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Posted By: Deviation187

Whats New? - 09/30/02 09:58 PM

Hey ppl whats been up, well i havent been able to get online much, well sometimes but im usually busy, so when i get online i just check my mail and thats it hardly every do anything else, so yeah im gonna try and come on UGN everytime i get on. but since i have to get off right now, just want to know whats been up here, anything new, anything ive missed? i got that email on changes that will take place to ugn or something. thats it for now. ill try to get on when i can

Posted By: unreal

Re: Whats New? - 09/30/02 10:03 PM

Moved to OT.

C'mon long have you been here? You should know the policies.
Posted By: Deviation187

Re: Whats New? - 10/02/02 10:05 PM

oops wrong sec. sorry, i was in a hurry, well really nothing new here? how intresting.
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: Whats New? - 10/02/02 11:18 PM

WE MISS YOU, lol. i dont think to much has happened, to get into to detail i gues su better read the most recent post, im to lazy to recap everything.
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