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Learning Guitar / Piano

Posted By: Gremelin

Learning Guitar / Piano - 04/02/03 08:44 AM

Well, as most of you know now, I'm getting married soon...

Well, I told Sam that I'd let her abuse my guitar (the cheap one of coarse) since I want to learn the piano a bit more...

I was curious if anyone knows of any good guides to learn either?

Basically Sam will read from the book then teach me lol... I'll let her use the cheap one of coarse, I don't like taking my antique guitar out of its case...
Posted By: Crime

Re: Learning Guitar / Piano - 04/02/03 07:17 PM

guitar, piano, or both ?
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: Learning Guitar / Piano - 04/02/03 09:41 PM

married, eh, don't you still live in your mom's basement?
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: Learning Guitar / Piano - 04/02/03 10:12 PM

I learned piano from the Alfred series. It's just what my piano teacher taught from, I don't know if it's anything special.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Learning Guitar / Piano - 04/02/03 10:26 PM

No giz, use the force! Well they can be married and live in his mom's basement. As in Piano, I got no clue... Never learned... Yet like what i did to learn bass was watch friends play... Looked up info and lessons online and played around... Then I got the idea nad now doing good... Yet to get really nasty lessons should be considered. So put that in terms for a piano. Even more so to guitar
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Learning Guitar / Piano - 04/02/03 11:09 PM

lol actually, I don't live in her basement, its her attic lol, and i've been paying rent here since i was 13 so it's not like i'm scrounging off of her.

I'm wanting to learn the Piano more, Sam's wanting to learn the Guitar.
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: Learning Guitar / Piano - 04/03/03 12:08 AM

piano kicks [censored] dude. now that I have a keyboard maybe I can mix up a little something or two and upload it to the computer so that I can send it out to people. smile
Posted By: Mornse

Re: Learning Guitar / Piano - 04/03/03 12:53 AM find the tab for the song you wanna learn, most have the fingering for the chords on the tab. Just learn as many songs as you can (or she can), and you'll figure out how the guitar works. That's what I did, and it's best to jam with people who are better than you cause then you see how they play. I've been playing for over a year now and I'm getting pretty good, I write and play in a band and everything, just from tabs and getting people to show me songs. I'm actually learning the piano right now, it's a lot harder because it's so much harder to find tabs. My sister's taking lessons, so I just get her to show me a few songs and I figured out which key is which note and how to make chords by searching on google for chord lists and stuff. Now I just jam on it, write a song on the guitar and transfer it to the piano. That's hwat I did and now I love it. My band just got another gig so we've been jamming and writing a lot more now. We're a pretty chill band and I'm the worst musician, haha, cause the rest of them (piano player, bass player and drummer, I play the guitar) have all been playing for years and taken lessons. I like it though cause I learn so much from them. Anyways, that's what I'd suggest doing.
Posted By: Nagachaak

Re: Learning Guitar / Piano - 04/03/03 01:20 AM

if you want to get serious with playing the piano and/or the guitar, learn how to read score. that's the best tip i can ever give you. i can't read score that's why i'm a crappy musician. sure, i can play fast [censored], but i can't learn from the book. also, read about some harmonics and you'll kick [censored] fast!
Posted By: dashocker

Re: Learning Guitar / Piano - 04/03/03 07:10 PM

Yeah, do what Mornse said. That way, when someone asks you what note that is, you'll be all like "4." Hehe, seriously do what nagachaak suggested. Books that are like "Teach yourself" always help me the most. I wanted to play guitar for awile but I got tired of it. Once you get a hold on the notes on the piano its pretty much just your technique from there on out. Good luck.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Learning Guitar / Piano - 04/03/03 07:21 PM

Well see, I learn by doing, so i'm letting sam learn by reading then haveing her teach me lol... Any good books?
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