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Posted By: gene NEED HELP WITH EXERCISE? - 07/14/06 05:38 PM
Hello guys, i would like to ask some help regarding a Phyton prog problem.I tried other forums beforehand but i got negative results.

so this is the question:

make a password guessing program to keep track of how many times the user has entered the password wrong. If it is more than 3 times, print ``That must have been complicated.''

Anyway,I've also provided the URL for your convenience.The exercise is at the end of the page in the referred URL.

Hope you could help me out.THANKS FOR THE HELP
Posted By: Defcon Re: NEED HELP WITH EXERCISE? - 07/15/06 03:09 AM
How about you do your own damn homework.
Posted By: Gremelin Re: NEED HELP WITH EXERCISE? - 07/15/06 05:28 AM
i would have to second that...
Posted By: pergesu Re: NEED HELP WITH EXERCISE? - 07/16/06 07:56 AM
I think when you signed up for the honors program you misunderstood the meaning of the term "special students"
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