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paradox, people do this to people in diablo 2 too

Posted by: weeve

paradox, people do this to people in diablo 2 too - 12/03/03 12:10 PM

[20:04] * ej has joined #undergroundnews
[20:05] welcome
[20:05] hey
[20:05] whats up
[20:05] not much
[20:05] you?
[20:05] thanks
[20:05] same
[20:06] howd you get here?
[20:06] I am tryin to learn to make a keygen
[20:06] lol easy
[20:06] the site
[20:06] you into reverse engineering?
[20:06] like dissassembling?
[20:07] thats what it is
[20:07] changing programs.. hacking programs ya de ya da
[20:07] yea
[20:07] yea
[20:07] do you know asm?
[20:07] I dont know how to do it myself
[20:07] so I goto sites
[20:07] lol
[20:07] ??
[20:07] somewhat
[20:08] I know a little
[20:08] opps
[20:08] is it in dutch?
[20:08] there ya go
[20:09] btw you have to know asm b4 you really do anything in reverse engineering
[20:09] go learn it
[20:09] its a fun language
[20:10] just idle around ill help ya later on
[20:10] r u on any well known teams?
[20:10] ok
[20:11] I wont be on for very long
[20:11] my damn dsl people shut off our service
[20:11] lol
[20:13] I g2g
[20:13] I will bb;l
[20:13] *bbl
[20:13] peace
[20:13] * ej has quit IRC

As they've done in thousands of places for many a year. Fuckin I don't think alot needs to be said, evidence is usually obvious, blunt, and to the point. As will I be. [puke] btw I'm sick, and d2 west is down [shit] [shit] [shit] that's not knew, just annoyances.
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