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the real issue of political agreement

Posted By: jessica6

the real issue of political agreement - 10/21/03 08:21 AM

The irony is that political sources suggest that technology is "progressing", but these fail to recognize that the entire world's financial and legal transactions per day are now fewer than the performance of even a modest large computer.... and the REAL issue is agreeing on an international model for a multinational metadata ontology that all nation states use similar digital certificate and such technologies to ingerate their citizenship in to a wider arrangemetn that we come to 6 billion users in a global computing /citizenship architecture.

As it stands, the USA is the primary blocker, as sharing computing rights is the same as sharing property rights and american apartheid cannot have this with the poor world... better they are and stay disenfranchised like the 1/3 of americans born in to porverty within american borders.

Its not about technology.. no not at all. Its about the bush family evil empire and global repression. We technologists are but lackeys.

With but a single computer, i could give every citizen on earth a bank account, property rights, state social security and voting rights... but that is wayyyyyyy beyond innovation as the neocons see it... best we keep the world at bay until they become christian.

God love the sweetie technologists, but they are no longer a dependent variable. It is the evil hearts of men, as always.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: the real issue of political agreement - 10/21/03 11:53 AM

Um...this is definitely not news, though I'm not quite sure where it goes. So that means it's on its way to Off Topic. If Gizmo disagrees and says it should be news and go on the main page, we'll move it back. In the future, keep posts in this forum to news articles, not personal editorials.
Posted By: paradox

Re: the real issue of political agreement - 10/21/03 12:40 PM

Your views are out there.. and i don't agree with them, technology will advance as it needs 2 although i agree technology is alot more advance then the government claims it to be.. Thats how the economy make money and how usa stay afloat by releasing new pentium chips etc when they could release even faster ones already... its called business get over it:p
Posted By: jonconley

Re: the real issue of political agreement - 10/21/03 01:51 PM

perhaps you can to use fact or touch on a few brief examples. not sure what exactly you mean... evil empire and all smirk
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: the real issue of political agreement - 10/21/03 08:34 PM

debate might be a good forum for you jessica.
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