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Taken on Sci-Fi

Posted By: §intå×

Taken on Sci-Fi - 12/11/02 01:23 AM

Anyone else watching this show? It rocks. Well I think anyway. I would like to know how they aged the people so well. Aside from that the story line is awsome. I just wish it was on a movie channel so I didn't have the commercials.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Taken on Sci-Fi - 12/11/02 01:37 AM

I have it on right now hehe... The first few episodes sucked frown ... Its gotten interesting though, its going to suck when it ends frown .

I missed an episode though, i mean you HAVE to see ALL of the episodes to understand it, and like its kinda harsh when you just miss a two hour section lol...

BTW, did you see that star all movin around in the sky as that cop pulls off to the side of the road? I was all "uh huh" then those 3 ships FINALLY get shown that theive been showing since the beginning in the intro heh..
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Taken on Sci-Fi - 12/11/02 02:56 AM

Tried to catch it, saw most of first 5 eps on saturday. It is going to be a release it itself with all 10 eps on the inet in SVCD, so i am just waiting for that, b/c too much of pain in the [censored] to try to set aside 5hrs on wknd or 2hrs each day for it.

Glad to know it will be worth it, hopefully bittorrent serves it.
Tobe Hooper directed episode one smile
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