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Old KBase

Posted By: Red Mage

Old KBase - 04/29/04 07:28 AM

I tried to use the old KBase, and it said I needed a password to enter it. I've used it before, and I'm wondering if this is supposed to happen..?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Old KBase - 04/29/04 07:31 AM

Yes; there were numerous sites linking directly to the content which in turn wasted about 30 gigs of bandwidth within a 2 month period.

All of the data from the Old KBASE is being transfered to so there is no real issue.
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Old KBase - 04/29/04 08:32 AM

Redmage, im still transferring a number of text over from the old kbase. Its going to take quite a while, as there are a number of texts to move over. I would say it will be finished before the start of summer (which is probably an over-estimate), maybe sooner, but i am quite busy with a few other things at UGN at the moment.
Posted By: Red Mage

Re: Old KBase - 04/30/04 08:16 AM

It's all good, just thought you'd want to know.
Posted By: starwave

Re: Old KBase - 07/27/06 06:45 PM

Using the rising.
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