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Posted By: Jonquiere

~Problems~ - 09/04/02 09:51 PM

I don't know if this is happening to anyone else, but everytime the front webpage of UGN Forum displaying the different areas of topic. My screen keeps flashing and flashing.

What is wrong? anyone else with this problem? etc.
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: ~Problems~ - 09/04/02 11:20 PM

nope, this best fits the bug section if its a problem with ugn, im just saying :x not to b a dick or anything
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: ~Problems~ - 09/06/02 12:33 AM

i haven't had the problem
Posted By: Jonquiere

Re: ~Problems~ - 09/06/02 09:18 PM

I have and I was wondering, if anyone can tell me why!?!?!
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: ~Problems~ - 09/07/02 02:30 AM

maybe its something on your end, your monitor?
Posted By: Jonquiere

Re: ~Problems~ - 09/07/02 08:47 PM

it only happens on this website.
Nothing is wrong with my monitor....

Anyone else know what could be wrong with it?
Posted By: dashocker

Re: ~Problems~ - 09/08/02 09:14 PM

yes, u have been trying to hump the monitor every time u look at pr0n and have messed up the video card. Silly child, the men aren't actually in the computer... /me hangs his head in shame for Jonqueer, may he rest in peace.

(Ed. Note - Haha, you are also Canadian!
/me hangs his head in shame for Jonqueer twice!
/me also just realized the words in Jonqueer's name mean "Jon he wants" in Spanish!
/me hangs his head in shame thrice for Jonqueer.)
Posted By: Jonquiere

Re: ~Problems~ - 09/08/02 10:56 PM

holy [censored] your [censored] in you head!
Its Jonquiere you stupid [censored].

Are you trying to be cool, it isn't working jerk
Posted By: tuatboaac

Re: ~Problems~ - 09/09/02 07:41 PM

in case you havent noticed, everyone calls you "jonqueer" because we are all of the opinion that you are, in fact, queer(i apologize to all the people i spoke for who do not feel this way). you never contribute anything worthwhile, and you ask stupid questions. you are, in fact, stupid. all dashocker had to do was be cooler than you, and he succeeded admirably. and would've done so had he been dead. moron.

edit - sounds to me like a classic example of P.E.B.C.A.M.
Posted By: ohfuk

Re: ~Problems~ - 09/09/02 07:44 PM

either way you spell it, jonqueer is pronounced as is
Posted By: Jonquiere

Re: ~Problems~ - 09/09/02 07:59 PM

Jonquiere is a place in Quebec. Its not pronounced as queer. Since you, and dashocker
appear to be familiar witht he word queer. So, Im assuming a lot of people have told you.

Its pronounced different, but since your ignorant and rude, I guess I shouldn't aspect you to know that.

I do contribute something worth while. Have you read all my post? I have only asked 2 question, one which is about PHP. The other was about how viruses are transfered and ran on to the ICQ users computer. To me its not dumb. No one else but you has complained.This isn't a real type of question. Its just asking everyboy who has an account here, if they have the same problem. If they don't I know somethign is seriously [censored] up with my computer/monitor.

Do I care if dashocker is cooler then me. I don't its your and his opinion. I don't care about who ever thinks Im not cool. Your opinion is worthless then me.

I'm stupid and a moron?
Coming from a user who only seems to insult or give stupid opinions on topics? I don't see much else coming out of you. My IQ is 160. If you don't know 80-120 is an average person, 120-130 is an average college/university student, 130-135 is an average adult. 135-140 is a semi-genuis. 140-150 is a genuis. Everything +150 is over government rank of genuis level. Mine is 160, so Im above 150, which means I'm smarter than what 99.6% of people -or- so. I own 3 companies, they are of computer animation, like wildtangent displays and does. Other is website and another one is an international dealer in medical magazine for specialized doctors. I speak around 6 languages, that excludes sign languages. I've lived in Jonquiere, Quebec and Montreal, Quebec til' I was 9, then moved to Ontario. Plus, I'm only a little bit older than you! I also got a University degree in Nuclear science, and a CME degree in medical sciences.

Sorry to people like Silent Rage, Curse, Gizmo etc... I wasn't trying to be overly expressive in a way in telling this. I'm just trying to prove Im not a stupid moron as this moron [tuatboaac].

Tuatboaac, when you come here stop insulting every person you see. People don't come here to be insulted! People come here to learn about new stuff. NOT TO BE INSULTED!

P.s. Jonquiere is pronounced John-cu-air
Posted By: tuatboaac

Re: ~Problems~ - 09/09/02 08:03 PM

your calling me stupid, im calling you stupid. either way, they're our own opinions. if im right, what your spouting is bullshit lies, if your right, im dumber than dogshit. i guess time will tell.
Posted By: ohfuk

Re: ~Problems~ - 09/09/02 08:17 PM

jonqueerio-your an arogant motherfucker arnt ya? no one asked for a life hows the view up there in your [censored]. you disgust me.

<img border="0" alt="[Puke]" title="" src="graemlins/puke.gif" />
Posted By: dashocker

Re: ~Problems~ - 09/09/02 10:10 PM

first of all, dont try and act smart or make up bullshit about urself. we will just think less of you. which is not really possible anymore. first off, i am cooler than you, this is a fact, therefore i dont have to provide any proof of that. Any person who can't figure out how to send someone a file does not have an IQ of 160. In fact, any idiot with basic knowledge of mIRC can send someone a virus. Second of all, you didnt know how to get a file you coded in PHP to run. Missing the fact you didnt have processor/interpreter and any other name it may have, for it. This does not demonstrate an IQ of 160. Nor do I believe if you owned three companys u would have the time nor patience to argue with a 15 year old who is obviosuly intellectually superior. Now please STFU before I kill you.

(Ed. Note - "quiere" is the spanish verb for "he/she wants" in a loving/erotic manor. Jon happens to be in front of it. Therefore it is "Jon, he wants" in Spanish. Poor grammar, but I just assume you are talking about yourself in 3rd person, as many teenage girls do, when attempting to say you have a crush on someone without 'tipping' them off, so to speak. But this is a moot point considering you go by "Jonqueer" anyway. BTW, When I said I was going to kill you, I wasn't being literal. So please dont lose any sleep over it.")

(Ed. Note Parte Dos - If you really know 6 languages I find it hard to believe you dont know enough Spanish to decipher that :/)
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: ~Problems~ - 09/09/02 10:26 PM

ya know Jon. You made a lot of hard-to-believe comments. Let's get a confirmation on that. We'll believe all that you said if you take an IQ test, which I'll host on my website. If you make even CLOSE to 160 then your credibility is assured. If you say yes, I'll let you know when I've got it hosted.

Since it'll be on my site - my computer even - then there's no way anybody can say you cheated or lied.

If you don't reply, or you refuse, then we must assume that you lied.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ~Problems~ - 09/09/02 10:33 PM

Originally posted by Jonquiere:
Its pronounced different, but since your ignorant and rude, I guess I shouldn't aspect you to know that.
I believe you meant Expect not Aspect... But then again I take into account that you're from Toronto and I know the rough majority of the natives there are French-Canadian, so its understandable that your english is a little off.

Originally posted by SilentRage:
We'll believe all that you said if you take an IQ test, which I'll host on my website. If you make even CLOSE to 160 then your credibility is assured. If you say yes, I'll let you know when I've got it hosted.
Rage, you know he's just going to say you cheated, how about you find the script and get everythign set, and we'll officially host it on UGN...
Posted By: ohfuk

Re: ~Problems~ - 09/09/02 11:10 PM

hell yes, all you smart people(gizmo, dashocker, backslash, etc) should set up this test and if i, the insane pothead teenager does better then jonqueerio with his 6 languages and 3 tech companies then, well, party at my house!

<img border="0" alt="[Joker]" title="" src="graemlins/joker.gif" />
Posted By: tuatboaac

Re: ~Problems~ - 09/09/02 11:15 PM

*ahem* not to uhh, boast, but i do believe time just told.

Posted By: SilentRage

Re: ~Problems~ - 09/10/02 02:11 AM

Rage, you know he's just going to say you cheated, how about you find the script and get everythign set, and we'll officially host it on UGN...
I never even considered that I'd be accused of lying... Argh, so what if he does, you all would know better. I haven't said one damaging remark about the dude - I have nothing against him. But whatever, less work for me if you host it on UGN. I'll just compile the test for ya, since I'll probably have to rip it off from some other site.

ya know, other ways to prove himself is to join IRC and talk to predator or psychogen in german or something.
Posted By: dashocker

Re: ~Problems~ - 09/10/02 07:30 PM

yes, i would humbly apologize if he were to score near 160 on an un-biased IQ test. Why not Mr. Jon?
Posted By: ohfuk

Re: ~Problems~ - 09/10/02 08:42 PM

noticed how he hasnt posted anything since he was asked to prove himself....
Posted By: cystal777s

Re: ~Problems~ - 12/14/02 08:40 PM

i under_stand what u r saying but 1 thing that does'nt make since is "Ahacker's most important assets are CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION"
it should be BORDISEM and ELIGANCE
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: ~Problems~ - 12/14/02 11:40 PM

the last post was made in september. I'd rather not resurrect old arguments.
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