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Error 404

Posted By: switch

Error 404 - 02/19/08 07:27 AM

Error Message:

Official UGN Security Time: 03:25:17 PM PST on February 18th, 2008

Error 404

I received this error message on the main page after clicking on the KEYLOOGER link (in the top 5 files section)

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Error 404 - 02/19/08 12:58 PM

Our datacenter "required" us to remove the file for "security of the network" mumbo jumbo...
Posted By: ericcrain

Re: Error 404 - 12/01/10 07:48 PM

Error 404 usally occurs when the client was not able to communicate with the server. In this state the server could not find what was requested, it confuses the user and makes them not to know what is the error that is usally occured.
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