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Flash Tutorials !!!

Posted by: black^Pimp

Flash Tutorials !!! - 12/14/02 04:24 PM

I need some Flash MX tutorials..

anyone knows where i can get some ?

thanks in advance
Posted by: BlackSpider

Re: Flash Tutorials !!! - 12/15/02 01:12 AM

A List on
Posted by: black^Pimp

Re: Flash Tutorials !!! - 12/16/02 11:20 AM

holy shit.. i got billions of em..

thanks BlackSpider

btw: I'm looking for a Flash Designer to work for my company, if anyone is interested let me know please !!!
Posted by: BlackSpider

Re: Flash Tutorials !!! - 12/17/02 04:34 AM

Flash Designer try as some projects. They are a good web designer company. Maybe they can do small projects. Just a thought...

Oh you want a betta webpage for the tutorials try:

Over 500, each detailed and specific... [smoking]
Posted by: black^Pimp

Re: Flash Tutorials !!! - 12/17/02 11:23 AM

wow man you really know how to search.. i'd name an ADVANCED NAVIGATOR.. lol j/k

thanks really BlackSpider.

btw ou maybe you didn't udnerstand me, i'm not looking for web designers to do projects for me you know. I want new create flash designers to work for MY company which is called PUKA DESIGN, they will get paid for all their work. That's what i'm looking for, creative flash/web designers so i thought maybe someone from the boards here is interested to show his/her talents and skills to the public.


P.S. I also need someone who's good in coding CGI/PHP/JAVA scripts.
Posted by: BlackSpider

Re: Flash Tutorials !!! - 12/17/02 02:12 PM

I can do CGI/PHP/JAVA scripts [smoking]
Posted by: Asteos

Re: Flash Tutorials !!! - 01/05/03 11:00 AM

I had a book on Flash/MX but I made the stupid mistake of giving it to a friend in hopes that he would read it. He says he wants to get a career in graphic arts, but something tells me he's full of shit.
Posted by: black^Pimp

Re: Flash Tutorials !!! - 01/06/03 06:58 PM

BlackSpider that's cool, if you really can then you're in bro.. and as far as i can tell from all of your posts till now, you know some shit so yeah we'll talk. Drop me an email if you're really interested and if there are any more infos you wanna know.

P.S. Asteos, do you remember the Authors of the book ?
Posted by: n-rop

Re: Flash Tutorials !!! - 02/24/03 03:45 AM

if u want flash mx tutorial and stuff go to
Posted by: black^Pimp

Re: Flash Tutorials !!! - 03/03/03 09:41 AM

nah, i have a BAD expirience with flashkit.. but thanx anyway..
Posted by: §intå×

Re: Flash Tutorials !!! - 03/03/03 10:15 AM

Many tuts are built into Flash MX. But here is something that just might help a little.

Might want to read this too.

If you are totaly new to flash try this,
Posted by: black^Pimp

Re: Flash Tutorials !!! - 03/22/03 07:53 PM

those were great links learner, i forgot to thank you for em. Well thanx.
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