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Every Sunday I watch the Broncos play, and before the game they always say, "This game available in high definition." Then I say to myself, "I bet that uses a shitload of bandwidth. Why can't I get that for internet?" I don't have a TV, and I don't intend to buy one or pay for cable any time soon. I DO wonder, however, why I can't watch streaming movies on my computer in the max resolution that my monitors handle. All you can really get are those shitty little boxes that fill up like 1/8 of your screen and do snippets. Apparently the bandwidth is there, they sure hook it up for why not my computer? It bugs me.
How HDTV Works
dont let it bug you cause until they make high def comp monitors you're [censored] :p
It is simple. It costs more to run a web server with traffic going in and out, the IT staff to keep it secure from the public, bandwidth costs, IP address, webdesign costs, domain names, etc etc etc. Than it does to store and run it on a private server in thier network sending a one way signal to you box.

Just think about it. This is typical cable setup

+---+      +---+       +---+  
|   |==>===|   |===>===|   |
+---+      +---+       +---+
server     Tap          modem
Head       box in
End        your hood
Now lets look at a corperate web server set up

+---+       +---+       +---+       +---+     and    
|   |===>===|   |===>===|   |===>===|   |===> more
web          Router     Hardware    FBI black
server                  firewall    Box
Head end               
The set up just above hasn't yet left the head end where the feed originates. This isn't even taking into account staff costs that go up for security, updating web design, costs in developing a pay for system and maitaining it.(you didn't think it would be free did you) If they didn't bill you there would be some way they are making money or else they wouldn't do it.

So you see it is a matter of money.
Okay so it's basically that for cable TV, they've just got some big computers in a locked room with lots of links out to the customers. And that's the network, there's nothing else to worry about. But if they do the same thing with internet, they have to make those computers open to the rest of the world which involves way more costs.

I dunno. Just seems to me like the infrastructure's in place to pump a bazillion bits through my cable modem every second. I just wanna be able to rent movies online instead of going to the store (NetFlix is no good, I only get three a week cause it takes forever to ship em here).
If you want more fun, look at Satelite and "interactive television" lol
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