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Java: How to program 5E

Posted By: acid45

Java: How to program 5E - 01/13/04 08:59 PM

Hey guys, I'm currently in need of a book although I cannot afford it, being poor sucks. I need it to be able to do my assignments and labs but I cannot find it anywhere. The site only has 3 chapters for sample chapters, which aren't the ones I need, of course. I was wondering where I could find this book cheap, less than 20$, or free. Thanks.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Java: How to program 5E - 01/14/04 07:33 AM

Damn, fifth edition? I've got the first edition on my bookshelf. Makes me feel old...

Your best bet is EBay, or try some place that sells educational discounts. From assignments and labs, sounds like you're in school, and I'm sure if it's a required book then your school bookstore sells it.
Posted By: MystBlue

Re: Java: How to program 5E - 02/02/04 06:58 PM

Hey,i would like to have source codes for a simple packet sniffer in java. Anyone had a any advice on this? Thanks alot.

Umm i wan it reason being i need to code my own packet sniffer in java. So i hope i can try to code it on my own by following closely with the source code. Thanks.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Java: How to program 5E - 02/03/04 10:55 AM

As far as I know, it's not possible. Java doesn't provide you with low level access to hardware like that. You can't write keyloggers, packet sniffers, or any other type of program that has to "hook" some piece of hardware. I suppose you could do it using JNI (Java Native Interface), but that involves writing OS-specific C code. Might as well just write it in C.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Java: How to program 5E - 02/03/04 11:19 AM

books, go to amazon, they have discounted crap all over... used but till good...
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