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100th post

Posted by: Cold Sunn

100th post - 07/07/02 03:49 AM

Posted by: Deviation187

Re: 100th post - 07/07/02 06:57 AM

Posted by: wizzy

Re: 100th post - 07/07/02 04:41 PM

i think i should have around 600 now........grrrr but ill live with 11
heh l33tist topic ever...anyone remember that?
Posted by: Saiph

Re: 100th post - 07/07/02 06:24 PM

way WAY too much time on your hands... [Cheers]
Posted by: SilentRage

Re: 100th post - 07/07/02 07:07 PM

ugh, how could I forget. It was the old UGN's record topic that just won't die. Now it's that damn story thread psychogen started.
Posted by: Curse

Re: 100th post - 07/07/02 10:56 PM

Good job(not the kind you gave Giz)

[Bang] Mansects
Posted by: dashocker

Re: 100th post - 07/07/02 11:15 PM

heh, i remember that topic. That shit was fucked up, just kept gettin bigger and bigger. And turned into something about lesbians or something.
How did CS get a 100 posts when I havent seen any posts by him lately?

Mansechs [Thumb]
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: 100th post - 07/08/02 12:06 AM

I have that post on disk here lol...
Posted by: Cold Sunn

Re: 100th post - 07/08/02 10:14 AM

lol. i don't know how i got 100.

that once upon a time thing...heh, i remember i only checked it twice. Once to see what it was and a second time because i forgot what it was.
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