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Bill Gates Linux Spoof

Posted By: Chem

Bill Gates Linux Spoof - 11/30/03 02:15 AM

Bill Gates and Steve G made a short Matrix spoof, basically making fun of Linux and making themselves look like the earths richest billionaires.
The security at the event was so tight that every single Video recorder was prevented from being used by security.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

But wait!
Someone at the event had a Digicam capable of taking video + audio with a 1GB MicroDrive.

No cameras were being allowed in on the show floor and for the Bill Gates keynote speech no photos were allowed after the first 60 seconds. Unfortunately I was found out by one of the security ladies and was asked to turn off the camera before I could grab the entire video, making things worse my Canon PowerShot G2 only takes 30 second clips at a time, even with the 1GB MicroDrive in there.
Shortly after the video was posted on his site, Microsoft quickly forced him to take it down.
Luckily, I managed to snag a copy someplace else.
This making UGN one of just a handful of sites that have the video.

Click Here to download the video.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Bill Gates Linux Spoof - 11/30/03 03:37 AM

Posted By: Asteos

Re: Bill Gates Linux Spoof - 12/05/03 03:58 AM

Not the entire video?
Posted By: Ice

Re: Bill Gates Linux Spoof - 12/05/03 08:39 AM

i seen that all ready, nothing special
Posted By: Vechen

Re: Bill Gates Linux Spoof - 12/07/03 06:50 AM

Bill gates that dumb nigger =( . He knows Linux owns MS.
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