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Hack contest

Posted By: Deviation187

Hack contest - 04/20/02 04:03 AM

Ok, theres a contest going on and since I cant post the link, well i havent asked, im just gonna quote what they put..

"We're challenging all hackers out there. We have a pair of computers -- a Mac OS X Macintosh and a Windows XP PC -- set up in a secret location, ready and waiting for you to hack. Both of the computers are running stock configurations with security features activated. We have not added any third-party software.

If you are up to the challenge, here's what you do:

Break into one of the computers.
Once you are in, place a plain text file on the desktop. Include your name/handle and phone number.
Don't do a denial of service attack. Anyone can do that. If you perform a DoS, we'll kick you off."

"The first person to place the file on each system wins. Stay tuned near a phone, because we'll call you and talk to you on the show to find out how you won.

IP addresses

Here are the IP adresses:

Mac OS X:
Windows XP:

Ok well thats it for anyone who is intrested, if you would like to know the link to this place, or give me permission to post the actual link let me know...
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Hack contest - 04/20/02 06:56 AM

lol post the link, i'm revising the disclaimer this weekend waiting on my radio so ....
Posted By: Defcon

Re: Hack contest - 04/20/02 03:40 PM

"This contest has been brought to you by the FBI, winners will stay at the lovely State Penn. until they are transfered to the Maximum-Ram-you-in-the-arse-Security Prison, where you'll be given numberous mistrials, beatings by inmates and guards, and hot steamy buttsex with Bubba!!! Find out how you can enter today!!!!"
Posted By: loanbanker

Re: Hack contest - 04/20/02 08:16 PM

what did pac bell ever do to you?

Pac Bell Internet Services (NETBLK-PBI-NET-8)
268 Bush St. #5000
San Francisco, CA 94104

Netname: PBI-NET-8
Netblock: -
Maintainer: PACB

Pacific Bell Internet (PIA2-ORG-ARIN) [email protected]

Domain System inverse mapping provided by:


please send all abuse issue e-mails to [email protected]

Record last updated on 26-Sep-2001.
Database last updated on 19-Apr-2002 19:58:48 EDT.
Posted By: Crime

Re: Hack contest - 04/20/02 10:19 PM

oh man, you are a wiz when it comes to domain whois'ing
Posted By: loanbanker

Re: Hack contest - 04/23/02 05:51 PM

Crime im more then just a wiz at whoising. I am the complete absolute utter god of it. I can whois faster then lightning and know how to put in the IP in just the right way. Its become an absolute artform of mine. It takes years and years of determination, gritt, and raw iron toughness to get as good as I am at whoising a domain. Someday , someday if your lucky, ill teach you my ancient chineese secret to my sucess. It all starts with .........


In this package you will find my secrets revealed.

Plus Ill throw in a free *HOW TO PING LIKE A MASTER* kit for free. (a $199 value)

All this and a personal phone call from me to help guide you on your sucessful hacking career for a one time cost of only $299!
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Hack contest - 04/23/02 06:53 PM

i'll do it all for $50 frown
Posted By: Crime

Re: Hack contest - 04/23/02 11:16 PM

its a deal gizzy, do you accept AMEX ?
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: Hack contest - 04/23/02 11:59 PM

uh, did anybody bother to notice it has no TCP ports open? The contest is a freakin joke man.
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