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Posted By: dashocker

Weird... - 06/14/03 08:49 PM

Ok, I started noticing this a few days ago but I couldn't be sure whether it was really happening or I was imagining things: Posts are disappearing!
Well, for me they are. Picture this: I opened the Anarchy forum and I see an entire page full of topics. I login, the topics are still there. I open a post, start writing in the quicky-post box, and click back to check some facts. I notice there are now only 6 topics in the forum! First, I try refreshing. Nothing happens. Then I go back to the main forum page and open the Anarchy forum again. Nothing chages, topics are still gone. Finally, after I finish my post, I close IE and go to UGN>UBB>Anarchy again. Topics are gone. Lastly, I delete all my temporary internet files, close IE, and return to UGN>UBB>Anarchy. Nothing. No change, only 6 topics are visible. I'm using IE 6. I was wondering if anyone has any input on this?

BTW, thanks for the help last time I was having problems.
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: Weird... - 06/14/03 11:26 PM

the board hides topics that are of a certain age. You should try to view all topics.
Posted By: dashocker

Re: Weird... - 06/16/03 07:22 PM

damn, I didn't even look for that...thanks again!
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