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Posted By: smc

drinking - 08/18/03 01:45 AM

who here drinks & who here drinks to get drunk if you drink at all? <img border="0" alt="[float]" title="" src="graemlins/float.gif" />
Posted By: Scalli0n

Re: drinking - 08/18/03 04:13 AM

Drinking is cool, everyone should do it.

More seriously, I have 3 bottles of liquor in my desk for when I'm studying; if you have a shot every hour, it makes the neurons in your brain fire faster, hence why people seem smarter when drinking just before they get really trashed.

The only downside is if you get overzealous or the RA walks in on you...
Posted By: HighLander

Re: drinking - 08/18/03 11:57 PM

The trick is to drink one drink when you get up, about 10 drinks in the morning that way you are fully awake for the afternoon, then another few in the afternoon, that way your awake for the night, then a few nitecaps......

My MO told me Im an alcholoic, apperantly if you drink more then 10 drinks a week your a booze hound and I told him that I drink more then 10 drinks almost every day......

Then he tried to force me to go to AA type meetings [censored] that....I donùt have a drinking problem, I drink I get drunk, I fall down, No problem.......

Now that im in Afghanistan, the Canadian army has imposed a two drink limit on all the 26 different countries that are here at ISAF, but has denied us Canadian Soliders any Alcohol, with a $1200 fine for each drink that they find out you had........


Now I have a drinking problem, or a lack thereof
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: drinking - 08/22/03 11:23 AM

Go to the russian army, they like to drink. LOL. HighLander, you have a nice beer belly dont ya...
Posted By: Nem2k

Re: drinking - 08/22/03 11:48 AM

That's the best beer out there shocked
Posted By: HighLander

Re: drinking - 08/22/03 03:57 PM

Nope no beer belly.........yet, it all goes to my [censored]........°Inside jk°
Posted By: HighLander

Re: drinking - 08/22/03 03:59 PM

and I would have to say though Nem that the best beer, is Guiness, or that German beer, ummm the Germans drink it here it has a red X on a black bottle, and contains ectasy.......
Posted By: Nem2k

Re: drinking - 08/22/03 06:47 PM

It was a joke cuz the name of the beer is 'Hacker-Pschorr' .....
Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

Re: drinking - 08/24/03 01:09 AM

Guiness is the [censored]!!!!!the problem where i come from is that it is hardly ever on draught. but yeah guiness is great
Posted By: jonconley

Re: drinking - 08/24/03 11:20 AM
Posted By: fleshwound

Re: drinking - 08/25/03 08:41 PM

yeah jonathon...tell the kids about dxm in beer. great idea...[censored] laugh that's all we need. kids running around with bleeding bug eyes thinking they're god. hahaha. arghhh... /me doesn't like dxm. turns people into crazy zombies.

jagermeister is better anyway.. or if you want to get crazy drink absinthe. or hell... just grab a couple bottles of the cheapest tequila you can find. no matter the quality of alcohol.. you'll still get drunk if you consume enough. laugh just don't die kittens. that would be sad!
Posted By: sinetific

Re: drinking - 08/26/03 12:03 AM

Hoegaarden is good, Bell's Oberon, Guiness is good too especially slammed with Irish Wiskey and Bailey's dropped into it(Irish Car Bomb).
Posted By: jonconley

Re: drinking - 08/26/03 10:24 AM

heh, I think that has to be the best named drink I have heard of so far
Posted By: Deviation187

Re: drinking - 08/26/03 11:36 AM

the post had nothing to do with anarchy. just good o drinking, moved here where theres so many diffrent topics noone knows what to do with em all.
Posted By: Deviation187

Re: drinking - 08/26/03 11:38 AM

and yeah drinking, if anyone has yet to feel a buzz or drunk.. your missing out lol.. yeah thats some good advice for the kiddies.
Posted By: unreal

Re: drinking - 08/26/03 01:49 PM

Oh I hate jager. C'mon fleshy. I guess it can be good in a red bull (Blaster, anyone?), but straight? Ick. I'm aaaaaaaaaaall about the tequila anyways.

Last time I drank was saturday night... Hell, I wish I had taken pictures, cuz I don't remember [censored]. No seriously, I remember maybe 3 things about that whole night. All I know is there have been a few girls coming up to say 'hi' today. I'm not kidding.
Posted By: HighLander

Re: drinking - 08/26/03 03:19 PM

The best drinks, are of course, Gin & Tonic, Bacardi Amber Gold straight up on Ice, Guiness, Molson Canadian, and Flaming Zambuca.............

URGHH me want to get drunk
Posted By: unreal

Re: drinking - 08/26/03 04:40 PM

Eh, not me...Saturday's escapades ended in me paying homage to the porcelain gods. Enough for now.
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: drinking - 08/26/03 09:20 PM

I've had drink before and I can count the number of times on my one hand, and I've never been drunk. One day I would like to be drunk just to know what it is like, but the situation must call for it. One thing is for sure though, I will never drink by myself, and I will never make a habit of it. I won't even drink caffiene on a regular basis. It is bad enough that I have to eat on a regular basis. I don't like dependancy on anything.
Posted By: Gollum

Re: drinking - 08/26/03 11:00 PM

Hmmm...SR, I find your dependancy theory intriguing. I wish to subscribe to your newsletter. anyway, doesn't anyone here NOT drink? or will i be thrown out on my [censored] for even suggesting such a thing?//
Posted By: thebluegiant

Re: drinking - 08/27/03 12:00 AM

Drinking's not fun. More often than not any fun that you do have while drunk can't be remembered in the morning and, of course, the potential to make an [censored] of yourself is ridiculously high. Also, hangovers and puking aren't fun.

That said, the last time I was drunk was last Tuesday.
Posted By: Imperial

Re: drinking - 08/27/03 04:16 AM

Originally posted by SilentRage:
I will never drink by myself... I the only one that's ever been drinking something by myself and thought "this would be better with alcohol" and then a little while later you find yourself drunk?
Posted By: HighLander

Re: drinking - 09/01/03 05:56 PM

Well I lift my earlier statement of not being able to drink the Canadian Army has decided to allow us to drink.........our two drinks a day.............hah right
Posted By: pergesu

Re: drinking - 09/01/03 06:38 PM

Gee, go figure that SR doesn't like the fact that he has to eat.

You people drink pussy stuff. It's all about the rum. Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, in fact. Straight :x
Posted By: Imperial

Re: drinking - 09/01/03 11:44 PM're calling us pussy and you drink captain morgans?
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: drinking - 09/02/03 12:38 AM

"I don't like dependancy on anything."

"That said, the last time I was drunk was last Tuesday."
Holy [censored], hahahaha.

"you're calling us pussy and you drink captain morgans?"
Hahaha. Spiced rum...haha.
Posted By: unreal

Re: drinking - 09/02/03 03:14 AM

Tequila. Straight. Beats the [censored] outta that Cappy's.
Posted By: Drake

Re: drinking - 09/27/03 08:42 AM

The only thing i've ever gotten drunk off of is whiskey. Vodka in Red Bull is good when you're clubbing, cause you get buzzed and if you're feelin even a little tired, all of a sudden you're not tired anymore. Yeah, but it's all about being buzzed. Being drunk sucks.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: drinking - 09/27/03 10:38 AM

Alright, so I've got some great news that relates to this. Cause it's just pimp. I'm now a licensed bartender.
Posted By: smartyhands

Re: drinking - 09/27/03 02:45 PM

pergesu: "You people drink pussy stuff"

In my drinking prime I started to drink Everclear straight. I definitely drink to get drunk, so diluting it became a waste of good coca-cola... the caffeine effect was effectively overpowered by the drink.
Posted By: unreal

Re: drinking - 09/27/03 03:41 PM

Alright, so I've got some great news that relates to this. Cause it's just pimp. I'm now a licensed bartender.
Psh...that doesn't mean [censored]. I'm a licensed pilot. It's a proven fact that we handle more alcohol, per capita, than any other profession. Combined.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: drinking - 09/27/03 04:10 PM

I didn't say that I can drink anybody under the table. I said I'm a licensed bartender. Dumbass.
Posted By: loanbanker

Re: drinking - 09/27/03 10:40 PM

I no longer drink to get drunk. Don't get me wrong. Sometimes I do have a bit too much. Long ago are the days when I would set out to get full on drunk.

My preference at this time is wine. Yes I have grown a love for my wine. Not that crap 5 dollar a gallon wine either. The good stuff.

I have found wine to be an aquired taste. It has taken many bottles of disapointment before I learned what I like. To a certain extent I am still learning.
Posted By: Mojo

Re: drinking - 09/29/03 03:14 AM

Highlander: no xtc in that beer, i guess its either that coca cola mix or some guarana in it.
second of all, its called Jägermeister. if you dont have the funky a (ä) on your keyboard, you arent allowed to drink.
third of all, belgish and german beer 0wns j00 all. nuff said. you never been to europe and got really drunken, even the little girls can drink you guys under the table wink
btw, i remember buying vodka in germany at the age of 13 smile
Posted By: Rapture

Re: drinking - 09/29/03 06:56 AM

Gotta love kickin back a few beers every once and a while...That's about it
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