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what next?

Posted By: xero

what next? - 07/18/02 07:06 AM

What should i learn after html? i wanna learn something new like PHP or CGI. im like a complete newbie so what do you guys suggest i learn first?
Posted By: Le4rner

Re: what next? - 07/18/02 09:28 AM

Well, Sounds like your on the right track,

Did you learn any CSS yet?
how about Java script?
DHTML layers? (combination of CSS and Java realy)

Could pick up flash

I highly suggest reading through Webmonkeys webdesign tuts. Some of the best around and they take you basicaly in order of learning webdesign.
Posted By: xero

Re: what next? - 07/18/02 09:55 AM

nope i dont know any of those lol, although ive had little experience with simple javascript im not completely familiar with...

yeah thanks ill take your advice and learn CSS first, im reading up on it right now, hehe
Posted By: Le4rner

Re: what next? - 07/18/02 10:50 AM

Oh man, You will love CSS. It makes designing a web page SOOOO much easier, Plus you will be able to do things you couldn't do in plain HTML.
Posted By: xero

Re: what next? - 07/18/02 03:31 PM

haha yeah im seeing it...i read like the basics of it im already lovin it lol
Posted By: Le4rner

Re: what next? - 07/18/02 07:52 PM

heh, yea learn that, Java script, that will lead you into DHTML. From there you might wana try XML, or XHTML.

Learning all of these will make server side scripting easier when you get to it. You use quite a bit of that later in server side scripting.

heh, I myself never did learn Java script realy, I know enough to get by. one of these days I will force myself to sit down and learn it..

Might also wana study Java. Pergesu wrote some awsome easy to read tuts on it for RRFN... I posted them here I think...
Posted By: -=Toxic Wazte=-

Re: what next? - 07/19/02 12:10 AM

CSS, one of the best things ever invited i think, u could make a CSS linked sheet, link it to everypage, when u wanna change the theme of you webpage, change the css, and u can change everything, font size, colors, decoration, borders, anythign, it makes updating, or keeping the site new very easy, you'll love it
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