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Rants Error

Posted By: black^Pimp

Rants Error - 10/16/02 02:34 AM

Gizmo/Curse i don't know if you guys are aware of this error but anyway i'll let you know, i thought i should check out the Rants to see if there are any new there and i got this at error at the top of the page:


UGN Member Rantings

It is currently:

October 15, 2002
[an error occurred while processing this directive]


And one other thing that got me wired is that under the post of rants there is just like:
by at 1:31 am on 3/31/2002.

don't you think a nick is missing there...

Hope ya'll fix this.

See Ya
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Rants Error - 10/16/02 10:25 AM

Link me to this page please.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Rants Error - 10/16/02 10:28 AM

Ahh, I see now... Let me decode the errors for you.

blank users are people who have been removed from the news staff.

The "Error" was my fault, its because the random quote page was removed when it wasn't needed.
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: Rants Error - 10/16/02 02:40 PM

i linked to it from the UGN main page, from the left i clicked RANTS to see how things are goin there and that was what i got.

thanks, i understood why the filed was blank.

hope you fixed the error.

btw giz, i think that page needs some refreshment, if you'd explain these Rants to me better and what could be good there i'm sure i can bring it up again.


see ya
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Rants Error - 10/16/02 10:11 PM

lol you don't know what a rant is?.... "You rant and rave about bullshit" is a quote my ex used to say when i'd get pissed... lol...

A "rant" is a series of bullshit which can or can't be true. Like say you were pissed at microsoft, you could post something bullshit about them if you'd like.
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: Rants Error - 10/17/02 04:37 PM

ohhhh hehehe now i get it.

sorry man but i really didn't know what it means, but anyway now i know heh.

Man ransta section should be full by now hehe j/k. I don't wanna become a bullshiter but i know sum ppl who do, so just wait and you'll see.


see ya
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Rants Error - 10/20/02 02:07 AM

Oh, I fixed that error btw...
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: Rants Error - 10/20/02 07:41 AM

that's good lol.

Btw man i got so [censored] pisst those 2-3 days when wasn't working... damn i was trying to reply to your email and all i was getting was MAILER DEAMON - failure deliverty... agrhhh i got so mad i didn't know what the hell is going on but then i recieved the email sayin that UGN is back online again but i still couldn't open the pages, then when i typed it worked but i was trying to access the web board and i couldn't, coz all the pics weren't opening coz they were all at .com directories i think, and i couldn't login coz it was suposed to redirect to .com after you input login information so i got just [censored] it all up, then in the evening when i typed BOOOM it worked heh, i was happy for it to work.. FINALLY.

hope this won't happen again lol.

see ya bro
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Rants Error - 10/20/02 05:34 PM

Not really, the rants section didn't need to be fixed, i mean we'll have a new outlook on the site in like a month <snicker>...

It was because we had to make a few updates to the NS servers, and Drak decided to mod [censored] on the box and it was down for 12 hours, then the .com was down for another 12 hours while we waited for the cache to clear. Which also meant that I didn't get email frown ...

Everything is cleared up now, email me back, i need to discuss some things with you on the progress of images.
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: Rants Error - 10/20/02 07:06 PM

i emailed you again today... and i recieved a very short reply, you said you'll get back to me later..

so mail me again..

and i'll mail you and we'll talk

i was looking for you on the IRC all the time today but you weren't anywhere...

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Rants Error - 10/20/02 07:30 PM

Lol, when you look for me on the irc you stay for like 5 minutes i'm usually swamped with the new design structure, input on it, the store, customization, etc....
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: Rants Error - 10/20/02 07:56 PM

well i guess i was hurryin up lol heh. well mail me again tonite and tell me once more exactly what should i be working, i mean i know what, but what do you need to be done faster and so on, i'll help you in any possiable way i can...

i can't stay much more, i'll go to sleep soon coz i'm tired, but i'll get to you first thing tomorow morning ok..

see ya
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Rants Error - 10/21/02 02:20 AM

Lol, the store is waiting on prettymuch all of the stuff store related...
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: Rants Error - 10/21/02 06:44 AM

well i see it going pretty good till now lol.

just what and see for the graphics..

something cool comin' up soon.

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