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Posted By: Girlie

~SEX~ - 11/19/04 11:19 PM

Ok, here's a question for all you fellas. This is for informational purposes only. (to see if Le4rner is right, heh)

What is your favorite sexual position??
Posted By: Defcon

Re: ~SEX~ - 11/20/04 01:27 AM

Whatever's comfortable in the chick's casket.
Posted By: Girlie

Re: ~SEX~ - 11/20/04 01:36 AM

Originally posted by Defcon:
Whatever's comfortable in the chick's casket.
Posted By: Spyrios

Re: ~SEX~ - 11/20/04 04:24 AM

Which ever one my wife lets me get her into wink
Posted By: pergesu

Re: ~SEX~ - 11/20/04 06:37 AM

Doggie style baby.

But cowgirl and holdin her up against a wall are way hot too.
Posted By: unreal

Re: ~SEX~ - 11/20/04 07:34 AM

I prefer "the stranger."'re talking with other people? I don't get any of that at this school. smirk
Posted By: Girlie

Re: ~SEX~ - 11/20/04 11:12 AM

Ok, so we have 1 vote for Doggie style. And umm...3 votes for...other? anyone else? heh
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ~SEX~ - 11/20/04 02:51 PM

Posted By: jonconley

Re: ~SEX~ - 11/20/04 05:59 PM

depends on the girl or guy. used to have a favorite when I got sex (cowgirl), now that I don't get sex, I would take any position smile
Posted By: Girlie

Re: ~SEX~ - 11/24/04 01:16 PM

/me tallies votes.




So...if there aren't anymore votes that means Cowgirl wins and Le4rner loses-except his *insert random insult here* hasn't gotten in here to vote yet, and I already know how he's gonna vote, sooo I guess that means it's a tie. I need some more votes here people.

Spanky if you edit this post I will beat the dog [censored] outta you, AND you'll never "get any."

EDIT: Damn it Gizzy, am I a retard or can you not change font size/color on here?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ~SEX~ - 11/24/04 01:47 PM

Perg Jon and I said cowgirl, so that's 3 wink
Posted By: pergesu

Re: ~SEX~ - 11/24/04 09:19 PM

yeah, I said both

What does spanky say?
Posted By: Girlie

Re: ~SEX~ - 11/25/04 02:11 AM

I only counted the first one peeps said, cuz you can't vote mroe then once hehe. Spanky says Doggy. wink
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ~SEX~ - 11/25/04 10:05 AM

You shoulda counted every one people said; it's like "you can't have two favorite kids" wink
Posted By: pergesu

Re: ~SEX~ - 11/25/04 05:14 PM

I'm a virgin
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ~SEX~ - 11/26/04 09:23 AM

Somehow that wouldn't suprise me much...
Posted By: Ghost

Re: ~SEX~ - 11/26/04 02:49 PM

I am too. This suprises no one.
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