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***ish homo hackers.

Posted By: psychogen

***ish homo hackers. - 04/03/02 02:18 AM

yes thats the current topic in #undergroundnews

cum fast before all 100 places are sold out!
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ***ish homo hackers. - 04/03/02 05:18 AM

[20:22] *** Now talking in #undergroundnews
[20:22] *** Topic is 'Neo claims hes not gay, funny that he told us all something else...

Posted By: unreal

Re: ***ish homo hackers. - 04/03/02 07:02 AM

who's a ***? smirk
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: ***ish homo hackers. - 04/03/02 07:45 AM

I should really hang out in the IRC chan... Though it's not a habbit to log onto IRC... At this game place i'm out they were like all the info and party is in the chan... Ne way I'm just talking to my self... I'm sick... Need sleep. I'll make an appearance one day in the chan. LOL that's funny, whos *** but I said *** not a word... It looks like we just say *. Oh **** I can't ****... Ok good idea stay in part of the forums.. bye
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