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UGN Security - Client Machines - May 2006

Posted By: Gremelin

UGN Security - Client Machines - May 2006 - 05/09/06 10:45 PM

I was contacted by a client in April of 2006 inquiring about a PC; she wanted to have something that could support all of her work applications, was fast, and could be later upgraded...

Everyone knows that I love to build new PC's from scratch, so I took down what specs she wanted and had pretty free range to do the rest...

Client needs:
Easy ability to backup.
19" flatpanel (mmm, toasty)
good scanner.
needs to be fast...

I had some nice freeway here... End specs:
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (1.8GHZ stock; easy to OC at a later time)
Motherboard: ASUS A8N5X (can use ultimatley any 64 bit processor, including dual core; additionally supports up to 4gb ram)
Memory: 1GB (1024mb) DDR400 Crucial Technologies Ballitix
Case: Some random thing i had laying around the office.
Media Drives: Sony 1.44mb Floppy, NEC 16x DVDRW (DL)
Video: Geforce 7300GS 256mb (also can set to utilize shared system memory of 256mb; Yes, this is my first time using a PCIx16 video card)
Hard Disk: Western Digital Caviar SE (WD2500JB) 250GB 7200RPM (ATA100) Hard Drive
Cooling: 2x MASSCOOL 80mm Sleeve Case Cooling Fan
PSU: Rosewill RP500 ATX 500W

I threw everything together in about 20 minutes, and initially powered her on (at this point i don't have the DVDRW in yet, it should be here tonight); this baby is QUIET... The power supply I chose allows 3 power settings, all three are ultimately quiet, but you can see the output differance by the prominance of the 120mm fan in the PSU...

Cooling is good, looks solid; I haven't done any testing (yet) as i'm waiting on some more hw to arrive, but I'll post back any findings when I locate them... I think this will be excellent for the client, matching all of the specified needs...

One large concern with any pc is "can I upgrade it"; in this case, I wanted to ensure it...

Ram: Included 1GB (2x512MB), Upgrdable to 4GB (4x1GB)
Processor: So far, it appears this mobo can support any 64 bit 939 processor; this includes dual core processors, which can make for some fun upgrading at a later date.
Video: Mobo can support any PCIx16 graphics card; starting with a 512mb card is perfect, especially with the "more affordable" pricing due to utilizing some shared system memory.
Devices: Mobo comes with 4 USB2.0 ports built in, also comes with a 2 port riser card. There are 2 other (unused) usb ports at this time. Also has support for 4 SATA devices (150) and the standard 2 channel IDE goodness that comes with just about any system.

The 250gb hard disk should be overkill for the time being, but hey, with the ability to just keep shoving them in, you're set...

The 500w powersupply is way overkill for this system, but it was the cheapest i could find with such high reviews; additionally it comes with several SATA power adapters on cord (mmmm, goodness); i think I'll get one of these for my DVR...

Any questions?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: UGN Security - Client Machines - May 2006 - 05/09/06 10:50 PM

Total Cost (my cost): $927.52 (With wireless KB/Mouse, 19" Viewsonic Monitor, Cannon Scanner)
Total Cost (to client): $1476.98

If you where to buy a similar system from say, HP, you'd be looking at 2k+ for the system; kinda sad huh?

(Not so) comparable manufacturer prices:
compaq: $1,454.96 (therebouts, some of the included features weren't even a possiblity with this manu)

Dell: $1,690+ (this is for the base unit, XPS600 model; I figured it was worthless to go any further as this is even more than our base unit we built).

HP: Doesn't allow configurations of the ammount of ram, the closest feature comparison that I can make is $1250; however several of the features of the built system are more powerful than the stock HP crap...

Keep in mind, the built system is scalable at a later time, no prepriatary bs...

Seems my charge was about on the money hehe...
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