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Posted By: Gremelin

UGN Files - 10/05/03 02:22 AM

Now that the new archive is just about complete I'm curious which file(s) you'd like to see added to the new archive...

We now have files for the following OS':
Mac OS 9
Mac OS X

And for those asking "why 2 MacOS" it's because in essance, their completely differant due to what their both based on, where as MacOS9 is "crapware" MacOSX is based on Debian, think of it as an xwindow if you will.

Anyway, back on track, are there any files you'd like to see added? Especially for the linux sections? I'd actually be willing to mirror just about any code...
Posted By: jonconley

Re: UGN Files - 10/05/03 04:38 AM

So is this stuff that everyone else mirrors too, just UGN member code, or what?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: UGN Files - 10/05/03 07:12 AM

pretty much anything...
Posted By: pergesu

Re: UGN Files - 10/06/03 12:35 AM

I'd like to see some OS X files. The system kicks [censored], and it'd be nice to have some more info on it. As for OS can lick my balls.
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