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Burglery - 09/10/09 07:11 AM

So recently a was 7 year friend that I trusted was going to be without a place to stay so i offered for him to crash on my couch while he re-geared. Well, on the 2nd he stole almost everything of value I had. Then on the 7th (I had already filed a police report for the first incident), he broke into my house and stole a laptop. Now the only thing left of value in my house is my desktop. Right after he stole my stuff, I saw it listed on craigslist. I took screen shots and had a police witness the listing linked to his email (he used his account which he didn't keep his craigslist password enough of a secret) so if he gets caught then I do have evidence.

I filed a police report about that second incident as well, but it appears the police aren't going to do anything about it until he is arrested. Since I don't know where he lives and I'm sure he's planning to skip town (assuming he doesn't break in again while I'm out to get my desktop), I'm out of options. Anyone here have any idea how I might track him down. I know his info but not where he's been sleeping. I do know his VOIP number but he has no cell phone or anything. Am I really out of options here?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Burglery - 09/10/09 12:42 PM

Lol, make a new email address and tell him that you're interested and get an address and give that to the cops..
Posted By: Digital Geek

Re: Burglery - 09/11/09 06:39 AM

I'd do what Gizmo suggested, but instead of giving the address to the cops, I'd set a meeting with him somewhere to discuss further details, and while he would go out to the meeting I'd steal my stuff back, plus anything else he might have in there besides your stuff.
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