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Posted By: 859 inoculation paradigm - 09/22/03 09:47 PM
inoculation paradigm - Participants are exposed to a message that motivates them to counterargue future persuasive attacks

Does anyone have news stories that do this very thing? I was thinking the White House must put out tons of crap to manipulate people like this.
Posted By: smartyhands Re: inoculation paradigm - 09/23/03 05:47 PM
AARRGGHH!!! How do I get my links in color?!? OK, I edited this so that my links are in bold AND italic, like this.

Originally posted by 859:
inoculation paradigm - (...) a message that motivates them to counterargue future persuasive attacks

Does anyone have news stories...
DISCLAIMER: My use of these events as examples in no way reflects ANYTHING other than to answer 859's question. In other words, I don't care what you think, I do NOT support terrorism or murder, form your OWN opinion about world events, and have a nice day. :p

Erm... ever hear of the world trade center? I hear they're farming lots of lovely opium in Afghanistan now. Expect to see lots more of it soon on your local streetcorner! Oh darn, that's old news , sometimes we don't want to argue, we just want to forget. Fooor-geeeeeeet... Foooor-geeeeeeet.... <img border="0" alt="[Smoking]" title="" src="graemlins/Smoking.gif" />

And here are some more informative rumors and here is another quote I found that seems appropriate.

What about the terms "shock and awe", "Operation Iraqi Freedom", "axis of evil", "coalition of the willing", etc.? The paradigm doesn't even have to be a statement! It can just be a catchy phrase thrown out by those in the spotlight.

Then there's the "No Child Left Behind" Act... Great! Higher standards for schools! Much higher... and prez increased the education budget to pay for it, right? OOPS... better read the fine print! I'll even tell you how, it's easy legalesey! Scroll all the way to the bottom to get to the current budget, "budget" is what they wanted to spend and "appropriation" is what they spent. Just note the line that says "Total, Department of Education". HEY! It looks about 2 BILLION LESS than last year... oh well! Is that more old news ? (This last article claims that the 2003 budget was less than 2002, which if you read the actual budget PDF, does not seem to be correct. *sigh*)

Cripes, man... that's all I could think of. And all I had time to lookup. I now realize that these aren't the best examples, and "tons" is quite the understatement. All you have to do is watch what TV shows of our dictat... I mean president. (nepotism, anyone?) For the first time in history (this is another rumor I heard) King Dubya is the first prez to have his public statements CORRECTED by the media, although I could not find information to verify that. Censorship, anyone?

An "inoculation paradigm" is now one of the preparations for terrorism. By warning people of the dangers of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and whatnot, it is supposed to reduce inefficiency caused by pesky emotions like fear.

Apparently the example you gave, "to counterargue future persuasive attacks" is a rather narrow definition of the phrase. That sounds like simple "misinformation" to me. You know what they say about first impressions... they stick.

Sorry to pick on our intelligent, fearless, publicly elected leader so much... it's just that all the examples I could come up with involved him for some reason... go figure. Oh yeah, and you did mention the white house. I love my country, and may God have mercy on the soul of anyone who tries to destroy or alter our freedom of speech or expression!

"This I believe: That the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world. And this I would fight for: The freedom of the mind to take any direction it wishes, undirected. And this I must fight against: Any idea, religion, or government which limits or destroys the individual." - John Steinbeck

Peace <img border="0" alt="[thumb]" title="" src="graemlins/thumb.gif" />
Posted By: 859 Re: inoculation paradigm - 09/23/03 08:02 PM
Great links - thanks for sharing.
Posted By: smartyhands Re: inoculation paradigm - 09/24/03 07:02 AM
No problem, I know some of them don't exactly answer your question, but... *grumble* Hey, maybe someone fed me an inoculation paradigm against applying the term to anything non-political.

lol stupid

I just started looking stuff up and got excited... I like to do research, it's an obsession. Any other examples are welcome.

I also saw an article somewhere ( that linked the recent blackout in the northeast to military "weapons" testing.

One of the problems looking this kind of stuff up is the government doesn't just use ONE method to cover [censored] up, knowwhutImean? Often, contradictory or nonsense information will be released at the same time, often from non-government sources or the mass media. (roswell?) "The truth is out there" lol <img border="0" alt="[alien]" title="" src="graemlins/alien.gif" />
Posted By: 859 Re: inoculation paradigm - 09/24/03 07:08 PM
HAARP is definitely doing some suspect research - and the timing of their broadcast frequencies has coincided with more than just the recent blackout (more on that later).

What I want to know is more about the techniques of omission the govt employs. Something not said or not done is difficult to detect and analyze.

Now, back to electromagnetic fields (HAARP's area of expertise)...

Check out this USPTO link related to Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors.

This patent was applied for Jan 2003, and based on previous patent work dating from 1971.

What are the implications of this applied research?? The rabbit hole keeps getting deeper...
Posted By: smartyhands Re: inoculation paradigm - 09/26/03 10:39 AM
What I want to know is more about the techniques of omission the govt employs. Something not said or not done is difficult to detect and analyze.

Damn skippy that's hard to analyze! Sounds like the Tao... how do you find something that is nothing?

Very difficult. You could entice me if you had some chemistry-related info.

True thanks for the patent link, I've been wondering where to find that (not actively obviously) (the patent lists not the brainwave schtuff) for some time. I didn't have the patience to read the whole thing - does it work on _computer_ monitors?

"Techniques of omission"

I just figured this out! This is their ULTRA TOP SECRET technique of omission!

1) Acquisition of delicate information
2) Determination of public ignorance
3) Decision to withhold information
4) Preparation for feigned ignorance
5) Presentation of ignorance to media channels

Seriously, tho, I will do more free research if you can provide intriguing chemistry-related info. The government has prevented my brain from researching mood-altering radio emissions. lol

"Sheep go to heaven, goats... go to hell!" - Cake
Posted By: smartyhands Re: inoculation paradigm - 10/05/03 04:45 PM


Thought I had some real home-cooked disinformation... I am a bad researcher for not checking my sources.

Links deleted.

Thanks unreal for reality check! I need sleep, but the search for truth continuessszzzzzzz......
Posted By: unreal Re: inoculation paradigm - 10/05/03 04:59 PM
I think you've misread both articles, and taken quite a bit out of context. The first article talks about an increase in 57,000 jobs this month, while the second article clearly states that the data revision is being done for a past month, which is March 2003. Since March 2003's employment figures are being revised, the previously expected trend has changed since then. Nothing more.

This isn't a case of disinformation. Quit being paranoid.
Posted By: smartyhands Re: inoculation paradigm - 10/05/03 05:28 PM
I can be paranoid all I want

People are trying to shoot me!
Posted By: smartyhands Re: inoculation paradigm - 10/08/03 02:07 PM
Well, the search continues. This is like looking for dust in the dirt. I'm starting to wonder if my faux/impromptu "techniques of omission" answered 859's question... lol

Again, I disclaim any opinion on the following data. I just looked it up because I read the news and I want to find out more and I find information that qualifies as disinformation. From the government. All the time. Any time. If I had the time to check old news I would expect to find the same thing - more dis/misinformation! Check it yourself if you don't believe me.

Anyway... another shot! (takes moment to double-check info like good researcher...) GOOD LORD!!! about to launch me into another tirade... No wonder the government wants kids to speak Ebonics! That way, feds talk their Doubletalk, and by language barrier alone a triple class division is created and widened. But I digress! It checks out... vaguely.

This demonstrates a very pervasive method of obfuscation/obscuration used by the (US) government, probably daily. The old "I told you so (and I told you yesterday that I would tell you today)" tactic. It definitely qualifies as a tactic of omission.

I got this from Capital Games , but I found the DAMNED links myself. This regards the CIA leaky thingy in the news thingie, aka "WilsonGate" (people REALLY need to get OFF the 'Gate' bandwagon). Anyway, the Official White House Mouthpiece(TM) (Scott McClellan) is asked on two consecutive days why the reps/whitehouse/bush politically 'attacked' Wilson (look it up if you live in a cave - Joseph C. Wilson IV).

On the first day (Oct.1,2003), he answers "The President is focused on g...e need to get to the bottom of it." (edited -- but NOT altered -- by me for clarity! <img border="0" alt="[thumb]" title="" src="graemlins/thumb.gif" /> )

On the second day (Oct.2,2003), the reported had to ask the question several times to get the response, "I have answered that -- I answered that question yesterday."


Thanks again to unreal for reminding me that research involves facts! I could cop out and blame my unmedicated ADD, but I won't. It was sheer laziness. <img border="0" alt="[snooze]" title="" src="graemlins/snooze.gif" />


I don't know if this counts, either. This is supposedly from a letter sent by George J. Tenet , director of the CIA, to the White house criticizing the rationale to go to war in Iraq. "The absence of proof that chemical and biological weapons and their related development programs had been destroyed was considered as proof that they continued to exist. As a good programmer should know, that is false logic. Not exactly omission, unless you want to call it omission of reason. At least somebody in the US govt has some brains.


I have made much effort to trying to stay neutral about all this, not injecting my own judgements and stuff. I think everyone should make their own decisions. I truly, deeply believe in freedom of thought, as a logical extension of our freedom of speech. You have to think something before you say it, right? So get all the info you can and make your own decisions. N-E-Ways... that's all for now. Have a nice day! smile

Awwwww... I even found good words from Dubya, in case anyone thinks I'm a hate-monger or something (although I REEEEEALLY doubt he thought this up himself):
"The United States, with other countries, will work to advance liberty and peace [somewhere else!]... The power and appeal of human liberty is felt in every life and every land. And the greatest power of freedom is to overcome hatred and violence, and turn the creative gifts of men and women to the pursuits of peace."
Same speech: "Do not destroy oil wells!"
Posted By: unreal Re: inoculation paradigm - 10/08/03 05:35 PM
Hey, I have some good disinformation. Why we're still in Iraq, and consequently, why our president is a [censored] moron.
Posted By: smartyhands Re: inoculation paradigm - 10/09/03 02:34 AM
Not to be snide... but but I was trying to find clear (if any of the Doubletalk from the government can be called clear) evidence of omission; or intentionally misleading quotes.

The above quote should give you one answer to your first question, namely why the president's army is still in Iraq. It's from the speech GW gave before going to war in Iraq (which I happened to witness AND remember)

"Do not destroy oil wells!"

Not a polite request... a DEMAND. After that he contradicts this logic by saying that the oil is "a source of wealth that belongs to the Iraqi people". Since when do Americans of ANY rank have the right, or even the prerogative to tell ANYONE what to do with their own wealth?

I just noticed that the white house page I got that from has a banner reading (in caps) "DENIAL AND DECEIT". Couldn't put it better myself.

Oh, yeah. There's also the fact that he STILL can't find/kill Saddam. I also remember hearing on broadcast news, BEFORE any of the real fighting broke out... that troops (obviously as their first priority) had "secured" the oil fields and sands. That seems to support GW's agenda as clearly stated in his speech.

But since I suspect you of egregiously baiting me, I'll keep this short. laugh Besides that, you have another question for me to condense.

I still contend that he's not MY president - and YES I did vote for someone else! Doesn't anyone remember the election brouhaha? (no, that's not a laugh - get a dictionary!) Speaking of dictionary, here are some more words to look up that might give some insight... NEPOTISM ... PLUTOCRACY ... BUZZWORD ...

Here's a really good one - TERROR . We are fighting a WAR with our own Weapons-of-highly-concentrated-but-not-widespread-destruction against FEAR AND ANXIETY?!? That seems pretty moronic to me. *slaps head* I must have looked at the wrong definition. It must be this one: "4 : violence (as bombing) committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands" Hmm... the 9/11 hijackers didn't seem to have any demands, so they must have done it to intimidate us. That STILL sounds moronic, to me. But I think I'm digressing.

I guess quotes from Bush won't explain WHY he's a moron, they would just reinforce what we all know - that he IS a moron. So I found some other quotes from you... You will have to look the links up yourself (easy just search the whole quote) because it's almost dinnertime!

In fact, PERILOUSLY close to chow time, so I restrict myself to my NEW favorite author, Thomas Paine, and some "Common Sense".

"To the evil of monarchy we have added that of hereditary succession"

"A Prince whose character is marked by every act which may define a Tyrant is unfit to be the ruler of a free people. It is fitting for the People to ask: To whom do you answer?"

And, finally...
"Men who look upon themselves born to reign, and others to obey, soon grow insolent"

That seems the best answer I can give for the moment! More later... *hopes not to totally derail thread with political mumbo-jumbo*
Posted By: smartyhands Re: inoculation paradigm - 10/09/03 02:59 AM
One more "omission" to note before I run off to the kiddie table and beg for scraps...

The accident at the world trade center towers was the SINGLE GREATEST skyscraper accident in history, or at least in America. There was an incredible opportunity for various engineers to examine the structural wreckage, and learn why the towers collapsed the way they did. Doesn't anyone watch CSI? (It used to be kewl before all the spinoffs... grumble) Point: we are constantly coming up with new techniques to analyze "the wreckage" of crimes and explosions and stuff.

Example: I really am in Montana, and some researcher at UM is performing a archeo-forensic analysis of the DONNER PARTY (or rather, their remains) to see what they really ate to stay alive.

Anyway, with all this new technology, and skyscrapers being relatively recent and incredible marvels of engineering, as well as a most excellent use of vertical space... It would be in the best interest of the world, builders, and construction people everywhere to investigate such a massive catastrophe. There are many questions about why the towers collapsed the way they did (like a controlled demolition!).

I leave it to the readers to find the fate of the LARGE quantity of steel beams that composed the structure of the towers, and the resultant investigation into our nations greatest tragedy. Good luck.

"While the servant waits, the master bathes" - Mel Brooks
Posted By: unreal Re: inoculation paradigm - 10/09/03 03:43 AM
Aww man, I was just ventin'...I wasn't trying to bait ya. I was reading the genius of Ted Rall (, and was getting pissed off at what I was reading. Good discussion though, smartyhands. smile
Posted By: smartyhands Re: inoculation paradigm - 10/11/03 02:10 PM
Alas... tis my fault for jumping at the bait so eagerly. Those of us with enough willpower and brains to think for ourselves need to be able to keep a steady head - it doesn't look like things are improving.


[Linked Image]

It has become too easy for me to find contradictions and misleading statements in what the US government says. I only have to look at one press briefing to find DOZENS of contradictory statements.


(These are from - this site appears to have all the press breifing transcripts and is an EXCELLENT research


"Question: [Israel] used weapons [sold by the US], you have political[ly] criticized the use of those weapons in the targeted killings. ...what more facts would you need? [to enforce the Arms Export Control Act]
Mr. Boucher: I am not going to get engaged in a process of offering a prescription for what people can do to violate our law. (Laughter.) ... [you're asking me to ] List five things the Israelis could do that would violate our law with regard to weapons transfers. I am not going to do that."

"Mr. Boucher: I would reject any kind of characterization that doesn't take [diplomatic] visits seriously. [...] We don't send people out just to have tours of the region; we send them out to ... find the parties willing to work with them."

"[RBoucher] That's about as far as I want to go, lest I move a market somewhere."

One more. This is an example of what I mean when I say "DoubleTalk":

"Question: Can you update us on the case of little Jonathan Colombini and his mother, who were scheduled to be returning from Havana to the United States today?
Mr. Boucher: In Cuba -- from Cuba.
Question: I'm sorry, from Cuba to the United States. Yes, isn't that what I said?
Mr. Boucher: Yes, Havana."

ANYWAY!!! I am getting tired of looking up all this political crap. It is leaving me with a particular distaste for my own country... I don't wanna do that, I wanna love my country and stand united with everyone else!!! Why is our government doing this to us?!? Why is it driving away everyone with a BRAIN and reasoning powers, yes POWERS, power that could be put to use for the betterment of our country and mankind and the world?

It seems like they (govt) are trying to divide us. Worse than the old party squabbles. Much worse. Government is not supposed to work in its own interest, it's supposed to work in the interest of the people. That view seems to be declining rapidly in Washington.

I have had this thought in the back of my mind for several years now. I think this country is headed for another revolution. The current regime has delayed it with the "Patriot" act. Many people are too scared to stand up for their own freedom now, lest they be labelled as terrorists. I just hope that my fellow Americans won't stand up for oppression without representation. It's almost like the government is expecting ... well, anarchy. That would give them an excuse for enacting a police/military/corporation state. It would give them an excuse for just about anything.

I won't state my response to that, because I am sure some DARPA spider combs through this board and many others on a regular basis. Big Brother IS watching... lol And I'm sure the damned spider speaks 1337 and all its variations, too. If you don't believe that... you MIGHT be a redneck! [email protected] bots!

Enough ranting for today. I would move to Canada if it weren't so ^%$ cold up there. And if I didn't truly love my country. You don't have to wave a flag to be a patriot. That's nationalism... and it's rapidly approaching fascism. Personally, I would rather have a democracy... it would certainly be more interesting.

If you don't know what those terms mean, PLEASE PLEASE look them up. Here =

Posted By: smartyhands Re: inoculation paradigm - 10/12/03 11:53 AM
*sigh* Where is this 859 fellow that asked for this? In his own little bermuda triangle, I guess...

Anyway... I am really trying to shorten these things.

(hey, my girl has her homepage set to yahoo, give me a break... they print the AP spoon-feed, I read it)

"Bush complained this week that the "filter" of the news media is blocking positive developments from reaching Americans"
Tactic of Confusion/Inoculation: - accuse others of your own tactics.
Do it first! Then you can accuse them of parroting your words.
Notice that "complain" was written in the article, not attributed to Bush.
Alternate Tactic Possibly Demonstrated: - accuse others FOR your own tactics.
Again, this gives you power of inoculation, otherwise known as "I said it first". Very subtle difference... you'll have to figure it out because I forgot.

There was something else very strange about this article. One portion was apparently embargoed, yet left in the article! Perhaps it is scheduled to be removed in the morning, I don't know. I will paste the entire "embargoed" portion here, as well as saving it myself, for posterity. I will re-check the article tomorrow to see if it has been censored.

In their Saturday radio address, Democrats said Bush must provide a more detailed accounting of how the money is being spent before lawmakers vote on the next budget request, likely next week.

"While the battle to oust Saddam Hussein was well-planned and well-executed, the president did not plan well for winning the peace and rebuilding the nation," said Rep. Baron Hill, D-Ind.

"There has been little support from the international community; our troops have been taking almost all the risks, and American taxpayers have been paying all the bills," Hill said.

"Many proposals have been discussed in Congress to ensure accountability" for previous spending in Iraq, which Hill said totaled $63 billion this year.

"The president must be willing to report to Congress and the American people on how this money is being spent," Hill said. "The missteps of the past several months must not be compounded by wasteful spending, or spending that could be used more wisely elsewhere."
I could get into this for pages and pages... but I don't need to. I only need to ask one question...

Why is this part of the article embargoed?

It presents the Democratic response to Bush's actions. Outside of the embargoed portion of the article, ALL quotes are from Bush except this - "The president did not plan well for winning the peace and rebuilding the nation." This statement is attrubuted to "Democrats".

Hi. My name is "Democrats". REEEEEEEALLLLLLY good reporting here. Am I getting smarter, or is everyone else getting stupider? I don't feel that much smarter...
Posted By: smartyhands Re: inoculation paradigm - 10/12/03 12:00 PM
Oops... I missed the end of the article...

"Coalition forces in Iraq are actively pursuing the terrorists and Saddam holdouts who desperately oppose freedom for the Iraqi people," Bush said.
He was describing people who had been killed.

Put it this way... if they're dead, how do you know what they were opposing? Even the live ones, how do we know they aren't fighting for their own freedom? Isn't that logical? Why in THE WORLD would guerillas fight overwhelming odds out of greed?!? Bush is putting words into the mouths of the dead. That's why I'm doing what I can to say my piece BEFORE I die... peace
Posted By: smartyhands Re: inoculation paradigm - 01/19/04 12:36 PM
Still no word from 859... I have been detained for questioning due to my suspicious activities and finally released into the wilds to criticize the US government yet again. (Not really... was in sequestered militant training...)

Before I started this, I still had a mote, an iota of respect for the humans that run our government. I must have misplaced it while doing the research, because I cannot find it anymore. I now tend toward the generalized Bill Hicks philosophy, that "all governments are lying bastards". Readers of Heinlein will recall the philosophy espoused in the 70's that people who WANT power will always be corrupted by it. As long as we let the powerful contest each other for our government, we will suffer their greed and deceit.

Within this thread, a true anarchist has been born. I used to say that just to scare people, now I truly believe it. Fight the power.
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