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A book every woman should read.

Posted By: Girlie

A book every woman should read. - 11/22/04 01:07 AM

So, I know there aren't that many women on these forums, but there are some. I thought I would share my find with you ladies because lord knows we are far too often overlooked in these parts. I know I can't be the only clueless female out there. This book seems to be written specifically for me, which is kind of sad really. Anyways, I'll be picking it up at the next trip to the bookstore.

It's called He's Just Not That Into You : The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys
by Greg Behrendt, Liz Tuccillo

It’s a classic single-woman scenario: you really like this guy, but he’s giving mixed messages. You make excuses, decide he’s confused, afraid of commitment. Behrendt, a former executive story editor for Sex and the City—and a formerly single (now happily married) guy who knows all the excuses—provides a simple answer: he’s just not that into you. Stop kidding yourself, let go and look for someone else who will be. After all, as Behrendt sensibly puts it, "if a (sane) guy really likes you, there ain’t nothing that’s going to get in his way." If you’re not convinced yet, by all means read this smart, funny and surprisingly upbeat little book, full of q’s and a’s covering every excuse woman has ever made to avoid admitting to herself that a man just wasn’t that smitten with her.
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Product Description:

He says:

Oh sure, they say they're busy. They say that they didn't have even a moment in their insanely busy day to pick up the phone. It was just that crazy. All lies. With the advent of cell phones and speed dialing, it is almost impossible not to call you. Sometimes I call people from my pants pocket when I don't even mean to. If I were into you, you would be the bright spot in my horribly busy day. Which would be a day that I would never be too busy to call you.

She says:

There is something great about knowing that my only job is to be as happy as I can be about my life, and feel as good as I can about myself, and to lead as full and eventful a life as I can, so that it doesn't ever feel like I'm just waiting around for some guy to ask me out. And most importantly, it's good for us all to remember that we don't need to scheme and plot, or beg anyone to ask us out. We're fantastic.

For ages women have come together over coffee, cocktails, or late-night phone chats to analyze the puzzling behavior of men.

He's afraid to get hurt again.
Maybe he doesn't want to ruin the friendship.
Maybe he's intimidated by me.
He just got out of a relationship.

Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo are here to say that -- despite good intentions -- you're wasting your time. Men are not complicated, although they'd like you to think they are. And there are no mixed messages.

The truth may be He's just not that into you.

Unfortunately guys are too terrified to ever directly tell a woman, "You're not the one." But their actions absolutely show how they feel.

He's Just Not That Into You -- based on a popular episode of Sex and the City -- educates otherwise smart women on how to tell when a guy just doesn't like them enough, so they can stop wasting time making excuses for a dead-end relationship.

Reexamining familiar scenarios and classic mindsets that keep us in unsatisfying relationships, Behrendt and Tuccillo's wise and wry understanding of the sexes spares women hours of waiting by the phone, obsessing over the details with sympathetic girlfriends, and hoping his mixed messages really mean "I'm in love with you and want to be with you."

He's Just Not That Into You is provocative, hilarious, and, above all, intoxicatingly liberating. It deserves a place on every woman's night table. It knows you're a beautiful, smart, funny woman who deserves better. The next time you feel the need to start "figuring him out," consider the glorious thought that maybe He's just not that into you. And then set yourself loose to go find the one who is.



I am not familiar with the "famous" episode of "He's just not that into you" from Sex in the City because I have never seen a single episode of that show. Apparently he was on Oprah too, but I don't watch that either, so I couldn't tell ya.

You can read the first chapter here.
Posted By: unreal

Re: A book every woman should read. - 11/22/04 11:30 AM

Wow, did they really have to write a book about that? Seriously, we guys have a switch with two positions: ON and OFF.

1. He's afraid to get hurt again - Maybe. But we like sex, too.

2. Maybe he doesn't want to ruin the friendship - Lies! Any guy that says that is a liar and/or gay.

3. Maybe he's intimidated by me - We were intimidated by girls when we were in the 3rd grade.

4. He just got out of a relationship - Yep. Which means that we need some...quick.

There's your book. Now throw that [censored] away.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: A book every woman should read. - 11/22/04 12:12 PM

Allow me to share my views on unreals post;
1. agreed, sex == good.
2. agreed, friendships are more fun with sex; see 1.
3. somewat on the wall, a chick with power is one we want, a chick with knowledge is one we ponder about; but in general, we're not too intimidated by the female gender.
4. agreed, rebound anyone?
Posted By: Crime

Re: A book every woman should read. - 11/26/04 10:18 PM

Originally posted by unreal:

3. [b]Maybe he's intimidated by me
- We were intimidated by girls when we were in the 3rd grade.
its mostly the girls who are scared of us......
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