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please give my some support

Posted By: wujiapeng

please give my some support - 12/21/03 04:05 PM

I have just finished my Information System course's Final Project, a BBS.
Although The deadline is on next monday, there is still nothing else in my BBS, except some topics posted by myself.
My professor said to me that it is not OK, if the BBS still remain like that.
So, I Would like to ask all my dear lovely friends here, could you please go there and make a register, post something for me...That may be a real big big Christmas gift for me.
Thanks in advance~
Marry Chistmas to all of you!

the link to my BBS: [link edited by unreal]
Posted By: unreal

Re: please give my some support - 12/21/03 06:45 PM

Sorry buddy...I feel for your cause, but rules are rules. Edited your link.
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: please give my some support - 12/21/03 06:51 PM

ur welcome! and no offence wujiapeng but ur BBS is kind of lame looking. it could us a little more color..... and by the way dont take offence, i'm not trying to be rude just honest and helpful. hope you get a good grade on it though... good thing i got to the post before unreal took out the link. he he he
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