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Posted By: loanbanker

Photography - 03/20/02 10:29 PM

Anyone know anything about photography for portrait pictures. ya know the ones you get when you goto Glamour shots? Any books or places to read about correct lighting and shutterspeed ect... would be fantastic. Ive searched myself and hit bookstores daily but photography is such a large subject with so many variables its tough to find the correct material for what I need.

Ill keep looking but Just thought I would ask. Hell Im even asking my co-workers. lol
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Photography - 03/21/02 05:35 AM

your best bet is testing it out. most photographers go by their own lighting, even at glamur shots, they adjust the lighting based on glaire, complexion, and feel of the photo. your best bet would be to buy some amateur equipment and learn it on your own, then learn to develope your own photos, i did this in the 8th grade and learned a lot there heh..
Posted By: AK

Re: Photography - 03/21/02 05:42 AM

oh oh, I think loanbanker is tryin to make illegal identification for Al queda members without a visa. shame on you.
Posted By: loanbanker

Re: Photography - 03/21/02 06:04 AM

laffin, nice there AK

Yeah I know Ive gotta buy the lighting, 5 lights with flashes. Im just getting confused on the camera. It has to have a certain shutterspeed and Im pretty lost in learning all this stuff. Its not like I ever dreamed of doing photography. But the money is tooo good to walk away from the business and the only way to continue with it soon is going to be to learn it. Anyways thanks guys. I guess Im simply gonna have to grind through it like I end up doing with everything I want to learn. lol
Posted By: AK

Re: Photography - 03/21/02 06:40 AM

whatever loanbanker, you don't fool me. stop hidin the refugees.

p.s. how much to get a fake ID?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Photography - 03/21/02 06:49 AM

AK, come to me, i can get you a 100% foolproof cali id for $500 :x i can even get the holigram!!
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