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Seattle Washington - 02/08/09 04:42 AM

I've relocated to the Seattle area. I've been here a couple of weeks now and have had an opportunity to check out downtown. They've got an awesome arcade and a Starbucks on every corner, but free parking doesn't exist and free wifi is an endagered species in the area. To top it off, everyone is a business man/woman, so meeting people interested in hacking seems unlikely.

Does anyone know of a good hangout with free wifi and/or a good place to meet local hackers in Seattle and surrounding areas?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Seattle Washington - 02/08/09 05:55 AM

Lol why not Portland man, comeon, I'm here! lol...

Seattle, ummm, well, theres the Seattle 2600 which I'm sure you'll meet up with some decent folks (unlike PDX which can be a bunch of ubernewbs)...

Theres the Greater Seattle Linux User Group for another...

I'm sure I could find more lol...

Re: Seattle Washington - 02/08/09 04:33 PM

Haha, Sorry Gizmo.
I checked out Portland before looking into Seattle. There's a lot more work available up here. Besides, I'm from Washington originally, so moving back felt like going home. Not to mention that Seattle is known for a massive amount of rock concerts and interest conventions. Plus the number of Asians is far higher here. All great reasons to choose Seattle! Hey, I do go up to Oregon a lot since my family is there. I could start letting you know when I'll be passing through and stop by if you're not up to anything. You still have to get me that disc..

Thanks for heads up. I've already been looking at the 2600 group. Good to know about the PDX group since I was also looking at them. I found a few groups on How would I go about finding a 24 hr cyber cafe? XD I've been looking and asking ever since I got here. I don't want to take my equipment into a bar with a bunch of drunks tripping all over themselves, puking on everything, and Starbucks coffee sucks! Not to mention they want a monthly subscription.

(Off subject, but did you ever get your big screen TV replaced?)

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Seattle Washington - 02/08/09 05:04 PM

Up to anything: Neg, going through a divorce, don't have the resources to do anything right now...

TV: Neg, just brought it to goodwill cas i didn't want to pay to have it picked up.

Disk: lol what all was i going to put on it :x...

Cyber cafe, I'll have to look; I'll do that tomorrow :P
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Seattle Washington - 02/08/09 05:05 PM

Wow, I didn't have to do much more than google Cyber Cafe Seattle
Posted By: Digital Geek

Re: Seattle Washington - 02/08/09 06:07 PM


You should be aware that Seattle is known for a very high suicide rate, due to the fact that cold weather causes serotonin deficiencies which result in depression.

Take care, stay warm and have a lot of happy thoughts.



Re: Seattle Washington - 02/08/09 11:08 PM

Yeah.. I'm already feeling it. It's a very gloomy day. I was going to write here, but I need to do something really fast. I'll be right back. **walks up to third story window, opens it, jumps out**
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Seattle Washington - 02/09/09 03:39 AM

Third story? So you're rooting for a broken leg? lol... You could die if you land on your head, but even then you'll likely just break your neck lol

Re: Seattle Washington - 02/09/09 10:35 AM

:P I was on the third story of a building when I wrote that. So maybe I wouldn't have succeeded, it's not like I know from experience. XD

I checked almost all of those cyber-cafe's. None were 24 hr and half were already closed. I could only find one 24 hr wifi place... a grocery store X( Thanks for the effort though!
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