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my essay on public schools security

Posted By: ohfuk

my essay on public schools security - 11/25/02 08:08 PM

Before you start reading, this is basically pointless but its an essay im gonna try to get published by my school paper and im damn proud of it, so i posted it.

Authority In Schools
November 24, 2002
Dear Editor,

Some say that public schools are dangerous places for students to learn; many believe that more security would result in less intolerable behavior. I believe that the current police force and administrative staff not only in (my school), but all across the country, is not only unnecessary, but it is also dangerous and insulting to the student body. In many public schools in more urban areas, conditions are much worse. I fear that the (my school) community is falling to this substandard level. This problem can be solved easily: removal of all police personnel, and removal of laws that limit our constitutional rights.

Inner city schools are the epitome of the future for all public schools. Students pass through metal detectors every day before entering schools. Legions of armed police officers roam the halls, some with drug sniffing dogs at their sides. Occasional police raids in which dozens of students are arrested for crimes as arbitrary as being late for class are commonplace. After some research, I found that these things do occur, and history shows that things usually get worse. One day, all schools might be like this, one day (my school), might be like this. For example, in Detroit on March second, 1998, fifty police officers stormed a school, searching and arresting ninety youths, before escorting them to jail. The principle organized the act to teach students to get to class on time.

This intimidating approach to control student behavior must stop. It is not only derogatory, pointless, and counter-productive, but it is also, spiraling down, until it hits rock bottom. Every day that I walk into the holding-pen that is (my school), I see a police officer who has no place in a public school. Part of me just wants to strike out, and eliminate his presence right then. Of course, I know that all physical efforts by my part would be futile and would probably result in serious physical harm to myself, and even more police presence in the school. So I restrain, but the animosity is still there, not only in me, but in many of us. I resent the control that is placed on students, and I resent the power that is taken away from me and others. These feelings can be easily eliminated by removing unnecessary restraints the restrict our constitutionally given rights.

Illegal search and seizure isn't illegal in public schools. No warrant is needed, and in some instances, not even a probable cause is required to search through students personal items. So, my fellow students, let me put this in perspective for you. We are required by law to go into a building(school) that has armed people(police officers) escort us into rooms(offices), and search through all items we have on us. All without a search warrant. We are also assigned lockers that, in all likelihood, have personal items in them, that school personnel is free to look through. This is not unconstitutional why? All these acts occur in the name of safety. Safety from whom, or better yet, for whom? Does taking some kid's cigarettes, or God forbid, drugs, really protect any students? Even if this is protecting us, is sacrificing a constitutionally given freedom for a small amount of security a sacrifice worth taking? According to Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson, “Those who are willing to sacrifice essential freedom for security deserve neither.”

The direct relationship between administrative staff and violence shows that the administration, whose sole purpose is to protect youths, fails at its task. In fact, by oppressing students rights, and creating feelings of animosity and resentment, I believe the administration is counter-productive. Not only does it not produce a significant reduction in violence or drug use, but by not showing trust for students, and not allowing us to make our own decisions, the administration creates distrust between us and them along with all other authority figures we will meet in our lives. This constantly increasing control of peoples lives must end now before it consumes us all.

Posted By: unreal

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/25/02 08:50 PM

Have we not learned from past mistakes? What of Columbine? What of Granite Hills? It seems to me you're thinking in only one direction, and not covering all of the bases. What you're suggesting is nothing short of ludicrous; appealing to wants instead of reason.

You have some good points in there, don't get me wrong. What I think you need to do is adjust your intent. Suggesting that all police and administration leave students alone is what I said: absurd. Maybe aim for some sort of smaller reform instead?
Posted By: ohfuk

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/25/02 09:23 PM

such instances are rare and not prevented by police control. If one wanted to do the same as what was done at any one of the "school shooting tour" schools at a school such as mine with 1 cop, one could quite easily, without even bringing a gun to school. get 3 guys, aproch the cop in his office, tackle his [censored], kick him a bunch of times, steal his gun, kill as many as posible before more cops show up. one way to protect people from crazy [censored] like "one" is to not have a cop at all. Another way is to have 100 cops with ak-47s. both have the same result
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/25/02 10:41 PM

I think your essay is well written, but for the most part i disagree with you. I really hate school, but would not agree with you just to rebel or some [censored].

At our school, there is a pretty low level of violence, but fights are consistantly broken up or prevented altogether. They have reduced the amount of drug deals that go on in school. If there was a shooting at your school, would you rather that cop not be there to stop it? Would you rather watch 5 kids die while police are rushing to the school? Or would you rather the cop stop it.

Yes, kids could steal his gun. Alot of [censored] could happen, but because of the SRO's they have in schools alot of violence is prevented on school grounds. People are alot less likely to steal a car if they know they could be arrested on the scene instead of a teacher just testifying. These cops prevent violence.

Administration and police do not show a lack of trust, but instead promote violence free schools. I would like to know your sources, because the 50 cops raiding the school sounds like a waste of public resources, unless they have 50 more cops than they need.

I am not saying you are lying or wrong or anything, but I disagree.

I do disagree with metal detectors. This would slow down the entering of schools. Either they would have to make sure everyone checks in when they enter the school, and have someone there checking them, along with a bunch of other procedures that would be time consuming, or...they could leave it very loose and it would be useless. Anyone that wants to hurt people bad enough will. Money spent on metal detectors is better spent on more books or raising teacher salary.

So, I agree things could get worse. But, I like things the way they are, in the ways of the cops and administrationg. In my school at least. I still hate school and want out though. :\
Posted By: dashocker

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/25/02 10:43 PM

Some good points, i did a 0-tolerance policy persuasive speech in 7th grade. However, from a purely grammatical stand-point, there is too much abuse of the comma in this paper!
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/25/02 11:28 PM

I just had to laugh at:
Part of me just wants to strike out, and eliminate his presence right then.
On a more serious note. I grew up in Portland, OR; we had 8 police gaurds at my high school and 2 at my grade school. In the past 10 years we've had more school shootings than what I can count. (Go search google for "oregon school shooting" you'll find some nice research).

In this day and age I do believe, to an extent, that police personel is needed in the school system. I believe that for there not to be at least 3 armed gaurds in a high school environment is a danger to every student.

I however disagree with some of their actions, when I was in high school I suffered from severe migraines and terrable heart burn (still do in fact) which made me either absent from class or school in an entirety. I believe that the actions of truency officers and normal "security" at schools are completely pointless.

Pointless acts of school security:
1. Illegal search and seasure; Unless its a weapon people should be able to keep it. People have a right to bear arms under the constitution however, but not in a school environment.
2. Arresting people who are not showing for class; A lot of the time people have excuses, for me it was because of medical problems, hell I had a key to the school elivators, i think I still do somewhere.

School security is basically like a legal bully, I grew up in Portland for god sakes, most everyone sees it as a clean city, perfect atmosphere, we do have gangs, and OR has one of the worse school settings in the US (becides CA and PA).

I believe that the only way to sort through all of these issues is not in High School. Grade school makes bullies, which in turn makes the bullied. The bullied turn into shut-ins which at times either makes a hacker or a terrorist.

We need to have more help in our grade schools than anything else, i mean, sort things out at an early age, there won't be an issue at a later age no?
Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/25/02 11:54 PM

good paper ohfuk!!! i agree wi shocker tho u killed da comma
Posted By: Curse

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/26/02 12:25 AM

I don't think having an armed police officer at a school is that bad of an idea, but what I don't like is how school administration official's like to use the police to enforce school rules, instead of local laws. Around here, they will have you arrested if you leave school early. And they have the police threaten you will arrest if you are late for school, and just about anything else the school administration doesn't above of.
Several months back, the students were planning on having a walkout, to protest something (can't remember what), well the principal told said that if they did it the state police would arrest them on the charge of "inciting a riot". Well according to rule book, all that needs to be done to hold a protest is alert the principal the day of the event. smirk
Posted By: Mornse

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/26/02 02:37 AM

Has anyone here seen "Bowling For Columbine" by Michael Moore? If not, see it! Probably the best documentary I've ever seen. It's about why Americans are so violent. As I'm sure most of you know, I'm from Canada and the problem is not nearly as serious here. We have one police officer in our school who doesn't do much at all. Basically she just goes around talking to kids about anti-bullying stuff. Michael Moore comes to the conclusion that most likely Americans are more violent than Canadians, and the rest of the world, is for the exact same reasons all of you are saying happens in school, everyone tries to scare everyone else. The news in the US is basically like murder after murder and the media tries to scare everyone, always talking about violence and terrorism. American culture is all about scaring everyone, so everyone had guns and fights back because they always think they are in danger. You've showed this in this topic. Your school principles scare you with threats of police action and so on. We had a demonstration at our school last year. I'd say at least have the student population walked out. The police drove around with the students while they marched, trying to keep them on the sidewalk. There were no punitioments for the students or anything. Your media and authority power scare everyone, so that's why there's more violence in the states.
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/26/02 02:50 AM

I agree with Mornse there, i stopped watching the news because there was almost nothing but stories of death and violence and more dwelling on past events.

Mornse, isn't it true that Montreal is like the top city in car bombings though? or top state or something, i forget what montreal is. lol. just wondering, not that canadians are violent or anything.

Curse, were you stoned when you typed that? lol there are a few crazy word replacements.

I guess my school is still sort of one of the lucky ones, our teachers don't threaten arrest for being late or absent yet. i hope that doesn't ever happen.
Posted By: ohfuk

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/26/02 03:16 AM

i knew you all would sorta like my paper. my english teacher probably gonna try to fail me again, but its worth it. I,ll get rid of, some commas :/, but, i, dont know, which ones, to get rid, of. smile in all honesty i dont have as strong as a view as i said, but arguing for middle ground, for comprimise, just isnt as fun
Posted By: Infinite

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/26/02 05:31 AM

Mornse, isn't it true that Montreal is like the top city in car bombings though? or top state or something, i forget what montreal is. lol. just wondering, not that canadians are violent or anything.
CS, Monteal is a city, in Quebec. So decide for yourself if it's part of Canada. If you ask them only about half will say they are.

As for the carbombings, I suppose you could give the title to the city. Montreal is a major Hell's Angel city. The bombings you refer to are caused by biker feuds and wars. Hell, most of the good cocaine in this country comes in through Montreal. As a result of the increased presence of the biker gangs in that city their reputation has definatly been affected. However, having said that personally I would still love to visit or even live in that city.

Sorry about the off topic response, but as the other Canadian on the board I figured I'd respond.
Posted By: fleshwound

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/26/02 10:14 AM

at the high school i breifly attended, we didn't have any police on school grounds. oh, the vice principal called them all the damn time, but no guards were actually posted there. as far as the illegal search and seizure... our school claimed that anything, your car, your backpack.. if it was on school grounds, it was school property so they could search it if they wanted to. of course, i never let them go through any of my stuff! [censored] no! i hated school with a passion. our administration was so jacked up. and i swear to you, our vice principal looked just like hitler, minus the cool 'stache. oh, he was taller than hitler was too smile at any rate... everyone there was a jack [censored] except for my awesome biology teacher. he was the only one i didn't have some conflict with at one time or another. but, things will never change, they only seem to get worse from year to year. thank [censored] god i quit school. it was boring, and ultimately useless for me. i don't live by anyone's rules except for my own. so it worked out better for me to just leave.
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/27/02 02:21 AM

thanks sum. (lol, the other canadian)

Go Fleshy!
Posted By: jonconley

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/27/02 02:40 AM

Just a few things to add. I also disagree with guards in schools. When I debated, there was a theory known as nuke numbing. Now it is a bit of a stretch in that case, but I think it applies very well here.

What happens in "nuke numbing" is the more people talk about something which is shocking or terrifying, to people. The more familar and adjusted they become to the idea. A brief example will simply be to speak to your parents/grandparents about when the threat of a bomb first came out. All the measures they took, etc.. People were terrified to do anything. Now, we have became adjusted to it. Same thing with school shootings. The more the media reports it and it is talked about, the more commonplace it will become. Now, this doesn't just apply to talk.

Think about this, schools may have guards 24/7 and high security b/c of shootings, but they may also have shootings b/c of guards etc. You adjust ppl to the possibility of something, and you aren't just saying it may happen, you are making it possible in their mind.

So I believe by increasing security, you will increase the need for security. As stated above, it will do more harm then good. Violations of rights happen all the time in schools. I also think putting weapons in schools (even if at the hands of a guard), is just asking for more violence and can easily lead to corruption.

Think of your principles when and if you are in school. Now think of a security guard that gets paid by them. Children are hassled by teachers and principals. Now guards will easily know who the bad kids are and harass them also. Personally, if I had ever debated a school shooting, I believe guards present would increase the possibility of me trying something. Especially if guard it armed.

It says violence/weapons are the answer. Either way you look at it.

Making our schools a prison isn't going to solve anything. The environment will only make it worse. We should focus on why the hell kids so young are killing themselves and others. This is a problem with society. A problem with these kids, their upbringing, and mental stability. Not a problem that can be solved with arming administration or guards. By adding guards, you are adding to the problem. You are saying, yes, school shooting will happen and we are ready for them.

Why not school shooting are happening and how can we stop them? If you simple are protecting the school itself, what about at a football game, or the bowling alley, or outside before school. You aren't solving the problem, you are only shifting the focus off the schools.
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/27/02 03:25 PM

That's a really good point jon. I never really thought of it that way, more of a "there is no undo button" approach is what I had.

Kind of reminds me of how society says drugs aren't the answer but when they can't help you they just give you legal drugs to make you forget the problems.

I am still in favor of having a police figure in my school, but them being armed I am not sure about. The 2 SRO's at my school are nice guys, and they haven't done anything I wouldn't approve of, that I know of anyways. They don't hassle anyone or anything, just kind of walk around and hang out unless they are needed or until they see someone doing something wrong. Like I said, maybe my school still hasn't gotten as bad as some of yours.

I do think it is wrong to adjust your life to the possibility of danger. That is like letting kids that shoot up their schools steal part of your lifestyle, or terrorists, or snipers, all of them scaring people. The media (mostly the news systems) is a colossal whore and should take responsibility for most of the desensitizing and alot of the problems they blame on everyone else.

After jon's post, I am not sure what my stand is. But I do think my school's security and administration is fine, it could be better but this is good enough for me. Too many people in the world that don't want to really fix the problems I guess. intelligent post jon.
Posted By: Digital Geek

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/27/02 04:37 PM

I just want to say this:

I know moust peoples in US think that having a gun is a right, and it is considered probably one of the moust important rights. The right to be able to defend yourself, there for owning a gun/weapon.

US is not the only country that has school violence. Other countries in the east europe have the same problem. But because it is VERY difficult to own a gun, at least in Romania, the school violence is often reduced to two large groups confrunting them selfs with bats, knifes, and other objects that can be used to inflict harm, but not a gun.

Allthought one can get beaten preety badly, we never had anyone die before in a school conflict.

We have guards in schools in Romania to, but they are not armed. Why ? Because we never had shootings on school ground, or outside the schools. Therefor there is no need for the guard to have a gun. Usually what the guard does, is that in case of a major conflict, that he can not stop by himself, before they start the beating, he calls the police.

The thing I'm trying to say, is that perhaps it's a little bit to easy to own a gun in US, and thus more easy to shoot/kill people. The saying goes : "Guns don't kill people, stupid people kill people." Well yeah, but having a gun sure makes it a lot easyer for a stupid one to kill everyone he wants.

I think that if it would be more dificult to own a gun, it would be a lot more dificult for a student to go on a rampage and start killing everyone with let's say a bat. If the students could not have access to guns, there would be no need for school guards to be armed. The danger would be, in a way, smaller, and the number of unarmed school guards would be smaller to.

Just my opinion.
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/27/02 04:53 PM

I think everyone should have the right to own a gun that deserves it. People convicted of felonies or violent crimes and such don't deserve it. Sorry to those guys, but that is what you get. I also believe that it is alot easier for people to shoot someone and kill them instantly than to stab them to death. I am so sick of all that violence [censored]. It takes alot to get me to fight someone, I don't see how some people can just fight the way they do. The shootings thing is deeper, and I understand that a little more. But some guys just ask to fight so they can feel manly, those dumbasses.
Posted By: Curse

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/28/02 09:19 AM

If people wanted to really hurt people badly at school and didn't have a firearm, they could easily do it... For example, what if they made an explosive device from house hold chemicals? Or made Chlorine Gas from house hold chemicals... See my point? If kids are going to kill other kids, they will do it whether they have a gun or not... And another thing, we all know have libral and biased the US News Media is, so what are the chances that non-firearm related incindents have occured at public schools, but were not reported?
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/29/02 05:53 PM

It's easy for me to imagine a Pro-Gun Control candidate from presidency paying off a few major news stations to focus on those stories, and the other stations would follow.

/me just remembered those wankers that tried to sell the diary of one of the girls that died in columbine to all the kids at our school. those [censored] leeches.
Posted By: dashocker

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/29/02 06:46 PM

Not uh dude, its gotta be the video-games and violent TV shows and what not.... smirk
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: my essay on public schools security - 11/30/02 03:03 AM

/me wonders wtf dashocker is saying


nm, i thought I was reading from a different window, the one i had "the funniest website ever" in.
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