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Math problems are fun!

Posted By: Ghost

Math problems are fun! - 07/14/06 07:04 AM

Anyone who solves the following for X, and PMs me the work and final solution (exact answer, no need to evaluate) gets a prize. I'll post the answer in a few days. If you're stuck, i'll post hints. Post the solution before I call it, and you incur my wrath!

2^X + 2^(X + 1) = 4^X + 4^(X + 1)
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Math problems are fun! - 07/16/06 07:50 AM

Do you seriously need help with your summer school?

[correct]. [censored]
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Math problems are fun! - 07/16/06 07:56 PM

Correct, except for the fact that the logarithm of the numerator, excluding your stupid negative sign, is negative in and of itself. [censored]. :p

The negative sign you included makes it wrong. smile

And you didn't PM me how you solved (factored :p ) it, so you still haven't won.

The funny thing is the fact that you're the only one to solve it. I've gotten an answer in PM, but it was completely wrong. And everyone on IRC i originally tried it out on failed to solve it, so I had to give them the solution. Though to be fair, quick didn't have time to solve it.
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Math problems are fun! - 07/17/06 12:07 AM

Originally posted by moddinati:
"it's me, the new one. I've been lurking around still, you haven't quite been able to chase me off.
The answer to your silly little math problem is X= -.5"
I don't know who this person is, but I hope none of you make the same mistake as him. Taking the exponent to be merely a quantity multiplied by the left side operand of the term is a big mistake. The ^ symbol means exponent, dude.
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Math problems are fun! - 07/24/06 11:08 PM

You all suck.

The answer is:
2^X + 2^(X+1) = 4^X + 4(X+1) //Original problem
2^X(1 + 2) = 4^X(1 + 4) //Time to factor!
2^x(3) = 4^X(5) //Simplify
(2^X) = 3/5 //Simplify and divide
log(3/5) = xlog2 //log it!
x = log(3/5)/(log(2))
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Math problems are fun! - 07/25/06 09:09 AM

One question... who the [censored] cares? lol...
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Math problems are fun! - 08/05/06 05:07 PM

Ok, anyone up to a challenge.

Find a solution to:

a ^ (a ^ n) = b

Where n and b are known, a is an unknown.
Posted By: wizzy

Re: Math problems are fun! - 08/26/06 10:33 PM

this is why im a social science major...
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Math problems are fun! - 08/27/06 12:12 AM

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