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Posted By: pergesu

CSS links - 09/22/03 11:28 AM

I've got two requests. First off, could you change the links so they're not all done with CSS? When there's a post with more than one page, and I click the number to go to a particular page, I just get taken to the first page from the topic. From there, I can click one of the links to go to another page. It's just kind of bothersome after a few months.

You probably don't really care, considering I'm perg, and I'm on a mac using Safari. But if you could make that small, simple'd be so great.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: CSS links - 09/23/03 06:57 AM

Ummm, no... The amount of time it took to CSS this board will definately make that request go out the window...

Email safari and ask them to add in CSS support lol... that's about the extent i'll go smirk.
Posted By: starwave

Re: CSS links - 07/27/06 06:28 PM

I think so
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