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school poll

Posted By: Moffesto

school poll - 11/05/02 01:20 AM

since i dont have permission to create a poll, i would like to hear your input on this.

This is a extra credit class poll.

Do you think there will ever be a minority for a president. Minority as in.... everything besides the white male.

I need to survey about 50 different people so dont hold back smile
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: school poll - 11/05/02 02:32 AM

absolutely, i believe every day we venture further from a white male dominated society. we may not see a minority become president in our life time, but eventually it will happen. in fact, i wouldn't be surprised if somehow they put a minority in as president in order to show that the country is not racist or sexist. sorta like how minoritys can get advantages in being hired because the company doesn't want to offend another race. the country has a large population of women, so if they all backed one woman for president i believe it would be easy enough for her to get elected
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: school poll - 11/05/02 04:07 AM

I think that there will be either a black male president or a white female president within 40 years, I am almost sure of it. Like Jon Stewart said (in one of his few serious moments) that more women governors means more chance of a woman president. And black males got suffrage before females, so I think a black male might become president before a women. But I am pretty sure one day we will have a minority president.
Posted By: ohfuk

Re: school poll - 11/05/02 05:48 AM

yes, probably soon
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: school poll - 11/05/02 08:34 AM

I think that it's possiable for someone from the minority to become a president, i'd say that probably soon you're gonna have a black president or something. I think a black president is the most close hint. But as BS said we may not see a minority become a president in our life time.

Posted By: dashocker

Re: school poll - 11/05/02 08:20 PM

of course we will. as more and more of older generations phase out, racism also begins to phase out. I say this because many ol' folks are still stuck in the past and would never vote for a minority. This means more equal minded people will be voting in the future. However, a better question would be "Do you think a middle class or even low class citizen will ever be elected to any powerful political office?" My answer is no. Which is the primary reason why our government is functioning so shitt-illy.
Posted By: ohfuk

Re: school poll - 11/05/02 08:40 PM

its true dashocker, if a black guy becomes presedident he is going to resemble rich white guys more then the average black man but we have had middle-lower class citicens elected before, im preaty sure abe lincoln grew up poor and i think, but im not sure that he wasnt the only one. we havent had any recently
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: school poll - 11/05/02 08:57 PM

yes i agree with you dashocker, but i just wanna ask you something, what would you say if the next president after Bush is a black person ???

i mean, i'd like to hear your optionin, yours too ohfuk and BS's.

Posted By: BackSlash

Re: school poll - 11/05/02 09:12 PM

ohfuk, it was possible for poorer people to become presidents in the past, because there was not as much campaigning involved. however, nowadays, you must advertise on tv, radio, telephone, etc. so its not really feasible for a low income individual to become president unless he is backed by somesort of party with money. BP, i highly doubt the next president will be black, i imagine it will be a slower process, first we will see a black person in the top 3 in votes, then as the runner up, and eventually win it. seeing as how no black person has really came close to winning recently it is not likely one would suddenly win.
Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

Re: school poll - 11/05/02 09:52 PM

i think therell b a black presi really soon
Posted By: DaMaRiS

Re: school poll - 11/05/02 10:06 PM

i'm gonna be da first hispanic girl president and my first act will be to make homework illegal btw u all believe that i'm in a gang! u ppl are crazy im only 13!
Posted By: CyberNerd

Re: school poll - 11/05/02 10:28 PM

typical 13 year old girl...btw you failed to mention you were 13 when you said gang

anyway getting off topic, there may be a black president but i mean why do you think no black guys run just look at(and forgive spelling) Collin Powell he'd be a decent president but how many months do you think he'd make it before some idiot KKK guy assassinated him so for your poll i'd say its definitley possible, but i dont know how long it'd last
Posted By: Curse

Re: school poll - 11/05/02 10:56 PM

I beleive that there will never be a minority president, because of minorities like Damaris will piss off the white people and next thing you know me and unreal's Fourth Reich will come into power and yadda yadda yadda...
Posted By: olosoft

Re: school poll - 11/05/02 11:30 PM

Posted By: ohfuk

Re: school poll - 11/05/02 11:45 PM

the more she pisses me off, the more i wanna rape her......

BP, the next president will not be black.

BS, a black guy was in consideation for being a presidential canidate in one of the last few elections, ill try to find his name

cybernerd, if that was true, dont you think some black guy in politics right now would be killed? the KKK is still something like 50000 strong but the anti-KKK is a lot more powerful. but imagine what would happen if a black president was hit. it would be chaos. a race war might errupt. charles mansons proficy would come true...crazyness.

damaris, the average ages in ganges is low...something like 15 or 16. the vast majority off all gang members are between ages 10-24. of corse most dont ever do [censored]. some just get high. its one of those pathetic middle school things.
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: school poll - 11/06/02 12:05 AM

ohfuk, i know they run for president, i just meant that they don't become one of the top 2 running, atleast not that i have seen, maybe i'm wrong
Posted By: CyberNerd

Re: school poll - 11/06/02 04:08 AM

well Ohfuk you made a good point but still, i dont think this country is ready for a black president, and as far as anti kkk forces, well we have anti terrorism forces too but we still get [censored] like that DC sniper, and you have to admit the existing black officials now dont have as much power as the president and im sure white supremicy people arent exactly happy about any black people in politics, and it wouldnt be chaos look at history we put the japanese in internment camps, enslaved blacks, and now we look at every middle eastern person a little differently if there was a race war coming i think it would already have began
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: school poll - 11/06/02 08:41 AM

Originally posted by DaMaRiS:
i'm gonna be da first hispanic girl president and my first act will be to make homework illegal btw u all believe that i'm in a gang! u ppl are crazy im only 13!
ohh you just keep dreaming !! And c'mon now don't be like "hahha i made a fool of ya'll, you believed that i'm 13 and that i'm in a gang lol"

HA HA HA really funny, we're not stupid as you think, you're the only one here who made herself as stupid as possiable. You stupidity level is raising now up to 96%. Or maybe your biggest dream is to become a bullshiter ?!?

sorry everyone for gettin so off topic but she's really pissing me off everytime she's writting.


Posted By: Curse

Re: school poll - 11/06/02 10:05 AM

That black guy's name is Allen Keys...
Posted By: DaMaRiS

Re: school poll - 11/06/02 10:03 PM

ok i am kidding bout being president sheesh have u ever heard about being funny God and cybernerd is right maybe KKK will kill a black prez but minorities dont bullshit whites but what they will do is give more attetion to other thigns than for the rich ppl. idk !
Posted By: Deviation187

Re: school poll - 11/06/02 11:51 PM

i agree with most of the posts, yes it will happen, same thing cold sunn said
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: school poll - 11/07/02 09:15 AM

DaMaRiS don't you make me come or you'll be singing MAMA MIA


Posted By: fleshwound

Re: school poll - 11/12/02 08:46 AM

ok.. listen up because i'm only going to say this once:

there can NEVER be a minority as president. there can also never be a woman as president. why you ask? simple: minorities are pissed at the white man.. women are pissed at men in general... we can't have either of them in a position of power... because they will obscenely abuse the power of the presidency. it will be the worst possible thing for this country. so please... everyone.. never vote minority or for a woman.. it can only end in total and utter chaos.

oh and btw:
a damaris quote
but minorities dont bullshit whites but what they will do is give more attetion to other thigns than for the rich ppl
umm.. do you know what income taxes are? do you realize the with the way it is set up now.. rich people pay more taxes than poor people? do you know how much bullshit that is? just because a person is smart enough to do well in business and make a substantial amount of money is NO reason for them to have to pay out more. it's totally [censored] up. the poor pay so much less than the rich it's ridiculous. it really is. it makes me sick to think that my father pays out more each year in taxes than what most people make in one year. [censored] that!
Posted By: dashocker

Re: school poll - 11/12/02 09:24 PM

hmm, someone wants to hear my opinion, might as well take the opportunity. I agree that a minority president will most likely be white on the inside, and colored on the outside. Thats just the way it is. However said that thing about Abraham Lincoln proved my point. People who don't care about money make good political leaders. However, its impossible to run a campaign with middle-class wages in this day and age. Abraham Lincoln is regarded as the best President ever, and he was poor as a child. Just goes to prove my point. Damaris, as fleshy said, die.
Posted By: ohfuk

Re: school poll - 11/13/02 12:38 AM

fleshy, although most people know what your talking about with you rcomment of income taxes, some (damaris) might not. its not just that rich pay more taxes, they also pay a much higher percentage of their money to the government.

Married Filing Jointly
0 to 12,000----------10%
12,001 to 46,700-----15%
46,701 to 112,850----27%
112,851 to 171,950---30%

Head of Household
0 to 10,000----------10%
10,001 to 37,450-----15%
37,451 to 96,700-----27%
96,701 to 156,600----30%

0 to 6,000-----------10%
6,001 to 27,950------15%
27,951 to 67,700-----27%
67,701 to 141,250----30%

Married Filing Separately
0 to 6,000-----------10%
6,001 to 23,350------15%
23,351 to 56,425-----27%
56,426 to 85,975-----30%

Higher incomes get 35% and 38.6%

The weight of the country is in the hands of the afluent.

But anyways fleshy, you have a very interesting opinion. Dont you think that more women/minorities in other government positions shows how they are continuingly gaining more power? although such a senario as a minority president "might" be a bad thing, people will not realize this because, well, people are stupid and a woman might get votes simply because other women voted for her and people might vote for her just cover up their own insecurities and try to not appear to discriminate. is anyone understanding me?
Posted By: fleshwound

Re: school poll - 11/13/02 10:29 AM

yes.. with minorities and women that have government positions it does show how they are gaining more power/recognition. and i know most people would view my take on things like that to be some what radical. but the thing is, i honestly believe that if a woman or a minority became president, that it would severly hurt our country. first of all.. i know for a fact that women are evil. oh yes.... we are. and women have their own agendas. i honestly don't believe that they would do anything or make any policies that were good for this country. we all know that it has to take a certain kind of person to even run for president. not just any person will have strong enough of a character or personality to be able to handle all the stress etc. and i'm sorry.. but i think that the kind of woman who would actually try and run for president, would be a feminist. because she wanted to do good for this country? no. she would run because she has something to prove. that a woman can be president. and i do believe that she would make terrible policies concerning womens' rights. and that would probably be the extent of her platform. i think it's fine to have women in governement positions, just not with the title and power of president. sorry.. but i do. same goes for minorities. i really believe that they would only run to prove that a minority can be president. and i think if a minority did become president, they would stick mainly to making policies that would advance the minorities. not for the greater good of the country, but for the greater good of his race. now, i know i'll get [censored] for saying this, but this is honestly how i see things. most women and minorities are democrats. why? because the democrats are the ones that give them lower taxes.. and the democrats are huge backers of government funded programs such as welfare and social security. now, i understand that we have and will continue to have democratic presidents. but to have a woman/minority, who is a democrat in the whitehouse can only lead to trouble. they will make policies that eat up government funds faster than you can oh [censored]! they will totally ruin our country. that's all i can say. and, if a minority or woman does somehow happen to become president.. i'll be on the first flight out of here. that's how strongly i feel about it. i would actually move out of this country. ( i want to move to England anyways though) laugh
Posted By: ohfuk

Re: school poll - 11/14/02 02:10 AM

i have duel citisenship with england. i wouldnt eat up government funds. ive been working on my plans if i ever became president. when its done ill post it, of course its pointless because ill never become president...dream
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