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Posted By: Meh-Redd

Application information... - 10/03/03 08:22 PM


Just registered!

This is about an application ( was *rumoured* to be banned ) ,shown in the movie HOLLOW MAN, 2000, the one used in the dissappearing process,if anyone can help me with the name,I would be very greatful...

Posted By: jonconley

Re: Application information... - 10/03/03 10:17 PM

Don't know if this is the best spot for this. Not real sure what he talking about, but was sure didn't fall under computer/security related
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Application information... - 10/04/03 10:27 AM

I think I understood the question beleive it or not. Tragically, I have not seen that movie so I cannot answer the question.

I know Trinity used Nmap in The Matrix Reloaded, but I doubt that helps.

Posted By: smartyhands

Re: Application information... - 10/04/03 05:49 PM

As long as you KNOW that it's ONLY a movie...

What the hell does it matter if it was banned, if the whole thing is fictional? I'll never understand...

Anyway, you people should learn how to search for stuff. It is an important computer skill to have YOURSELF!

Here is a link to the movie script, though. It took me a whole 90 seconds to look up. See what you could do if... nevermind.
Posted By: Meh-Redd

Re: Application information... - 10/05/03 01:28 AM

The name has not been mentioned since I believe it was banned,and the software exists ( real world ) it did help with encryption algorithms and stuff....
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