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Posted By: EndGame

Dumped... - 07/26/05 04:19 PM

please forgive the following post, its 7:20pm, im at university and everyones left the computer lab but me.

after 1year+1month EXACTLY, my sweet, caring girlfriend, has decided she has had enough of 'us'.
so, even tho every piece of me is breaking, i agreed to the 'mutual' decision in where both of us decided to 'just be friends'.

too depressed to tell any of my friends and im still numb to actually go anywhere.

i know this isnt exactly off-topic material, but u guys are the only people i can tell without getting a great big lump in my throat.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Dumped... - 07/26/05 06:33 PM

I hope you kept the PSP... At least send it to me if you don't want it anymore wink ...

Question, was it about the "Sperm is good for you" thread? lol
Posted By: EndGame

Re: Dumped... - 07/26/05 07:06 PM

ha-bloody-ha-ha wink

sintax will pay for this.
i threw the psp on the floor in frustration, it was still working.
she said to me keep it. i said no out of pride.

na, wasnt over the swallowing article. woman have issues i cant understand and when they get together (especially if theyr friends) its almost as if they become possessed by the anti-christ.
it sucks tho, cos she was so nice when her friend didnt come into the picture.
if i didnt have such high morals about 'not hitting woman'... id slug her mate.
tho the bloody behemouth would probably just eat my hand.
[censored], this breaking up thing hurts when u actually love the chick.
/me heads off to see if countB wudnt mind going a few rounds with the behemouth.

...not only have i lost the girl of my dreams.

but a great piece of technology as well.
frown frown frown frown (why do we only have ONE bloody emoticon to depict sadness!)
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Dumped... - 07/26/05 09:48 PM

OMFG, you trashed your PSP?!?!?! you [censored] idiot! You could have at least donated it to UGN Security for fun and play!

Tell the "friend" to gain weight and turn into a dyke; all hands go on that one...
Posted By: Artic Warrior

Re: Dumped... - 07/26/05 09:57 PM

What a total [censored] (the friend not your gf).
Mate, keep your head high... go out with the blokes get drunk and then go fishing.
And dont blame yourself, (blame the friend) we were never ment to understand what women want.
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Dumped... - 07/27/05 12:51 AM

yeah us females have this thing where if we feel our friends boyfriend isnt good enough for her we try and convince her to break up him. i'm guilty of this crime but i wait until the guy has done something real stupid first. so on behalf of all women's friends i'm sorry frown in general we do suck frown
Posted By: AMD/GeForce

Re: Dumped... - 07/27/05 07:26 AM

Thats the first time ive ever heard a chick admit that. (first step to recovery is admiting you have a problem.)
Posted By: AMD/GeForce

Re: Dumped... - 07/27/05 07:29 AM

The pain does go away eventually though. Although smashing things does make you feel better, you might regret it later.(My lost stereo.)
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Dumped... - 07/27/05 10:33 AM

EndGame... Collage... Girls coming into womanhood. Pull up a chair my man. Learner here will tell you a story about heart break, betrayal, lust and drugs.

When I was a young lad I had a girl. We will call her Sharon, because, well that was her name actually. Sharon was a good girl. She went to church twice a week. Took her virginity myself at the ripe age of 18. Yes I know for sure. She was clean cut and I felt I could trust her. She did not run in my circle of friends. This was good because I used to push drugs for a living.

She was not a whore, she was a light in my dark world. She went off to collage. Things were fine, I drove up 1 hrs to visit often. I was getting it regularly. One night I went up and she and I were to go to a costume party for halloween. I noticed a push up bra and her looking in the mirror before we went.

Red Flag one

At the party she was okay I guess, but laughed a bad joke by this one dude. Nothing bad happened she got so wasted she puked all over herself and I took her home.

Fast forward a month. I am chilling at the crack house I used to live at. Yea, It was really a crack house... Anyway, I am drunk as usual and I get a call. It is Sharon. But whats this, a dude in the background. He said hang up the phone? WTF? I hang up the phone, pound a beer and drive up there. No dude, just here. He was just a friend and left when she was tired.

Red Flag 2

Christmas comes and she confesses she suked dude off before I got there. I felt low man. I mean real low. I forgave her and took a look at myself. Sure she will stray I said. She is in collage going somewhere and I am in a crack house dealing drugs. So I got out. I quit dealing, moved out and started a new life basically.

Well Fast Forward a few months, she sucked another dude off. Wait 2 more dudes. Yep, read her diary on suspision. She was acting wierd when I came up, not wanting to leave the room, or introduce me to friends. It seems my sweet heart had turned into quite the whore. So here I was, stuck in her dorm room, heart broken no car(No drug money, I bumed a ride). She was at class when I read it. I ad 1 hrs to decide what to do.

I decided to play like I knew nothing. I [censored] her like allways but could not get off. Kept seeing her with other men and [censored]. In my bag I had her diary pages. Next day I left. The coming weekend she was coming home to visit her family, get food and [censored].

I set up dates with 2 of her friends. I [censored] them both then had her come over in the evening. We talked and played around, and for a while I actually forgot the hell I felt. Then the time came. We started fooling around. I had her suck me off right as I blem my load I asked her how her friends tasted. I did not was you see. Then I read her own diary pages back to her and told her to get the [censored] out.

See you have to know how to deal with the pain. If I had it to do over again... [censored] yea I would do that again. That is the funniest thing I have ever done in my life. Girls in collage however are coming into thier own. They are dealing with all that thier mom and dad protected them from now seems okay at times. They are free for the first time, and being tied to a man, means less freedom. You see, most women want that comfort a relationship gives but are torn to finally be free and able to do what they want.

Chances are man, she either has another man, or has one in mind. I know it hurts. Man even after the revenge I was dead to the world. I really love this girl. I can still hear her voice in my head. I can still picture every line on her face and her smile. But alas it was not meant to be. And I made damn sure it would never be. When a woman wants to leave, the best thing to do is let them go.

You will not talk them into staying. Even if you do, you will not get the mutual love back. It will not be the relationship you loved so much. Instead it will be an evil clone that acts like a cancer between the 2 of you. Lets be friends hu. Yea, good luck with that. It can happen, but when one is crushed like you sound, I do not think you will be happy for her when she shows up with Biff the football player.

If her friends talked her out of it... They probably have a man slated to fill your spot. Just hang inthere man and if it gets too bad, start talking to her friends about how life is a bit better now. Less to worry about and [censored] ike that. Never let her or her friends see you down. You might just bag one and get a notch on the bed.

Fellas!!! Listen up. You date a girl you date her friends. No one has enemys like a chick and her friends. Play dumb and make friends with all her friends. This could have so been avoided if endgame would have started from the start game. You want to be right in the middle of her friends. You want to be the one with the funny stories, then one with the crazy ideas to try. Be a freak. One of her friends will hear and raise an eyebrow. Only if you start from the beguinning can you pull my revenge. I think I will call it the "Learner special".
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Dumped... - 07/27/05 11:17 AM

That's is the best way to go with winning a girl and keeping her is by winning over her friends. as long as her friends like ya you'll have your girl unless she changes her mind on her own or you change your mind. plus some girls like to share their guys. one of my ex's is also ex's with 3 of my female friends...
Posted By: Girlie

Re: Dumped... - 07/28/05 07:34 PM

Originally posted by EndGame:

/me heads off to see if countB wudnt mind going a few rounds with the behemouth.

Sure Endgame, I'd be more than happy to kick the [censored] out of someone right now. Does a body good. Let me at her. heh

ps. it's ok I still luv you *blows kisses*
Posted By: dashocker

Re: Dumped... - 07/29/05 11:55 AM

Learner, I had no idea you were once such a badass...What happened? Muahaha, jk man. Sort of...
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Dumped... - 07/29/05 01:33 PM

Badass? lol

Not really. I have street smarts yes. But if it came to blows I am average. What happened? I was looking around the room on a good night. Lots of drugs, plenty of chicks. Pile of weed. Ballon of coke. It was a good night.

I thought, man This is awsome, but what about ten years from now.Do I want to be looking at these same people. Sure they might have different name, but they are more or less the same people. I answered myself no.

So I had droped out Of school. Got my GED, met with an army dude. Tested top scores and got to pick any job I wanted. I picked 31U Signal support system specialist. I set up communications, repaired radios/computers. Got pretty good at it actually. I had a 3 second life span on a battle field.

I extended this by putting all the antenas by the cooks tent. When the enemy came in they would hit the tent with all the radios see. It just makes good sense. Kill all the high brass and thier commo support. We would get a warning when the cooks died. lol

Then 2000 I got out. The market for IT guys was booming. I mean 80K, 50K for no collage education. I was married, had a kid. Blah blah blah. Life tends to slow down a bit as you get older. Now do not get me wrong, I still have my drama. Lord knows, Count Bishula can tell you all about it.
Posted By: Girlie

Re: Dumped... - 07/29/05 06:39 PM

Originally posted by int:
Now do not get me wrong, I still have my drama. Lord knows, Count Bishula can tell you all about it.
Do ya really want me going around spouting off all of your life's detail to everyone? heh

PS...answer your [censored] pm grrr
Posted By: EndGame

Re: Dumped... - 08/01/05 02:53 PM

sintax, cheers for the words of advice.
deep mate, really deep.

icemyst, thank u for acknowleding womans friends are bitches and the woman that listen to them are even bigger bitches.

countB, il PM u her details.
id prefer u make it look like an accident. (only drive over her twice)


and to the rest of the community who have been a beacon of light in this slump of mine (anyone noticed i even stopped posting?!?! the [censored] affected my post count!), i thank you.

well, i slept with her sister yesterday (shes married).
still deciding whether i should drop that bombshell on the rest of the family.
meh, all the funs just been sucked out of that now.

well, its back to the one true love in my life:
The Bulletin Board
Posted By: Digital Geek

Re: Dumped... - 08/01/05 08:00 PM

Without some photos or some amateur video footage as proof, no one will belive you. So repeat, record, repost ! wink

P.S. : don't drop the bomb, keep sleeping with her laugh
Posted By: Artic Warrior

Re: Dumped... - 08/01/05 10:02 PM

yeah, keep sleeping with her and then some opurtunity will come up that will be even more of a bombshell. thats when you drop it!!
Posted By: Girlie

Re: Dumped... - 08/01/05 10:34 PM

I disagree...set it up so that she somehow walks in on you sleeping with her sister...that would be great.

PS..was she good? :p
Posted By: xacex

Re: Dumped... - 08/01/05 11:48 PM

she dumped you. thus is life. don't be petty!
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Dumped... - 08/01/05 11:59 PM

I say that you do her sister again, only take pictures...
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Dumped... - 08/02/05 02:01 AM

Black mail sister into taking photos since you slept with her and she is married. Something like

Pose for these or I tell everyone about your (mole, frekles,tatoo, how she shaves) and how I know about it. Then post in the VIP room. Let me know if you need online storage for the pics. lol

Oh and keep sleeping with her. Make the black mail a joke at first. Married women are freaks to thier lovers. They will do anything almost with the man not thier husband. She might just take the pics without the uglyness. And if you want to drop the bomb...

Christmass dinner would be a good place. YOu have months to set it up so everyone will be together. While passing the potatos you let it out and leave the whole family to fight.

Husband, sisters, mom and dad.

Something like,

You know I have something I have to say. I slept with both Insert names here. I have decided this is too much for me. I just have to go. I am sorry.
Posted By: Girlie

Re: Dumped... - 08/02/05 10:08 AM

Endgame, I think you are nicer than to spoil christmas for everyone. He is just evil. Besides, do you think you'd be invited to christmas dinner with her family if you two are no longer together??
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Dumped... - 08/02/05 05:54 PM

i say do her every chance you get. why not get laid by someone who will put out? when you're done with her send her husband a note telling him that his wife is a whore just like her sister then tell your ex you [censored] her sister. i know it would piss me off real good if giz [censored] my sister...
Posted By: Artic Warrior

Re: Dumped... - 08/02/05 08:26 PM

hmm... telling the husband his wife is a whore is a little harsh especially since its not his fault (unless it is), but judging by the majority, we are screaming revenge and supporting the sister screwing and the online web cam. Oh wait no that was just me
Posted By: Girlie

Re: Dumped... - 08/03/05 06:11 PM

if she is married and slept with someone else that makes her a tramp, the fact that she is married and slept with the man who was her sister's boyfriend a few days prior is what makes her a filthy whore, and I would have NO problems telling her husband that. wink
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Dumped... - 08/04/05 12:01 AM

Hey if you want EndGame, I'll call her husband and tell him for ya... I love delivering news like that to people devil
Posted By: xacex

Re: Dumped... - 08/04/05 06:42 AM

this is the most retarded thread ever.

Yeah, do her sister. It'll REALLY show this girl that you really cared for her.
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Dumped... - 08/04/05 08:52 AM

Hey she showed how well she cared for him... Why not return the favor?
Posted By: Girlie

Re: Dumped... - 08/04/05 09:04 AM

I can think of threads that are much more retarded than this one....

...and personally, I think revenge is sweet. [censored] me over, I'm gonna [censored] you over...roll you over...and [censored] you again. That's my motto. Shoot for her best friend next time Endgame. That'd be the cat's [censored]. Try to woo the one who didn't like you and [censored] the [censored] out of her...then don't call her again. wink
Posted By: EndGame

Re: Dumped... - 08/04/05 09:42 AM

i cant tell u how much this overwhelming support has helped me through this trying time.

icey and countB have renewed my faith in woman, once more.
sintax just scared the hell out of me with his life experiences and words of wisdom, but i did take a lot of his advice to heart (il explain later).

i think im nearly done with this chapter in my life and after what i do next, i think id have found some closure.

xacex, shuttup! chronic masturbaters dnt know the pain iv gone through cos ur hand will never leave u! (unless it falls off from excessive use or u have a stroke)!!

well, heres the big news:
i got the pics of her sister.
but more importantly, iv got the pics with her sister and myself TOGETHER!
u were right sin, married woman love to experiment with their lovers :p
i didnt even have to get cruel, just brought up the topic and she pulled out her cybershot :p
i also have a 2 minutes video :p
remember u said ud be willing to host these images sintax?
well, PM me, il email it to u and if u could just host it for a period of a week id be really appreciative.
im currently trying to get into contact with all of the ex's friends to let them know iv seen the error of my ways, she was right to dump me and iv posted an apology section online for them to read/view...
so as soon as i get the number for the behemouth who influenced my gf into breaking it off with me, i rekon we should post it then.
also, i dnt think im going to tell the sisters husband. il let the ex do that for me.

also have pics of her mom. im tried in vain to find a 40something naked asian lady online that could pass off for her mothers body but i dnt think the internet hosts things this disgusting.
il try to photoshop that later.
my main priority at the moment is to get in contact with the behemouth and then the plan can go into action.

i apologise for my absense from UGN recently, but iv become obsessed with this idea lately.
(watch for my PM sin.)

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Dumped... - 08/04/05 10:07 AM

I'd like to see them wink ... I'm sure I could find you a few mirrors to host the images wink ... And video for that matter...

email it to me at direct[at]undergroundnews[dot]com
Posted By: EndGame

Re: Dumped... - 08/04/05 10:39 AM

im at uni now.
soon as i get home il put the package together for u
Posted By: Girlie

Re: Dumped... - 08/04/05 11:13 AM

I WANNA SEE!!!!!!!
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Dumped... - 08/04/05 11:39 AM

You know I have to see it. You owe me. lol.

Feel bad for telling the husband? Well think about it. What is worse? Now I grant you it will crush him and ruin his life for about oh 3 to 5 years if he stays or leaves.

But if you were the husband... Would it really be a service to you to keep it from you? If she is sleeping with her sisters ex... Who knows what she will bring into thier bed. Have your fun, then ruin Christmas. It will suck. You will feel bad, but no one will be able to top that story for a while.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Dumped... - 08/06/05 11:03 AM

Sintax, that's the story I always tell people. I don't have like the three pages of [censored], but it's always like, "So I knew this dude who, when he found out his girl was cheating, [censored] her best friends..."

That [censored] is tight.

It's also what I was referring to in another forum that people don't have access to but SR gets pissed off when we mention.

hey bish...HOLLA BATCH
Posted By: EndGame

Re: Dumped... - 08/06/05 02:01 PM

sent giz the the pics, was looking for ur email addy but couldnt find it.

i asked him to forward it to u.
PM me wen u get em.

Posted By: Girlie

Re: Dumped... - 08/09/05 10:02 AM

hey perg, holla muthafucka.

endgame...what am I chopped liver?
Posted By: EndGame

Re: Dumped... - 08/10/05 02:07 PM

*grin @ bish*
erm, il send it to girlie-gmail account wink
Posted By: Girlie

Re: Dumped... - 08/10/05 06:45 PM

sounds like a plan wink
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Dumped... - 08/10/05 07:57 PM

I sent you my email. Gizmo did not forward them to me yet.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Dumped... - 08/11/05 07:04 AM

LEarner, if you'd [censored] return your calls! lol...
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Dumped... - 08/11/05 08:48 AM

calling now.
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