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Could you be any newbier? IRC LOG

Posted By: ninjaneo

Could you be any newbier? IRC LOG - 03/17/02 01:38 AM

[18:45] *** Guest113 has joined #undergroundnews
[18:45] <SephiroX> i just msg over and over
[18:46] <SephiroX> and it will screw up
[18:46] <Guest113> Is this a really underground webste about hacking?
[18:47] <Guest113> like no one knows the ip because they have to change it all the time?
[18:47] <SephiroX> what?
[18:47] <SephiroX> what ip
[18:48] <Guest113> I dont know whatever the DNS points to
[18:48] <SephiroX> what?
[18:48] <Guest113> are there even eny good hackers on this website are you all just newbs... ?
[18:49] <SephiroX> are you stupid or lame?
[18:49] <SephiroX> lol
[18:49] <SephiroX> j/k
[18:50] <SephiroX> [18:49] <Guest113> are you a l33t hacker?
[18:50] <SephiroX> lol
[18:50] <Guest113> ( Why does everyone call me lame
[18:50] <SephiroX> where do they call you lame?
[18:51] <Guest113> on dal net
[18:51] <SephiroX> besides here
[18:51] <SephiroX> ohh lol
[18:51] <SephiroX> i wonder why
[18:51] <SephiroX> you dont just go around asking if this is about hacking
[18:51] <Guest113> me 2
[18:51] <Guest113> why not?
[18:52] <Guest113> why [email protected] Ohh and wat does DOS me3n?
[18:52] <SephiroX> WHAT?!?!!
[18:53] <SephiroX> how old are you?
[18:53] <SephiroX> i thought i was young
[18:53] <Guest113> 11
[18:53] <Happy> I'll bbl
[18:53] *** Happy has quit IRC (Quit: Client Exiting)
[18:54] <Deffy> Hmm I might need to fix my computer from the command line
[18:54] *** quicksilver has joined #undergroundnews
[18:54] <Guest113> no not that dos DOS
[18:54] <quicksilver> hey all
[18:54] <Deffy> Hey Quick
[18:54] <Deffy> Monday I get my laptop
[18:55] <Guest113> Hey quicksilver are you a really good hacker?
[18:55] <quicksilver> im not really a hacker
[18:55] <Guest113> I need to hack my brothers hotmail account
[18:55] <SephiroX> lol
[18:55] <Deffy> so I need my serial cable and a 40oz Bottle of patience
[18:55] <quicksilver> more of a programmer/phreak/irc junkie
[18:55] <SephiroX> this must be some joke
[18:55] <SephiroX> [18:55] <Guest113> I need to hack my brothers hotmail account
[18:55] <quicksilver> guest113 go away
[18:56] <SephiroX> heh
[18:56] <SephiroX> lets ask him stuff
[18:56] <quicksilver> no one here will hack hotmail for you or show you how
[18:56] <Guest113> He hacked into My account and stole all of my Neo points and changed the email address to his so i Cant use the I forgot my password button so I need oaccess his hotmail acccount to get my password
[18:56] <SephiroX> guest113, what do you know about computer?
[18:56] <Guest113> they are cool and you gys can help me with the,
[18:57] <Guest113> RAM = Random Access Memoru, Rom = Read only memory, Modem = Modulator demodulator
[18:58] <Guest113> cpu = centeral proccessing unit
[18:58] <quicksilver> weak
[18:58] <quicksilver> still weak
[18:58] <quicksilver> how bout tcp/ip
[18:58] <quicksilver> and what does it do
[18:59] <Guest113> It is the basic protocol for internet stuff, no clue what it stands for except /ip = Internet Protocol
[18:59] *** BackSlash has joined #undergroundnews
[19:00] <Guest113> so will you guys helpo me?
[19:00] <neo> hey newb
[19:00] <Guest113> Neo are you a newvb or did they name that matrix character after you
[19:00] <neo> omfg...
[19:01] <quicksilver> guest stfu
[19:01] <neo> I had Neo before the matrix
[19:01] <neo> And they did not name it after me
[19:01] <quicksilver> at least he has a ****ing nick
[19:01] <BackSlash> dick you mean?
[19:01] <neo> both newbie :-)
[19:01] <quicksilver> and no nobody here will help you
[19:02] <neo> change ur nick to newb backslash ur host is revealing you
[19:02] <neo> lol
[19:02] <Guest113> Why wont anyone help me!
[19:02] <BackSlash> because your whining like a baby
[19:02] <BackSlash> and because i wouldn't know how, right neo
[19:02] <quicksilver> and you have a lame *** excuse for wanting to get into your 'friends' email
[19:02] *** Guest113 has quit IRC (Quit: **** all of you ****ing prics!)
[19:03] <quicksilver> well taht was mature
[19:03] <BackSlash> very
[19:03] <neo> umm yah
[19:03] *** Guest116 has joined #undergroundnews
[19:03] <BackSlash> y are there so few people on ugn, i thought it had been around a while
[19:04] <Guest116> Hey guys!
[19:04] <BackSlash> i would have expected more members
[19:04] <quicksilver> I didnt
[19:04] <quicksilver> there were hundreds of dead accounts
[19:04] <Guest116> Do any of you knoew how to hack hotmail?
[19:04] <BackSlash> is that the same person that was just in here?
[19:04] <quicksilver> most likely
[19:04] <neo> yep
[19:05] <quicksilver> either way the answer is the same
[19:05] <quicksilver> yes I bet a few in here do
[19:05] <BackSlash> he thinks the change from 113 to 116 will confuse us
[19:05] <quicksilver> but no none of them will help you
[19:05] <neo> 210.19.3.XXX - Guest113
[19:05] <quicksilver> your welcome to stay if you give up your futile attempts to get help hacking hotmail
[19:05] <neo> 210.19.3.XXX - Guest 116
[19:06] <quicksilver> not to mention your childish whining
[19:06] <BackSlash> humm
[19:06] <quicksilver> and name calling
[19:06] <BackSlash> that could be a good point neo
[19:06] *** Guest116 has left #undergroundnews
[19:06] <BackSlash> few secs later, geust 119 returns
[19:06] *** NeoPet has joined #undergroundnews
[19:07] <NeoPet> Hey Cool! Neo and I almost have the saeme alias!
[19:07] <neo> omfg
[19:07] <neo> lmao!
[19:07] <BackSlash> its amazing
[19:07] <neo> that is really cool :cough:
[19:07] <quicksilver> prehaps he is a little slow
[19:07] <BackSlash> perhaps
[19:08] <NeoPet> Wh os?
[19:08] <quicksilver> use lame::Neopet
[19:08] <quicksilver> ;
[19:08] <NeoPet> this program is cool!
[19:08] <quicksilver> Well at leaste he didnt ask about hotmail again
[19:08] <quicksilver> which is a plus
[19:08] <NeoPet> do you guys/.... n/m
[19:09] *** Snake has joined #undergroundnews
[19:09] *** Snake sets mode: +v Snake
[19:09] *** NeoPet has quit IRC (Quit: gonna go ask some othwer l33t! hackers you ****ing newbies!)
[19:09] <quicksilver> I can see that the high level of posting has returned to UGN
[19:10] <quicksilver> Topic: AIM punters
[19:10] <neo> lol
[19:10] <neo> I wanted one of those so bad awhile ago
[19:10] <neo> lol
[19:10] <neo> for people like gues113
[19:10] <neo> lol
[19:10] <BackSlash> does it just knock them off when they try and come in?
[19:11] *** AntiAol has joined #undergroundnews
[19:11] <neo> omfg
[19:11] <quicksilver> lol
[19:11] <quicksilver> hey you do know that even though you change your name
[19:11] <quicksilver> your ip doesnt change
[19:11] <quicksilver> and we know you are the same person
[19:11] <BackSlash> and that means we know who you are
[19:11] <quicksilver> anyway
[19:11] <AntiAol> You mean I have an Ip? I thought you had to buy one?... How do you know my IP
[19:12] <quicksilver> wow
[19:12] <quicksilver> that is just sad
[19:12] <quicksilver> yes you have an ip
[19:12] <AntiAol> what that is really cool! Whar is my internet address
[19:13] <quicksilver> run--->command----->type: ipconfig -a
[19:13] <AntiAol>
[19:13] <AntiAol> is that how it works it uses your name?
[19:14] <AntiAol> I am a programmer :-)
[19:14] <neo> ...
[19:14] <neo> your 11.. What do you program
[19:15] <AntiAol> do you know what this is... <h1>Weclome to my site</h1>
[19:15] <BackSlash> its a heading size
[19:15] <BackSlash> it will make the text in there that size
[19:16] <Deffy> Ok, there should be an intelligence test before you come into IRC
[19:16] <AntiAol> Wow! your a programmer to! cool
[19:16] <neo> heh
[19:16] <quicksilver> html isnt programming
[19:16] <BackSlash> thats not really programing
[19:16] <BackSlash> ya, quicksilvers got the idea
[19:17] <Deffy> Html can be done by copy and paste
[19:17] <AntiAol> sure it is! Hyper text markup language
[19:17] <Deffy> a 3 year old could do it
[19:17] <Deffy> Well I'm a phreaker and I can do it
[19:17] <AntiAol> :-(
[19:18] <quicksilver> it is a markup language
[19:18] <quicksilver> all it is are formating tags
[19:18] <neo> we need sr's bot with that !ban user and then it asks if everyone agrees
[19:18] <quicksilver> if you get into java or something along those lines then you are programming
[19:18] <quicksilver> bah
[19:18] <BackSlash> i'd agree
[19:18] <quicksilver> he just needs a push in the right direction
[19:18] <quicksilver> don't give up on people so easy
[19:18] <BackSlash>
[19:19] <BackSlash> my recomendation
[19:19] <quicksilver> I see a small glimmer of hope in him
[19:19] <quicksilver>
[19:19] <BackSlash> at least he wants to learn
[19:19] <BackSlash> thats what counts, right
[19:19] <quicksilver> crap are you on jIRC anitaol
[19:20] <quicksilver> if you arnt then look at the pm I sent you
[19:20] <AntiAol> no but why does it say Quicksilver: version
[19:20] <quicksilver> I didnt return anything
[19:21] <AntiAol> PM?
[19:21] <BackSlash> private message
[19:21] <quicksilver> private messgae
[19:21] <AntiAol> wtf! now it says BlakSlash: ClientInfo
[19:21] <quicksilver> **** for some reason x caht isnt scrolling when people takl
[19:22] <cyc> off to bed ya'll
[19:22] <cyc> nite
[19:22] *** cyc is now known as cyc[bed[
[19:22] *** cyc[bed[ is now known as cyc[bed]
[19:22] <AntiAol> Im using Polaris IRc
[19:22] <AntiAol> WTF THE POPUP SAID BOO!
[19:23] <quicksilver> hmmm
[19:23] <quicksilver> that is my pm
[19:23] <AntiAol> ohh
[19:23] *** Snake has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[19:23] <quicksilver> you should be able to pm me back
[19:24] <AntiAol> can i type in the popup?
[19:24] <BackSlash> yes
[19:24] <AntiAol> no
[19:25] <BackSlash> you should be able to
[19:25] <AntiAol> no i closed the popup
[19:26] <AntiAol> ohh cool QuickSilver got my test
[19:26] * neo looks in disgust
[19:26] <neo> lol
[19:26] <quicksilver> hold on are you using mirc with the polaris script
[19:26] <neo> yes
[19:27] <neo> thats what it said at top
[19:27] <BackSlash> i'm out
[19:27] <SephiroX> dude
[19:27] <quicksilver> he said polaris irc
[19:27] <BackSlash> talk to you all later
[19:27] <SephiroX> this newb kid is the stupidest
[19:27] *** AntiAol has quit IRC (Quit: I have to go my mother wants to look at computer)
[19:27] <quicksilver> I though he meant a different client
[19:27] <neo> lmao
[19:27] <neo> finally he is gone!
[19:27] <SephiroX> the new thinks changing his name will confuse us
[19:27] <quicksilver> ohw ell
[19:28] <SephiroX> stupid 11 year old
[19:28] <SephiroX> lol
[19:28] <neo> HAHAHAHT HAT WAS ****IN FUNNY
[19:28] <BackSlash> it had me lost for a while
[19:28] <neo> i hope this was logged
[19:28] <SephiroX> yeah i loged it
[19:28] <BackSlash> what will happened if it was logged?
[19:28] <neo> send me ur log
[19:28] <neo> heh
[19:28] <neo> nothing
[19:28] <BackSlash> whats the point then
[19:28] <neo> we just have it to look at
[19:28] <neo> :-)
[19:28] <BackSlash> and laugh
[19:28] <BackSlash> cheap entertainment is good

Thanx to Seph for logging it smile
Posted By: SephiroX

Re: Could you be any newbier? IRC LOG - 03/17/02 01:41 AM

I must say. that was the sadest thing ive ever seen in my whole 14 years of life.
Posted By: ninjaneo

Re: Could you be any newbier? IRC LOG - 03/17/02 01:43 AM

lmfao smile That was the sadest thing in my 13 3/4 yrs of life :X Thanx for logging it seph
Posted By: Curse

Re: Could you be any newbier? IRC LOG - 03/17/02 01:59 AM

That how I was, ****, it's been along time since then, I mean, atleast a month...
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: Could you be any newbier? IRC LOG - 03/18/02 08:22 PM

humm, even better to read the second time around. i'd agree to the intelligence test.

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Could you be any newbier? IRC LOG - 03/18/02 09:22 PM
Posted By: dashocker

Re: Could you be any newbier? IRC LOG - 03/18/02 10:55 PM

yes that was hilarious. have to say i was never quite that lame. thats hilarious that he doesent know he has his own ip. seriously, that was probably an FBI agent or something cool

Posted By: Deviation187

Re: Could you be any newbier? IRC LOG - 06/22/02 06:39 PM

Oh are you serious? I dont even know where to begginn tlakinga bout this guy! sigh.. oh see i always miss the god IRC chats, though i havent been in for a while, *sigh* very funny though
Posted By: Deviation187

Re: Could you be any newbier? IRC LOG - 06/22/02 06:46 PM

Oh this is an old post but barely got around to seeing it, haha i just realized there was more after guest16 or w/e, that is is just amazing how (to be nice ill say "odd") people can be.
Posted By: Happy_Hardcor3

Re: Could you be any newbier? IRC LOG - 06/24/02 03:05 AM

This dumb dick kid is worse than I was.....thats really friggin hard cause I was just about as lame as they come back in the day...wait no this is way worse....never seen anyone this damn stupid in all my 17 years of living....
<img border="0" alt="[Machine]" title="" src="graemlins/machine.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[Bust a Cap]" title="" src="graemlins/cap.gif" />
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Could you be any newbier? IRC LOG - 06/24/02 10:54 AM

ya know, its pretty pitiful when NEO rags on people lol...
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