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Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!?

Posted By: black^Pimp

Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/20/03 06:07 PM

What do you guys think about that ?

Right now there are around 13 hrs left untill Kevin will be finally free, well at least it says so on his website, so what do you think about whole this thing ? any comments ?

and what do you guys think about him ?


Posted By: jonconley

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/20/03 06:46 PM

I am for and hope the guy gets a break. Not because of what he did. All he did was some real good social engineering. Unfortunately, the government and judicial system [censored] him over. So he should have some good luck in the future.

Also, I think his probation is up at that point, but he still cannot make any money off the story of what happened, until 2007 I think.

B/C Kevin Spacey wanted to make a movie about it and the whole abuse of rights thing. Spacey playing Mitnick, I would go see it. Better than skeet ulrich's job smile Even though I liked that movie, funny [censored].
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/20/03 10:38 PM

yeah i saw it too, well interesting at some points.

Btw you know the street phones in USA (since here in KOSOVA we don't have street phones). Is it true that those street phones can be used for free after playing the necesary "SOUND" when you wanna call ?!?!?!?

MrPhreaks why don't ya answer this one ???
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/20/03 11:06 PM

i heard that he can't tell his story until 2010, not 2007, but that he is going to fight that because it takes away his freedom of speech.
Posted By: Ice

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/21/03 12:43 AM

i put up a story in the news section = ) Gives some good details = ) Check it out
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/21/03 12:44 AM

correct BS. My bad
Posted By: pacman

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/21/03 08:29 AM

The movie hackers 2 is based on kevin mitnick which is based on the book takedown. The movie is lame but not nearly as lame as hackers 1. Anyway I guess somebody is making money from his story. In my opinion he should still be in there.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/21/03 09:19 AM

It wasn't hackers two, it was dubbed hackers 2 by warez kiddies. It is called TakeDown in every aspect.

Hackers 2 is actually a movie that will be coming out soon if memory recalls.

The person making money from "his" story is someone that was highly involved in it, that faggish asian that chased him around the whole movie.

Kevin didn't actually do anything all that bad, only thing is that he messed up and got caught.

What is your problem with him there "pacman"...
Posted By: windead

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/21/03 09:19 AM

erm... so kevin mitnick is based on the book takedown? lmao
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/21/03 11:08 AM

heh. truth is always distorted. I know the book was distorted, but in Takedown, ya know they have to make it exciting.

I only hope kevin spacey is still interested in 7 years. Doubtful. Hmm, I guess they could make the movie, he just can't make any money off of it til 2010. If Spacey does it, it will be quality and realistic. However, deal less with actual crimes I believe.

Surprisingly, the movie doesn't potray mitnick in a bad light, it does seem to take a few low blows, and Shimoumoumoumoumoumoumoura has a cameo.
Written by him too. YOu would think he would have made Mitnick a serial killer hacker, and not had the part where Simoumoumoumomuomoumomura created a back door into every major network. Jesus, does that have to be in every hacker movie?
Posted By: pacman

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/21/03 12:22 PM

OK "Gizmo"

For starters yes I didn't study the film, I watched it once at a friends house so excuse my lack of knowledge on "Takedown in every aspect". The reason I don't idolize him is because he has wasted millions (I think) of dollars in peoples money and intercepted peoples private conversations. Personally I wouldn't like my emails read and people listening to my phone calls. Also I hate the fact that for the last 3 years people have been joining IRC channels etc.. going free Kevin even though his been on parole for the last 3 years. There are also ton's of more interesting "cyber terrorists" that have more interesting story's.

/me bows down and kiss's the Admin's shoes
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/21/03 02:39 PM

lol. I like the movie. However, I wouldn't judge kevin based on that movie. As he said quoted in the news, a lot that is said about him isn't true, but the parts that are, he is sorry for. He didn't intentionally destroy anything, he stole copies of source code so that he could learn from them, and learned the ways phone companies and networks are setup and work. He was just out there for the golden reason most "decent" hackers hack. To learn. Now he says he realizes just how much money he WAS costing those businesses he hacked into in collateral damage. Lots of money is spent on refortification and stuff. At the time he thought he was doing innocent - unharmful stuff.

I don't have any problem if you don't like kevin. But at least make it for the right reasons. "Takedown" was a book and a movie - not a documentary or biography.
Posted By: Nem2k

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/21/03 04:48 PM

You guys should read the Banned Chapter(first chapter) of the Kevin book's : The Art of Deception before judging him. He explain a lot of what he did and his 'background'. Can be found here :
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/21/03 04:51 PM

And no he didn't waste anything close to millions. He downloaded opensource source code to a program before it was released to public. I believe it was Sun mainly. Anyways, so when the wonder prosecutors attempt to put an amount of money on the damages, they decided to total all the money that Sun had used for R&D and money they could potentially make from the software.

So it was a [censored] joke. That is like saying since you pirate a prerelease of MS, you cost them all the R&D time/money and all the money they stood to make it from selling it.

However, the source code was public knowledge when released, kevin never released it to public himself, and it was given away. So no, he didn't even come close to causing millions.

Just wanted to clarify a little. And I am not positive what other factors were involved in the amounts, but what I included was atleast part of what they used, which as you can see it a twisted and manipulated way of finding out what he cost them.

And I would be pissed if someone read my email, hacked into my system, or easedropped on my phonecalls. However, I do not think they should be put in jail for an elongated period of time without a trial, not be allowed to see any of the evidence against them, or serve more time then the average rapist/murderer.

Better hope you don't slip up sometime pacman, and then the government decides to make an example out of you.

Which, btw, the government knows they did wrong, b/c when Kevin spoke to Congress afterwards, many of the members stood and/or publicly apologized for the gross negligence of the legal system in his situation.

So I admire his perserverance, his ability to social engineer better than the most rico sauve motherfucker, and the fact that he is now doing something positive with his life and doesn't seem very bitter.

Not saying you can't have your own opinion pacman, i am just saying that your opinion is wrong.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/21/03 08:54 PM

Did I ever state that I idolized Kevin Mitnick? On the contrary, I have made it public knowledge that I could care less for him, I believe that he's a complete moron and I dislike him to no end.

I watched Takedown once, and I'd never see it again, the realizm was totally off, the movie was more rank than my ex's...

I don't know "Takedown to every aspect" like you had stated, I'm a movie buff, plus I'm a security buff, my bible is, its my job to know reviews on movies, even to write reviews on them when applicable.

"He wasted millions on peoples private conversations", well, see, with how the telecommunications infrustructure is configured, if you didn't make the calls you don't have to pay for them. It could be documented that you made the call and all you'd have to do is ask. Perhaps the supposid phone companies should have secured their networks in the first place?

The whole "free kevin" thing is quite lame, its just one of the things that added towards me disliking him. The fact of all of this is that the federal government was unjust in his sentancing, and how they acted throught the entire case and sentancing. The reason that so many people feel for him is because of this point.

You're judging him by the movie which is one mans perspective, everyone has the right to defend themselves, and he has yet to do so. Granted it won't change my opinion of him, but you're just being anal from watching a [censored] movie...

Oh, and before you go starting [censored] with me or anyone else, perhaps you should look into things?
Posted By: fleshwound

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/21/03 09:31 PM

i also liked the movie. it was damn good!
i don't "idolize" kevin either. i think he seems like a pretty cool guy, and he got [censored] over in what happened to him. that doesn't mean i worship him like he's my new god or something. i think it's really sad when our government freaks out and imprisons an innocent man just because he's intelligent. that is the real crime here. so yay for kevin being free! it's about damn time!
Posted By: Ice

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/21/03 10:55 PM

well there showing him go on the Internet for the first time today at 7:00 Pm = ) on Tech TV
Posted By: Asteos

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/21/03 11:05 PM

Doesn't he tell parts of his story in Art Of Deception? I bought it and read the first six chapters. Somewhere he starts talking about true stories of him and his friends ... : confused :
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/21/03 11:27 PM

Yeah, first chapter? Nem2k linked to it on first page of this thread. Clears up alot of the "hype"
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/21/03 11:37 PM

You mean to tell me that people actually buy books now adays? Amazing, usually i have kids asking me for ebooks lol... I have them on just about anything though smirk.
Posted By: unreal

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/22/03 04:07 AM

ebooks are ridiculous. C'mon...are people too lazy to get away from the computer and actually read a paper book?
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/22/03 05:01 AM

I would agree. I have downloaded many ebooks for studying or entertainment purposes. I will rather download and print or just buy the book. I can't get into a book or study from a book without being able to go into a corner on lay on my bed and relax with it in hand(the book).
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/22/03 11:50 AM

i agree with fleshy .. it' was about time.
Posted By: fleshwound

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/22/03 01:11 PM

yes yes.. there is something to be said for actually reading a real book. i love to read... although i have been slacking off lately.
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/22/03 03:15 PM

of course. And did you guys hear about his new company and his latest book THE ART OF DECEPTION... what do you think ? is that worth reading ? i would say yes indeed coz Kevin had some really extra ordinary skills in the past, i'm not sure about now...
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/22/03 10:10 PM

I prefer to read real books, but ebooks can be had for free... I get a pdf, bring it to school and print it out, then put it in a report cover. Feels like a book to me smile
Posted By: pacman

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/23/03 09:01 AM

For starters.

The reason I don't idolize him is..
I never suggested any of you idolized him I said I didn't. Also I didn't make my decisions based on the movie as it says "things have been added for dramatic purposes”. I read a big [censored] news paper article about him, that's probably not that much but I'm still not judging him by the movie. Also I have no idea how much money he wasted which I said but I'm sure he wasted some money with all the police chasing him etc.
Posted By: fleshwound

Re: Kevin Mitnick FREE ?!? - 01/23/03 09:15 PM

that was the government's choice to chase after him. maybe they should have been concentrating on REAL criminals not chasing Kevin. it's their own damn fault for wasting their time/money to hunt him down. and you know it was big mistake because congress actually admitted that they were wrong and let me go. yeah.. takes a lot for our government to admit that they were wrong about anything.
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