is already in the process, i would be willing to write tut here. I have been looking through that site Toxic pasted. Looks very simple. but if someone else wants to write one, go ahead because i have a tendancy to forget one project and start another. Like PHP, except that was because i couldn't find a good free php host. (which was because i didn't look hard enough. )
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: SMIL - 06/01/02 01:32 AM

go ahead, i'd love to skim it heh
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