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God ;Does he exist...

Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

God ;Does he exist... - 01/16/03 11:26 PM

ok, now think theory...
if little cells make more advanced organisms and microchips combine to make advanced computers then maybe a supreme being is out future not our origin?maybe he will apear when enough ppl are conected by the internet???
Posted By: ohfuk

Re: God ;Does he exist... - 01/17/03 12:03 AM

did you mean "our future"? are you sugesting that we are currently unconsciously making a computer god? if this is what your saying, lmao. i really hope he's an evil computer god with vengeful tendencies...

and no.
Posted By: fleshwound

Re: God ;Does he exist... - 01/17/03 03:37 AM

i am your god
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: God ;Does he exist... - 01/17/03 06:26 PM

Mmmm, fleshy is my goddess wink ...
Posted By: AlienTerror

Re: God ;Does he exist... - 01/20/03 08:54 PM

God owns our asses.....

I don't like it frown
Posted By: Deviation187

Re: God ;Does he exist... - 01/20/03 09:39 PM

yeep.. leave it to benlty to misspell words :p

well i say he exists. if we will every appear, now thats another story, thats kinda weird to explain.
Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

Re: God ;Does he exist... - 01/20/03 10:55 PM

what did i misspell?
Posted By: Ebmm

Re: God ;Does he exist... - 03/03/03 01:22 AM

The God thing. I have been plagued by that one for years. Christianty mainly. I know there is a lot of sense to it but there are also (fewer but more fundamental) parts of no-sense that discredit the theroies that do make sense. I could go on for hours w/ what I ponder regarding Christianity.
Posted By: Nagachaak

Re: God ;Does he exist... - 03/03/03 02:18 PM

bad religion....

god does not exist cep't in peoples minds...i am my own god. belive in your self and accompish all.
Posted By: Ebmm

Re: God ;Does he exist... - 03/04/03 12:05 AM

A few of the questions that continue to haunt my mind are as follows.
a) Me for example. How could Jesus allow circumstances that aided in me turning away from him when he clearly stated that he would never leave me? I know..........he didn't, I did, I have freewill......whatever! Is it not God that gave me the critical, intelligent mind that I possess? Would he not know what Ron would need? Does he not know my mind? He gave me this damn brain that never shuts off and ponders all sorts of the "big picture". How many people that you know understand the theory of special relativity, fractals or quantum mechanics? I understand it but I've also left the door open for the fact that science is all based on the human's perspective and there may (or may not) be much more that is beyond our understanding, comprehension or the "dimension" that we exist within. Yes, you could put God above our understanding but science has a lot more going for it and has killed less people:) Do I deserve eternal hellfire and gnashing of teeth for being a critical thinker?.............Not! I don't need empirical evidence for the existence of Jesus and/or God, all I need to have is a personal knowledge that he is there. Pretty simple to me and I never cared how that was. If I knew the bible were true, I could live with/without anything!
b) Take some schmuk that lives on the other side of the world that was raised in a religion that does not support the gospel of Christ (X). He/she is a direct product of there environment. Their parents raised them in X, their culture revolves around X and, obviously, they are not going to question or turn from their convicted faith to listen to some moron babble on about Jesus. Needless to say, they then reject Christ and are now doomed to eternal damnation? When the JW comes to your door what do you do? Just what they would do I'll bet. Whomever they may be, they don't deserve the biblical punishment for being a product of another culture. What kind and loving God would allow the above scenario? What kind of Just God would punish anyone for eternity for a mere 70 years worth of "crime"? How many good people are going to eternal torture for having a sense critical reasoning?..........................please! Did not God himself say "come and reason with me"?
c) The all knowing, omnipotent God with foreknowledge creating this mess to begin with. Begin with Adam and Eve. They have no knowledge of good and evil (yet) and are told by God that if they eat of this tree, they will surely die. Along comes a talking snake (apparently one with vocal chords) and tells her that it's ok to dip into the cookie jar, Dad won't kill you when he gets home, Mom says it will be fine (sounds kinda tricky to me). Adam nor Eve could have had any idea that they were sinning because they had yet to have the knowledge of what good and evil is. That makes little sense and to top that off, we are all punished for their mishap? Would you define justice as being punished for your parents, grandparents wrong doings? No, you would not. That is because you turn off the fantasy switch in your brain when you put your bible down.
Then we have the flood. Apparently the omnipotent God with foreknowledge is disappointed in his project so he decides to flood the earth to discard it of his "failure". Makes little sense. Now he instructs the only good of the crop to build a boat and put two of everything on this boat and float for over half a year. This boat isn't large enough to accommodate all of these creatures and everything that would have been needed to maintain them all..... and it had only one window? Glad I wasn't on that boat! Now, how did the large, bulky animals (elephants, etc) get down from this huge mountain? Ski?
Four thousand or so years go by and the God with foreknowledge has to send his son to correct/save the planet again? Why bother with a flood, cross. Just snap your fingers and make the bad seeds go away.
How does a God with foreknowledge get angry and/or weep about the outcome of his children? Oxymoron.
d) The saved are already chosen by God and he already knows who will accept him and who will reject him. Were does the freewill come into being relevant then?
e) Prayer. What's the point? If it's answered, it's God's will. If it's not, it's God's will. Circular reasoning.
f) You must believe the bible in order to understand the bible. I thought God wanted to reach everyone? Oh,......... see line d.
I understand the bible because I believe the bible which is God's word so therefore it must be true. Circular reasoning.
h) "Though shalt not kill" God did more barbaric, senseless killing than any other demented individual of our time! The God of the old testament (which is why the NT or only "nice scriptures" of the old are spoken of) is a sadistic, evil prankster that will order the slaying of children, stoning of non virgins, butchering of innocent people, etc., etc. God himself had said about a particular group that it would be better if they had not been born. Then why did ya bother? I'm sure that circular reasoning can have some sort of good explanation.
i) Faith. The excuse.
This is a short list of many. In my mind, the God given common sense above discredits any credibility the bible may have.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: God ;Does he exist... - 03/04/03 01:34 AM

Lets all ph33r the invisible man in the sky that can see everything that we do but does absolutely nothing to stop bad things from happening!
Posted By: Ebmm

Re: God ;Does he exist... - 03/04/03 01:35 AM

The past post is a copy of my response to a stranger inquiring on my thoughts.
Posted By: Ebmm

Re: God ;Does he exist... - 03/04/03 01:37 AM

Gizmo.............Goerge Carlin????
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: God ;Does he exist... - 03/04/03 01:48 AM

No, George Carlin is a whore... I'm bettah! I'm a supa stah!
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