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Salvia Divinorum

Posted By: SEC Surtr

Salvia Divinorum - 08/20/03 05:45 AM

whats the deal with this stuff- is it "safe" and why is it legal?
Posted By: Crime

Re: Salvia Divinorum - 08/20/03 05:57 AM

well, right now the US government is trying to ban the use of sage,they are trying make it a illegal narcotic...

and yes its safe, as long as you take the right dose

go here for more info on it,
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Salvia Divinorum - 08/20/03 07:24 AM

HRm, this has nothing to do with computers, security, or anything else on this board. Moved to off-topic.

Posted By: Imperial

Re: Salvia Divinorum - 08/22/03 04:44 AM

This is getting [censored] old...

anything that makes you feel good and may or may not hurt you with the exception of sex is illigal or in the future will be....that is of course unless you have congress on the payroll
Posted By: smartyhands

Re: Salvia Divinorum - 09/22/03 02:35 PM

Hmm... imperial, that would include all forms of entertainment as well as food, no?

Especially candy... mmm... donuts...

Salvia appears to be safe (speaking from experience), and I've heard some good trip reports, but I never really got off on it. Apparently it doesn't keep well, so the stuff they sell at headshops is stale. It tastes like burnt incense when you smoke it... nasty. Also, if you don't burn it right the first time, you get ZERO effects from burning more afterwards. If you're interested, grow your own. There should be plenty of info on erowid or somewhere about how to ingest it.

If that is too much trouble... (IMHO) just go buy a sack of the good herb, and burn it ceremoniously. That *always* works for me. Tastes a lot better, too. Lasts longer...

Oh, why is it legal? Because nobody is standing on the street selling it, taking good money away from hard-working tobacco and beer companies, that's why!
Posted By: ericcrain

Re: Salvia Divinorum - 12/01/10 03:08 PM

The safe and good potential content of Salvia Divinorum can be get through the online. It tastes good when you have the spice at the first time. Salvia Divinorum is good and safe when the dosage amount of inhaling the spice from smaller level of dosage to the higher level. Salvia Divinorum is used for several illness problems like headache and anemia.
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