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Hello Again

Posted By: Titanium Fox

Hello Again - 06/06/03 08:03 PM

Hey everyone!

I doubt most of you remember me, but I was the second adminstrator to be here when Blackbeard used to run the joint. I left on a mission to Africa about 3 months after Optix Illusions setup the first UBB about 4? years ago.I've lost track of time.

It's dissappointing to see some old faces but I've come to track down a few of the highlighted members. It seems Optix Illusions isn't here anymore, but I'd do what anyone would do and search the board for his name on clues why. It seems Optix Illusions and Gizmo had a difference in the minds. I got ahold of Optix and Blackbeard. Turns out Blackbeard owns his own hosting company and Optix is about to finish college.

I realize that people haven't been able to contact me. But I've found a few of you. It seems this place turned into a kids fun house. Being that by the looks of the posts most people may be under the age of 14? Not to put any disrespect but an army shows as their leader is.

So what's this gathering? In Portland, Oregon? Sounds like fun, but I think we have enough rednecks in Utah. Seems like you guys didn't set that one up all too well.

Also what I've noticed was the banners. UGN was banner free, and proudly supported. I still have yet to get into the groove with this place but I do plan on visiting this place now and then. Also the site used to be immaculate, now it's well, Very very messy.Also with the way certain disclaimers look, they don't seem to be able to be disclaimers that will hold up in court if anyone wanted to press charges on Ugn

But still it's great to see that this site is still up and the burden was taken off Blackbeard. Also I think I slightly remember Gizmo here as a newbie. Wasn't too sure about it though.

From your attitudes I see most of you don't care, but Optix Illusions is now a part of Linux Lamers, and I remember Xuno, IceDog, and Predator who seem to hang out there as well. Turns out they all run thejoint (Horribly atm because of their conflict with having social lives). Last we heard IceDog and Optix are going to party in hawaii for 5 weeks (I wanna come dudes!) and they're setting up a conference in Cancun mexico from the rumors going around. (Seems like they've got their [censored] situated). Since the only people I knew aren't on this server really, I plan on being on Linux Lamers for a while. I also plan on hanging out at least until they finish the site.

I don't know how many of you remember me, but I'd be more then happy to hear from you if you e-mailed me. [email protected]

Until we meet again... TTFN

Titanium Fox
Posted By: dashocker

Re: Hello Again - 06/06/03 08:44 PM

Hmm, nice post, but what's the point? Just to insult? How nice of you. The disclaimer is the same one which Blackbeard used, in case you didn't know. And last I heard Optix was either joining the military or going to prison...
Posted By: Titanium Fox

Re: Hello Again - 06/06/03 11:36 PM

Well how often do you speak with optix?

And if you consider constructive criticism to be insulting well, it shows the amount of maturity you have.

I'm not suprised on how this server is, but just slightly disappointed with the turnout. Also the lack of stability?

But dashocker, I'm just saying from what I've seen as a spectator, soon to be an active member. Either on LL or UGN, perhaps both even. I'm just pondering everything I've seen and heard on here.

And the disclaimer that BlackBeard used wasn't the original disclaimer, the original disclaimer was over 3000 words long, that Optix Illusions setup on the webboard.

About "And last I heard Optix was either joining the military or going to prison... " ... well wouldn't that just be hearsay?

Titanium Fox
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Hello Again - 06/06/03 11:55 PM

Heya Titanium Fox. I know who you are, but I don't really know the first thing about you. Nonetheless, welcome back to UGN. Try not too let the kiddies bother you too much. If we did then none of us that try to ignore that kind of thing would be here either. And also, ignore Dashocker. Everyone else on this board does.

Posted By: Titanium Fox

Re: Hello Again - 06/06/03 11:58 PM

Seems like you guys have a happy crowd here, about how many people are constantly active here?
Posted By: Chem

Re: Hello Again - 06/07/03 04:40 AM

Average 35.413 posts per day, stats dont say anything about users activity.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Hello Again - 06/07/03 05:25 AM

A board is made from its users. You seem like you have something positive to contribute. If you think it's becoming a kid's fun house, stick around and help it to become something else.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Hello Again - 06/07/03 06:07 AM

See, Ti Fox, you should hear both sides of a story...

Optix and I had more than a dispute of how UGN should be ran, he ran UGN into the ground, he talked smack to EVERY one of the affiliates and pissed each and every one of them off, his whole plan was to run it down into nothingness so that he could be it's "savior"...

And UGN is as it's always been, a place of public speach and (geared towards) knowledge. Granted that most of the community is >18 at least people are still geared towards wanting to know how the box works and thinking outside of it as opposed to being inside of it and doing as their told.

And whats this about "it's leader" ? Funny, last I looked I was in my 20's, unless something happened that I didn't hear about...

And Portland doens't have redneck's, the only redneck I've seen is some crazy mother [censored] who wears 3 pairs of sweatpants over a pair of jeans on the bus lol...

The gathering fell through because it isn't free, it was basically an attempt to get people together, but since it's not someplace flashy like Hawaii or Las Vegas (I'm not moving back afterall) some people don't want to do it.

UGN has banners to help support it, granted I do have a Job and should be able to maintain it, but I believe that something "popular" should be able to maintain its own. As for it always being "banner free" it did once have banners when beard owned it, in fact the Advertising section is his work.

I know that the site is sort of "dirty" with the coding, but I don't know MySQL for [censored] and I'm always working so I don't have the time nor the resources to sit all day and code, hence why bits and peices are up when I have the time to put them up.

And when I "joined" UGN, I wasn't a "newbie", I have Weeve to back me up on that, UGN was just a place to sit back and get to know people and learn some tricks of the trade, which is what I always loved and always have tried to provide.

It is however good to see you around again, I do honestly hope to get a chance to talk with you some more and catch up on whats been going on with life.
Posted By: Titanium Fox

Re: Hello Again - 06/07/03 09:07 AM

I honestly look at that response as nothing but a defense. And from what I've heard, I would like you to explain what the word affiliate means.

Blackbeard also stated that the banners he had on the site, did not support the site in any way and were links to friends sites.

As a way to maintain itself stores and perhaps tech support would be another way smile

And for anyone else who see this. Usless Trivia: Oregon holds the most trailor parks compared to any other state west of wyoming.

California is a very big state
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Hello Again - 06/07/03 03:53 PM

More Useless Trivia: There are 9 states west of Wyoming, including Alaska and Hawaii.
Even More Useless Trivia: The combined population of those 9 states is 55,568,165 per the 2000 U.S. census. The population of the entire U.S. was recorded at 281,421,906.

Oregon holds more trailer parks than under 20% of the states, and in an area with less than 20% of the population. Pretty impressive.
Posted By: Crime

Re: Hello Again - 06/07/03 04:20 PM

pergesu you [censored], stop posting gay [censored] [censored] in serious topics
Posted By: spectre

Re: Hello Again - 06/07/03 05:01 PM

Hello Titanium Fox,
I feel that while many of your points are "valid", I must agree with Gizmo on the one point that Optix was driving UGN into the ground. I looked up to him while he helped me in my earlier linux days, but he soon began abusing his power.

As for IceDog, I also looked up to him until he gave himself the power to [censored] about going to church and kicked me from irc when i started talking about my suicidal friend.

Both abused their powers, but had a lot to offer. It is truly too bad that they felt like they had the power to get away with what they did. I believe that almost everyone had some of the same issues as me.

So on that note, welcome back.

Posted By: Titanium Fox

Re: Hello Again - 06/07/03 08:26 PM

Food for thought: (Wow I feel like I'm being cornered as one of few who like Optix Illusions)

If you were in a situation where you 2 were the only ones who really took care of the place, while having to deal with very busy social and business lives, wouldn't you want something you give your free time, to be controlled and in order?

If you look at the amount and haved asked them personally about thier lives, you would know why some people do these things. Unfortunately it's rare for people to have extremely active social lives and be in this scene at the same time. I guess it shows you something about the unique opportunity we've all had by knowing 2 of them at the same time.

As for Optix Illusions running UGN into the ground? I believe from the amount of chat logs i got on his server (not linux lamers, and compared to the logs i've seen for the past year and a half on the irc server) was Optix Illusions and Icedog were wise beyond thier years. They would deal with UGN the way they felt they should. It points to the age difference and maturity levels within current and previous admin.

And since I had a list of older members from a few people I've been in contact with, I have also realized the disappearance of members who liked Optix and Icedog, also I have noticed who's been mature about the situation, so it doesn't show much about the people here.

Who are you to judge one another, as well as having libel terms on this board about them? Can you honestly say that you would verbally attack Optix Illusions or Icedog to their faces if you were alone standing in front of them? Don't answer that, it will cause more contraversy on here and this would become an extremely dramatic thread. So lets end the arguement on that note.

I've come to see, well a halt in the site here. The information you learn goes from sub-newbie, to newbie. Where are the texts for people who still have a thirst for knowledge? Or is this UGN - The Shuttle to the plane before you gain more knowledge.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Hello Again - 06/07/03 08:31 PM

Titanium Fox:
Your pety bickering is not making this board a better place. It is obvious that you do not know gizmo, as stated in your first post: "also I think I slightly remember Gizmo here". We do know him. All you know is hersey from what other, obviously bitter, people are telling you. We all know what happened and we chose to remain here. If you don't like the way this site is being run now, you don't have to be here. I for one, say the more the merrier as long as thier contributions are positive and arent trying to start childish arguements because their old friends aren't in control anymore. Most of the people at UGN and LL are still friends and welcome each other. Don't get involved in other people's differences, it doesen't look very good on your behalf.
Posted By: dashocker

Re: Hello Again - 06/07/03 11:05 PM

Thanks Inf :x Yah, most people do ignore me. You should probably do the same. All I was saying is if you just wanted to contact certain people you could have done so on an individual basis. Instead, you decided to make a post which included "constructive criticism." I don't think calling Gizmo a redneck and making Optix and Blackbeard seem like business geniuses qualifies as constructive criticism. If you are willing to stay and share your knowledge I salute you. If you really have something to add to UGN to make it a better place, don't waste your time with this "constructive criticism" crap. It has been tried before, and it gets real old real fast. That's all I'm gonna say.

P.S. I don't know where you live, but on the West Coat, living expenses are astronomical. A lot of people with a middle-class lifestyle can't even afford a house out there. Just some food for thought.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Hello Again - 06/07/03 11:48 PM

Crime: He said that Oregon has the most trailer parks of any state west of Wyoming, in an obvious attempt to insult. I found those stats in order to show that having the most trailer parks west of Wyoming isn't anything big at all, or derogatory.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Hello Again - 06/08/03 06:23 AM

And if you look at it, Portland has the most porn stores and strip clubs per city in the United States. Also, if you look at it, Newberg (Oregon) has the most churches per city in the United States...

Wow, lets see, we have trailer parks, appartments, porn shops, no sales tax, tons of churches, damn, we sound like mormon's...
Posted By: Imperial

Re: Hello Again - 06/08/03 02:29 PM

.....I liked Optix and Icedog
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Hello Again - 06/08/03 06:35 PM

I liked them both actually, when I took over I planned on keeping IceDog as an Admin and Optix as just staff till he earned trust back; evidently it wasn't good enough...
Posted By: Titanium Fox

Re: Hello Again - 06/08/03 10:40 PM

Food for thought: (Wow I feel like I'm being cornered as one of few who like Optix Illusions)
Too bad you guys, "Liked" them.

Sin - P-e-t-t-y, as in a petty felony.

And thank you Gizmo for making a point on the no state tax. Pergesu explain that one in oregon, when housing up there is only 300-400$/month for a decent apartment.

But to get away from this part of the conversation, anyways yeah some of you just ignored the post and said hi. Hi to you too. So what is there to do here really? Nothing?
Posted By: unreal

Re: Hello Again - 06/08/03 11:54 PM

So what is there to do here really? Nothing?
Exactly. Closed.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Hello Again - 06/09/03 02:02 AM

Dude, what the [censored] are you talkin about? All I pointed out is that your insult of Oregon having the most trailer parks west of Wyoming is worthless. I didn't say anything about prices, or whatever else you're talkin about.

This is old bullshit, and it's not welcome. Make a post to say hi, and say hi. If you want to give any constructive criticism, or the sugar coated insults that you dish out, use the contact page.
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Hello Again - 06/09/03 04:42 AM

Oh my god dose it ever go away.... ha ha ha ha

I for one thought Optix was awsome. When I was starting a site with little or no members and he was banning members with any knowledge here by the dozzen they all joined RRFN. ha ha ha. Then he used to joke with me.

"Don't let your members talk bad about me." So silly.

I do totaly respect IceDog. He had on many ocasions shown me his knowledge of Linux seemed to have no end. Though he probably looked down on me I hold a good deal of respect for him. Optix however never showed me any knowledge on any topic. I am not being rude. Not rushing to defend Gizmo or anyone else. I search through the board one day when the old UBB was up for posts from optix.

99% were closed topics, I can ban you. phear me. blah blah blah.

I was never a fan.

Blackbeard... Well He was hardly around. But who could not respect a man who put such a site together. the K-base, the news, the board, the store. I was one of the first to contact Beard when the site was for sale. But I doubt I could have kept up with all he had created. That and I could not afford it.

I as any other person dose judge people. You came in here and judged many as newbie. So far all I have seen to judge you on is these posts which seem to want to cling on to the past. Optix is gone. IceDog is gone. Beard has been arond once or twice.

I miss beard and icedog. That is that. if those 3 people being gone makes you want to put everyone else here down... well get over it. you are upset over something that happened over a year ago. You were not around. The site has changed some. You can either become part of it and make changes as a member or [censored] about it to people who chose not to come here any more.

Since you are an older member I have no doubt you have plenty to share and would love to see you contribute and help some out here. But if you chose not to you have to go with what you know right?

UGN has and is about seaking knowledge. plain and simple. We do have newbies. But newbies do learn and they help other newbies. The comunity grows, the next hacker movie comes out and all hacker BBS's are flooded again with NEO and John Travolta wanabes.

We have to many time guide them off the script kiddie path and they start learning a language or just do not come back. Flames are not seen as often as they once were(I think that is good and bad). Face it the world of hacking has changed over the last 5 years. Laws are geared to make it difficult for sites teching hacking. Company greed has changed the face of the net.

A certain amount of change in UGN is to be expected. If you want to stay here at UGN I say cool. If you want to hang on to the past I think you will be very upset. It seems LL is more a legit site. More geared toward the open source side of the house than hacking or all around coding.

UGN is a great place to go to get answers or pass on knowledge. Basicaly you get from here what you put in. If the first time you come here you post

"heh, can you help me hack my girlfriends hotmail account."

You get flamed. But if you show you can offer help and you are a decent member part of the family so to speak you get respect. BTW tell icedog I said hey. Like I said he probably dosen't look at me as an equal, but I never had any problem with him. I do not realy have a problem with Optix either. He helped UGN get started. Gizmo and he did not see eye to eye. Gizmo now owns UGN. End of story.
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: Hello Again - 06/12/03 09:05 PM

*snickers and opens topic*

Titanium Fox

Ahh here they are. Since I've come back from my 2-week hiatus, I've been trying to brush up on the latest news. Seems Titanium Fox is the latest news and out to make himself some friends with his great people skills and subtle tact. heh. Finally found where most of your posts are located to check you out.

And now for your official welcome to the site. Welcome. I'm - you guessed it - SilentRage. I'm not sure I remember you, you won't remember me. I started at this site in October of 2000. Good to hear the news on Optix. I'm rarely on AIM and that's the only time Optix and I chat. I used to visit the linux lamers site and IRC, but I don't like dividing my attentions. The UGN IRC is my baby and this webboard the focus of great and infamous memories.

It is a sad fact that many people have left, like Xun0 who was one of the few who could give me a decent chess game. wink In my personal opinion the board hasn't changed much. For the 2 and a half years I've been at this board there has always been and undoubtedly always will be lamers. Just as much as there's always been mature and more knowledgeable people and continue to be in the foreseeable future.

But I always look down on crying about the "good old days" or complaining about various real or imagined problems, so that's all I'll say on that. To be honest, I don't think you'll get along well here, and may lose interest quickly. The current blend of active members are not very tolerant of bad attitudes or arrogant demeanors, and the discussion is rarely enlightening (unless you're a newb) and more the chatting between friends - or the beating of chests between enemies. So if you can't get along with the members, there's nothing for you here.

The staff however, I'm proud to say, is above par. Gizmo is hardworking despite any personal opinions. He has already proved to me to be more active and involved than beard was in the last year of his reign. This is not his fault of course, we all have our lives to consider. Also our moderators are quite active with the closing and deleting of posts where appropriate. Sometimes TOO active... (private joke) And, to indulge in my own conceit, I myself try to keep things fair in dealing with trouble makers and conflicts.

Anytime you - or anybody - has a problem, concern, suggestion, question, or just want to harrass me, just get ahold of me on the IRC (when it's back up), say my name in a channel I'm in, and the computer will beep, and I'll respond if I'm in the house.

I'll be watching your progress on the site with interest.
Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

Re: Hello Again - 06/14/03 07:24 PM

hi titanium no-one in particular but i make pointless posts constantly.
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