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my old account still exists!

Posted By: Dartur

my old account still exists! - 08/16/08 03:19 AM

Hey. I can't believe this! I signed up six years ago, read most stuff here for about a year but then for some reason other stuff in life became more pressing. Now I happened to google my nickname a little and I stumbled upon this site again. Imagine my surprise when I found that my old account still exists! smile

Basicly this is just a little hello to Gizmo and SilentRage and a few other people that I remember from back then. Be sure that I will be stopping by frequently from now on (again :D)

Also I apologize for posting in this thread, you can remove this as soon as you have read it Gizmo. But I also want to point out that I am actually posting in the right thread because:

this site rules!

// Dartur
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: my old account still exists! - 08/19/08 06:27 PM

Umm, yeh, all old accounts (past 2002) still exist, that is unless their email address is invalid and bouncing emails back from the server... in which case, they get suspended until the owner emails me to update their address wink...
Posted By: ?

Re: my old account still exists! - 09/17/08 05:17 AM

mine still exists too, muahaha.

Posted By: Jet

Re: my old account still exists! - 11/10/10 02:34 PM

congratulations ,my friend .
Posted By: Lena01

Re: my old account still exists! - 07/21/17 07:03 AM

hi all .. thanks for the posts , i have read your problem ,, but i guess i cant help you sorry
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