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Crypt($pass); vs MD5($pass); for encryption in PHP

Posted By: Le4rner

Crypt($pass); vs MD5($pass); for encryption in PHP - 12/04/02 01:10 AM

For those of you who don't know Crypt and MD5 are used in PHP to encrypt things(text, files, etc)

Now the syntax as I understand it is

crypt:              crypt('$password');
MD5:              MD5('$password');
Now I belive MD5 converts to a 32 charater string something like


/* Converts "Phrase" to .... */

And Crypt uses 12 charaters I belive if using Standard DES-based.

Okay, here is my issue. When I use crypt I get a different out put each time for the same word or phrase.

When Using MD5, I get the exact same string for every word I type in.

WTF is going on? I read on something about using a salt, but I'm not sure I get what they are saying. any help please.....
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