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Posted by: $500,000 Bentley

gangs - 03/24/03 12:07 AM

what are your views on them?
Posted by: dashocker

Re: gangs - 03/24/03 12:13 AM

Ok, if I may quote(partially) some member of UGN: no more psuedo-intellectual shit! Especially on a topic as worthless as this.
Posted by: Asteos

Re: gangs - 03/24/03 12:22 AM

Word. Lets use our energy to talk about better shit. As far as I care, gangs can be talked about elsewhere (IRC?)
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: gangs - 03/24/03 12:22 AM

sounds like rage!
Posted by: pergesu

Re: gangs - 03/24/03 12:30 AM

No, Scallion was the one who said to cut out the pseudo-intellectual bullshit
Posted by: SilentRage

Re: gangs - 03/24/03 12:53 AM

ja, that would not be a Rage comment. I don't have the attitude Scallion has.
Posted by: fleshwound

Re: gangs - 03/24/03 09:07 PM

thank god for that SR.

anyway. gangs are fucking stupid. that's all i have to say about that one. oh, except for if you count the mafia. they kick ass.
Posted by: wizzy

Re: gangs - 03/24/03 10:16 PM

does anyone else have a sudden urge to really shoot fleshwound's avatar with a shotgun or something?
Posted by: hKzKnight

Re: gangs - 03/24/03 10:36 PM

Agreed with Fleshwound... I don't like gangtaz I like gangsters... Mafia or a few other mobsters. LOL
Posted by: $500,000 Bentley

Re: gangs - 03/24/03 11:50 PM

fine irc.
Posted by: Drake

Re: gangs - 03/31/03 09:14 AM

the Mafia is a horrible organization. I don't know if you guys are just kiddin or not, but seriously. It pisses me off to see the movies where the mafia is portrayed as some Italian "watch each others back" kinda thing. that's bullshit. It's just a really big gang.
Posted by: unreal

Re: gangs - 03/31/03 06:08 PM

Shutup. Don't talk about shit you wouldn't know a thing about. Closed.
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