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UGN Gathering

Posted By: Gremelin

UGN Gathering - 10/24/02 02:49 AM

We're taking sugguestions on the gathering, please feel free to fill out this poll so that we can cater to your views.

Set Date: Summertime (sometime)
Set Place: Portland, OR

Note that *all* funds will be going towards costs of the gathering, including in some cases bail :x...

For any information on this years gathering please feel free to check out the gathering page which can be found here . Please note that we haven't gotten to updating the page *yet* until we get the graphic from bP.
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/24/02 07:14 AM

btw Giz i forgot to tell you, i finished the Gathering main graphics, i'll send it to you as soon as i get home ...

one question about the gathering:

Could we maybe organise for the UGN Gathering to take place outside of the USA too ?

maybe in EUROPE ??

Posted By: Infinite

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/24/02 12:33 PM

Yeah, where is it going to be? I'm not gonna answer that third question till you start talking about some locations.

Posted By: Moffesto

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/24/02 05:42 PM

I can't afford plane tickaets, maybe when im in colloege or over 18 and have a reasonable job. smile
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/24/02 06:21 PM

Moff that's the problem man, it's expensive for me to afford tickets to US too aight and lets not talk about the other costs, i would cost me even in EUROPE but at least that would be a bit cheaper, but i mean if we make it somewhere in EUROPE too it's gonna be kinda more FAIR for all members, coz all the UGN members are not from US, so if the Gathering is in US it would be much easier for those who live in US to come to the gathering but it will be harder for the international members, so if we make it in EUROPE it will be easier for international members and harder for US members, so we can all be same.
hope you understand what i'm trying to say and i hope you consider this Gizmo..

Posted By: ReverendNinjaSox

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/24/02 07:06 PM

I went ahead and voted yes on the poll as there was no "Well, it depends on the location" choice. If you make it so that it's nowhere extremely out of my way I'll go.
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/24/02 07:09 PM

bp, it makes more sense to put the gathering in a location where the largest number of members can attend.
Posted By: AlienTerror

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/24/02 07:11 PM

i would like a gathering but parents can be though and i can't make it to any where then Sweden maybe=(
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/24/02 07:44 PM

ohh that's ok mommy's little kido.

Originally posted by BackSlash:
bp, it makes more sense to put the gathering in a location where the largest number of members can attend.
yes BS that's obvious but i'm not sure if you understood me well even though i tried to explain it in a simple way. For example, if the Gathering is in US you would probably have to pay less money than i would have to pay to come there from Kosovo right ? so why not make it so for the next year YOU to come somewhere in europe hmm FRANCE maybe, so then you would be the one to pay more and i would be the one to pay less money. you understand what i mean ? coz if it's only in US some of us have to pay a fortune just to come there and for some of you is much cheaper right. So if we make it in different places than we would kinda be more eqaul you know.

Hope i was clear enough.

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/24/02 09:58 PM

Well, the only location that *I* can do this coming is Portland, OR... There may be a possibility of possibly vegas or something during one of them.
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/25/02 02:30 AM

I voted "no" because I would like to go, but chances are that I won't.

I don't think it should be held somewhere that seems fair, i think it should be held wherever Gizzy or anyone that is holding it decides it is easiest to do. If you can't make it, tough [censored]. No offense to anyone, I probably still couldn't make it.
Posted By: ohfuk

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/25/02 03:00 AM

i put no because i cant go right now...maybe ill roadtrip this summer...about a one in 20 chance next summer one in 10 chance in 2 summers and 1 in 5 chance in 3 summers, assuming i still go here
Posted By: jonconley

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/25/02 03:09 AM

Hell vegas is a ways away, but I would be down for that.

Spring break would be great if you could do it then, because tons of more stuff to do, however, I don't know how much spring break "happens" in portland smile

If in Vegas, best before or after another convention like Defcon, so their could be chance to advertise that people can goto both (will bring in alot more people and money) and also people willing to travel to defcon that are UGNers can get more for their time and money by getting UGNCon too.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/25/02 04:24 AM

<snicker> thats why I thought of defcon, but it'd have to be like a few days before, since weeve and I are planning on getting arrested at defcon, would be kinda tacky to hold the UGN Gathering in our cold jail cell :x...
Posted By: Rapture

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/25/02 04:38 AM

I think I'm the only one here in Cali...
Posted By: sinetific

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/25/02 05:07 AM

I say we hold it in Detroit....
Posted By: unreal

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/25/02 05:49 AM

I'd hit up Vegas if it was there...
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/25/02 06:40 AM

Rapture: theres a few UGN members in Cali.

The UGN Gathering will be held in portland until we have the funds to hold it elsewhere.
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/25/02 07:19 AM

Originally posted by Gizmo:
Please note that we haven't gotten to updating the page *yet* until we get the graphic from bP.
Oh man didn't i tell you that it's already finished, that's the first thing i started working, seriously, it's not finished yet, i mean we can put it now but i want to add some more stuff to it, so give me just one more day.




so Giz as you said now, the only problem that you CAN'T make it anywhere else because there are no funds right ? hmmm that leads me to some crazy ideas. I'll think about and when i get to something i'll get back to you.

Giz do u realize that it would cost me totaly around $4.000 to make it to the gathering ???

Posted By: Curse

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/25/02 07:33 AM

I got an idea, why don't we hold it in Antartica, that way we all have to travel nearly the same distance to attend...
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/25/02 08:18 AM

lol, that would be great, fair enough !!

Posted By: fleshwound

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/25/02 09:30 AM

well... portland is a long [censored] drive... las vegas is a little closer.. but hell.. depending on the date... i'm sure i could talk jonathon into going.

Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/25/02 11:32 AM

i always dreamed to go to LAS VEGAS but i guess i'mma have to wait more untill it'll come true...
Posted By: Digital Geek

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/25/02 01:17 PM

Well, I am from Europe too, like bP. I think I will be able to come, cuz I gathered up some money, but still I don't know if I will be allowed to enter USA. I have to go to the USA embassy and ask very nice in order to enter USA smile
Posted By: AlienTerror

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/25/02 04:32 PM

Why don't everyone get a web cam=)
Posted By: fleshwound

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/25/02 09:36 PM

hey.. that's a good idea AT! it'd be cool if everyone that could make it to the conference goes, but then we should set up a web cam and brodcast the speakers and such for the other members that can't make it. or maybe i'm just making a stupid suggestion... but it sounds good in my head!

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/25/02 11:16 PM

WEll I'm planning on doing the picture thing, but the webcam thing i'm not sure of... I doubt the conferance room would have any sort of uplink short of 56k heh... And dependant on how many people show up will mean what we're going to be doing... One things for sure, bring computers, cat5 and a hub lol... All else fails we'll go downtown and terrorize people...
Posted By: fleshwound

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/26/02 02:11 AM

hehe.. ahhh.. terrorizing people.. one of my favorite past times. i hope i can make it there this year.

Posted By: Mornse

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/26/02 03:02 AM

Canada! Canada is cheaper than the US for everyone, and it's pretty accessible. Plus it's cool, especially on the west coast. What more could you ask for?
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/26/02 06:07 AM

Gizzy you didn't respond to my question but oh well, we'll talk later.

Digital Geek nice to know i have someone from Europe here too eh lol, it will be a big problem for all us to come there from europe because we need a VISA (i wish i could have a green card).

Btw all these 2 past months i was trying to find on the internet a web were the GREEN CARD LOTERY was happening but i didn't search much even though my dad was buggin me all the time, than about 4 days ago after i posted something here in the UGN board then while gettin redirected back to the topic i saw a banner about the GREEN CARD LOTERY and hell i got so happy and clicked on that [censored] i was looking all the time, i found it and everything but the worst part is that, it' was 21 of this month and that was just the date when the registration had ENDED. huh so bad, if i could find just one day before maybe' i'd get a green card and get there for the gathering...

btw the webcam thing would be a great idea i think but as Gizmo said we need highspeed internet connection for brodcasting it which they probably won't be able to make due to the cost and everything else.

and ohh yeah Terrorizing people.. my favourite thing, i wish i could be there for this part, you guys could see the real bp in action then.

P.S. Gizmo if you can't make the webcam thing than at least make sure you guys take a lots lots of pics there and then publish em all in the UGN coz i hell wanna see ya'll, especially i'd like to meet some invidual members here.

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/26/02 06:18 AM

Heh, my digi takes pix to floppies, i'll be sure to buy a box of them lol...
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/26/02 08:08 AM

and i use a camcoder that uses SD Cards, [censored] great stuff, perfect for pics.

P.S. Giz the offical UGN Gathering date hasn't been decided yet right ?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/26/02 10:03 PM

It hasn't been decided yet, right now we're discovering who can come when, we maight even have two lol... like have a spring break thing in portland for whoever wants to come and then the official gathering or whatnot...
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: UGN Gathering - 10/28/02 09:44 AM

yup spring would be great i think..

btw did u get my mail, i was waitting for you last nite on IRC but you were out i think.

I have finished the gathering thing, ttyl ok.

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