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Posted By: Curse

Fun... - 03/12/02 06:11 PM

Besides computer related stuff, what do you guys(girls) do for entertainment?
Posted By: psychogen

Re: Fun... - 03/12/02 08:32 PM

Well you can do everything while at the computer see I can watch a movie and get a blow job at the PC so why should I move? I can write software to control my entire kitchen from my PC and never have to move plus I configure some lego robot to get me everything I need.

So I am always infront of the computer!

Except when I have to buy beer, cigs and water the weed plants!
Posted By: Curse

Re: Fun... - 03/12/02 09:18 PM

That's exactly how I feel... But people say it's not healthy to do that... So I was curious if anyone else just sits at the computer constantly...
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Fun... - 03/12/02 11:33 PM

i'm a full time hack/phreak so i guess you can say i'm a terrorist :x
Posted By: avalon

Re: Fun... - 03/13/02 01:28 AM

well i go to class, am on my computer, i have two noncomputer related jobs, i am the lead role in a play, i party a lot, I alos play baseball and run quite a bit when its warm, i have a chick so that eats up a lot of time im extremly busy!!
Posted By: Le4rner

Re: Fun... - 03/13/02 01:54 AM

I get up every day and lift weights with a buddy of mine, Then I get ready for work. That is about 3 hrs there. The rest of my day is on the computer.

1.5 hrs to work
8 hrs at work (Where I am typeing this from)
1.5 hrs home

Work on my site, chat wit peeps ect for about 4 more hrs
Get tanked with buddy I work out wit
Posted By: quicksilver

Re: Fun... - 03/13/02 02:53 AM

I wish i could spend more time on my computer....

I wake up about 5:30....leave for school around 6:30

then i get to school at around 7:00 where i either have marching band practice, track/cc practice..or just sit and do homeowrk....then i got school till 3:00pm.....practice till about 6:00pm get home around 6:30 eat untill 7:00 do homework and any left over time is on the computer...

on the weekends i ussually go out with friends on friday and saturday night as long as i dont have any track meets or cc races or band preformances.
Posted By: fleshwound

Re: Fun... - 03/13/02 08:09 AM

hrmmm.... i sit in front of my computer all day. and pretty much all night.. unless i go get food or coffee or smokes.. but other than that, i'm pretty much in my room on my puter. on the weekends, once in awhile, i will go party or something. but i serisouly have withdrawls if i'm away from my puter too long. so i have to come home and play around on it. bahhh...

Posted By: unreal

Re: Fun... - 03/13/02 07:15 PM

Well, as for entertainment, there's not a whole lot to do here in this town. So, if I'm not on my computer (generally idling in IRC or forgetting to set an away message on AIM or ICQ), I'm upstairs doing **** with my friends, flying, at class, or god knows what. Personally, I'm trying to get away from the computer more and more, since it kinda ran my life a couple months back; I couldn't go without it. :p
Posted By: psychogen

Re: Fun... - 03/13/02 08:26 PM

so we all have an addiction to computers and the others that use AOL have`marching band practice and church but wish to live infront of a puter!
Posted By: Mornse

Re: Fun... - 03/13/02 08:45 PM

I skate. I skate as much as possible. I'm either infront of my computer or skating for most of my time. Then i have "school", but that's just a waste of time in my opinion. I also play baseball. And I do some acting.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Fun... - 03/14/02 03:54 AM

laugh lmao nice sig, perhaps i'll tell u later what i do when im not around the computer..uhh i think i'll tell you as soon as the season starts for all the things i like to do..i don't know when that is..ah ****...
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Fun... - 03/14/02 03:58 AM

...well i have recently mastered the art of staying on a skateboard... i usually hang out with people, and then i grab someone's board, hit him around the shins with it, then take off..i almost got hit by a UPS truck last week...
Posted By: thebluegiant

Re: Fun... - 03/14/02 11:55 PM

School, then track, till about 6:00 and usually crash for awhile until I work up the energy to read/write something. Hmm,yeah, most of my free time while not at comp goes to reading and writing.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Fun... - 03/15/02 02:12 AM

oh quit whining, you get out there and you HIT THAT ****NIG TRUCK!
Posted By: quicksilver

Re: Fun... - 03/15/02 02:29 AM

/me wonders if that AOL/marching band comment made by psychogen was directed at me since i use AOL hmm oh well....ya i skateboard sometimes too but i have trouble getting past that whole falling off thing.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Fun... - 03/15/02 02:46 AM

lol most the ****s that come here are on aol, i have logs lol..
Posted By: Le4rner

Re: Fun... - 03/15/02 03:32 AM

I'm on AOL till Comcast get the **** fiber in. /me grumbles *stupid rual areas. mad
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Fun... - 03/15/02 03:46 AM

lol portland was one of the first areas that was cable ready through at&t smile
Posted By: The One And Only Tallguy

Re: Fun... - 03/22/02 07:48 PM

yeah I'm in front of the computer all day too, - the time it takes me to go get food out of the frige!... I don't have a job so there is nuthing else to do! I wished I could figure out hacking but I need to learn how to program first, my mom is like always geting on my case about being on the computer all the time. but is the computer really so bad? I think it's awesome, it's a lot more fun then mowing the lawn, or cleaning the house! lol

p.s. I hear yeah I can't get cable where i am eather...

tallguy, cool
Posted By: Genesis98

Re: Fun... - 03/22/02 08:40 PM

I Aggro skate, presently I'm trying to get spnsored by Razors but hey 9 chances out of 10 that'll never happen. I am an active Martial Artist I have my black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and a blue belt in Judo, although all of this is going to be put on hold in the near future because I will be joining the 56 feild engineering unit (our local reserve unit) .. so really that's pretty much me, I'm graduating this year and heading off to university this september to persue a Carear in Computer Engineering, so at heart I'm a hack/phreak.
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