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....all about the weed

Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

....all about the weed - 12/22/02 09:41 PM

thats rite!the topic uve been waitin for
wats ur fav kinda weed?do u use paper or a pipe or bong?wats ur fav weed song?
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Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/22/02 09:43 PM

i roll my weed an i get this smoothe weed from som guy.i think its jamacan(the weed not the guy)
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/22/02 09:56 PM

I'm not sure what gizmo's feelings on this topic are, but mine is "man I can't believe I just wasted my time reading that."
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/22/02 11:08 PM

I prefer G13 (Government Grade). I also prefer blunts.
Posted By: Predator

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/22/02 11:35 PM

bleh weed...
Posted By: unreal

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/22/02 11:40 PM

I don't smoke it, since:

*plug of how cool I am* I fly complex multi-engine aircraft on a daily basis. *plug of how cool I am*

So yeah... FAA has random drug tests.
Posted By: Ice

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/23/02 03:48 AM

Tried it couple of time with Best Friend
he does that [censored] all the time i smoke it like 2 a year = (
Posted By: CyberNerd

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/23/02 03:58 AM

never touched the stuff though i did defend it in the why drugs are bad topic...i just dont have the cash to blow on it so i use an alternative means of escaping from reality. Video Games
Posted By: $ublime_0ne

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/23/02 04:05 AM

weed not only destroys your body, but it also destroys your social life..
Posted By: Ice

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/23/02 04:33 AM

well not really man
If u hang around the "drug's" group u dont loose and social life lol just more respect from them
Posted By: Asteos

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/23/02 07:04 AM

Bentley, I don't think you'll take offense by me saying I think you're a [censored] pot-head, burn-out. I know you like your weed, but I have never really seen anything posted by you pertaining to computer security, the main focus of this board. Oh well, then again I don't really look hard. In my opinion, weed destroys your ability to focus on one thing for more than 2 seconds. It makes you just plain stupid, and is generally not a good thing to get into.
BUT - getting back on topic. When I was younger and a lot more stupid I used to smoke weed called 'willy's wonder' or 'willie's' for short. It was my favorite. It was a little higher quality than B.C, if anyone has tried that here you know what I'm talking about (Canadian Hydro). You could stick an eighth to your forehead, it was so sticky. It never rolled great in blunts cuz it was so dank, sticky and moist, but burned great in water-bongs. Ahh ... the days when I had nothing but getting stoned to worry about. Damn responsibility ruins everything. My guess is Bentley will grow out of it in a few years, if he's smart, Right $500,000 Bentley?
Posted By: unreal

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/23/02 07:21 AM

Unfortunately, he may be a 26 year old stoner still living in his parents' basement. Or maybe that's not'll keep him from breeding.
Posted By: Curse

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/23/02 07:33 AM

Weed does not destroy your body if you do it in moderation. But just about anything that is used too much will destroy your body...
Posted By: Predator

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/23/02 10:01 AM

Uhm Curse it does.

All the stoies told about smoking weed is more healthy than smoking a normal cigaret. It gives you more chance on getting cancer (ah well, from what don't you get cancer this days). And i can go on with this for some time...

So don't tell me weed doesn't screw up your body
Posted By: AlienTerror

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/23/02 01:24 PM

I agree on Asteos and Predator....

Weed just makes u stupid when ure having a good time but in the end the good times become more and more depending, Summary: it [censored] up your body and brain in the end.

(bad formulated txt) stupid
Posted By: Ice

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/23/02 07:22 PM

yup it was proven that weed it saver then Alcohol
Well if u do it once and a while its not that bad
Posted By: §intå×

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/23/02 10:06 PM


I remeber smoking weed daily when I was in highschool. I also rember not worrying about anything but scoreing a bag. Fun times. But... Stupid [censored]. I probably spent $10,00 on drugs in my life. ... Nah probably more. Now I don't do them and want to move up in the corperate world. I find myself worrying sometimes will my past come back to put a glass ceiling over me?

I now have a wife and child I love very much. When out and about sometimes these burnt [censored] dumb [censored] I used to smoke with come up to us.

"DUDE! Hows it going? Wana hang out some time?"

Yea, sure when? Tomorrow at noon?

Yea see I have a job. I can't hang at noon and get toked up all day. So many people I know never made it out of highschool. All of those people are on some type of dope.

I used to smoke Christmass bud. All it was was weed (didn't matter what type) with coke sprinkled on. Very nice feeling. Like christmass morning.

I did it all accept Herroin. And one drug can very well lead to another. I started out on LSD Loved it. Later tryed herb, Herb with PCP, then coke, herb with coke, crack, micro dots, Never did X cause it can have herroin in it.

But anymore, I do not have 3 to 8 hrs to sit around and stare at the wall talking about how cool a poster is. Or to just listen to music and listen for sounds I never heard before. See I grew up. Now I have a wife and child that count on me to bring food home and keep a roof over our heads.

To do that I have to keep a job. My job dose random pissers. Soooo, I stay clean. I now feel sharper, and understand things quicker than I used to.

It's like this people. ANYTHING that gives you a buz is killing brain cells. That plain and simple means it is making you stupid each time you do it. ANYTHING that gives you a buz is putting parts of your body in either hyper drive or slow motion. That is bad for your body.

There isn't anything out there that [censored] you up that is good for you, or that dosen't affect you.

Marajuan has more tar in it that cigaretts. Now that is a [censored] load since tobacco companys add more to the. Many a pot head ends up living in his parents basement "dreaming" of what he will accomplish.

Another thing I can tell you is you NEVER know what you are getting. I mentioned I did crack. It was on the weed I bought. A freind I grew up with sliped it on there thinking it was funny. I beat his [censored].

Drugs WILL change you. You will want to do them more and more. The hard part is if/when you decide to quit.... Almost every freind you have is into them. You will find stuff in your belongings for years. You don't realise it till you want to get away from it. You end up surronding your self with drug culture and it is woven into your life fabric for quite some time.
Posted By: Predator

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/23/02 10:19 PM

Originally posted by 1c3:
yup it was proven that weed it saver then Alcohol
Well if u do it once and a while its not that bad
Well that's a damn damn stupid post. weed more safe as alcohol? rofl
As you say it like this you probably mean 1 joint a weak and liters of alcohol a day. Than yes, than alcohol is worse as weed. So if you drink alcohol once in a while, no problem either. My advice, just stay away from drugs, they are evil. Ooh i don't mind using one hard drug (the only accepted hard drug there is) at least if not used too much and if you're old enopugh. That's alcohol
Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/23/02 10:28 PM

2 points astos!im a 14 yr old not dumb tho.i get second honors at weed isnt that bad if u dont bcom 2 dependant.i jst burn when i want.i can go a few months wiout weed easy
Posted By: Ice

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/23/02 10:34 PM

Predator well thats what i ment, If u smoke that [censored] everyday of course its gonna [censored] u up
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/23/02 10:42 PM

Originally posted by $500,000 Bentley:
2 points astos!im a 14 yr old not dumb tho.i get second honors at weed isnt that bad if u dont bcom 2 dependant.i jst burn when i want.i can go a few months wiout weed easy
lmao, you sure sold me on how much of a genius.

My friend mark wants me to get stoned with him sometime, I might. I don't know. I prefer to know what is going on, be able to think straight, etc. Not to mention no [censored] way do i want my family finding out about it.
Posted By: Digital Geek

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/24/02 01:33 AM

The hard part, for me, is to stay away from weed, when all three of the guys that I live with in the apartment, are smoking all day, every day.
I mean this is complete bullshit. They wake up at five in the afternoon, start smoking untill midnight or so, and then they are to stoned to do anything. I usualy make copyes of the notes I take in class for them, allthough they never read them, not to mention study once in a while.

The ONLY time I smoked, was a night, when after reading some drug related material here and in other places, I decided to try. It felt funny, and I was happy and laughing all the time. The sad part was when I tryed to do some work but my brain was to [censored] up to do anything, so I went to sleep. But I guess, I inhale it every day, since all the [censored] apartment is filled with smoke. I have to leave my window open 24/7 and put air refreshers all over my room.

500,000 Bentley you perhaps get second honors at school and for now you might be able to go a few months without weed easy. But then you'll grow up, and the more you smoke the more addicted you become. And when you realize that you have to quit maybe it will be to late, or will be very [censored] hard.

I have seen the efects of drugs, on the guys I live with, and I think that in the end drugs will [censored] your life, if you don't know when to stop, and I agree with everything that $in_tax said : Drugs WILL change you, and in my opinion it's a very bad change.
Posted By: Drake

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/24/02 03:22 AM

wow... deja vu. this sounds so much like another thread we just had... weird. i must be going crazy.
Posted By: ohfuk

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/24/02 04:47 PM

yes, well, people stop dissing, everyone knows that drugs are bad and if you dont eventually quit you will be [censored] for life and even short term use will have some negative effects. im going to quit when i get to college when i will start drinking, but untill then, im going to smoke my way through high school.

favorite kind of weed- I smoke only the highest quality hydroponics that are home grown in the USA. This stuff is so dank when you open an eighth you can smell it across the room. It has no seeds, has no stems, its good stuff. a very slight minty flavor.

my favorite method of smoking is with my friends glass bong because all you get is the smoke, all the really nasty [censored] is filtered in the water. Although i recently discovered that they sell hookas at the mall and i think im going to buy one of those. fyi-in the movie half baked they had a hooka.

favorie weed, so many to choose from!
The Weed Song by Bone Thugs n Harmony only because i downloaded the video and its great
Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/24/02 05:17 PM

isnt weed less addictive than cigarettes?jst wondren.cold sunn:when u get high u still kno wats goin on, only ur slower 2 the only way ur family will find out bout u smokin is if som1 snitches
Posted By: Drake

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/24/02 07:40 PM

Bentley, check out this site. It's got info on marijuana addiciton. Summed up, it says weeds not physically addictive but you'll be addicted emotionally and metally.
Posted By: ohfuk

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/25/02 12:15 AM

some people can become addicted to anything. Its all about how strong, or dare i say, weak you are mentally. personally, i know i will never become addicted. i can easily go 2 months clean without even fealing an urge to smoke. i know many people, my sister for one, who should have never tried drugs because they just cant stop.

great link drake, very educational. one of the greatest marijuana sites ive been to.
Posted By: unreal

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/25/02 02:39 AM

Addiction has nothing to do with how "weak you are mentally." Addiction is caused by a gene. Some people have it, and some people do not. Simple as that.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/25/02 06:46 AM

Man look at my eyes, i'm permafried... My eyes won't open all the way... You name the drug, or drug mix, and chances are that I've done it... Everything from PCP to Ecstacy to Marijuana to GHB to Peyote lol... I have flashbacks seldomly too, i'll be chillin around then i'll start trippin like I used to, only on no drugs, its quite odd, I did it last when my ex Annie was over here, lemme tell you though it wasn't fun lol...
Posted By: Curse

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/25/02 06:55 AM

Pred, feel free to tell me how much weed it takes for a person to overdose and die... Than tell me how much Alcohol it takes for someone to overdose and die...
And also, everytime a non-profit scientific group says there are very few downsides of Marijuana, a corporation such as Budweiser (funny how that corporation has the biggest anti-Marijuana campaign in the world huh?) has a scientific group come out and release a report that is contrary to that of the non-profit group...

And, how many people does everyone know who smokes Weed and gets violent?
And how many people drink Alcohol and get violent?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/25/02 07:20 AM

/e agrees
Posted By: Predator

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/25/02 12:28 PM

Exactly Curse.
You won't get an overdose of weed and die. You won't get agressive when smoking all that [censored] You just get passive like hell, fun isn't it?. Not all people get agressive when drinking too much alcohol. Weed is a soft drug and alcohol is a hard drug. So you can't compare those 2 at all.
But the fact is weed won't kill you immediately, it's a silent killer.

My conclusion:

If you need weed/alcohol or whatever drug there is out there to have fun, you're just a pathetic idiot. In the end it will kill you, you believe it or not...
Posted By: Curse

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/26/02 06:34 AM

What's wrong if people want to expirience highs? Alot of people do not require intoxicants to have fun, but many people like to have them to make relaxing easier and more enjoyable... Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see something from a different perspective? Or do you feel your perspective is perfect or what?

And people always think that Alcohol is safer than Marijuana because it is legal....
Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/26/02 05:08 PM

alcohol makes u do dumb [censored] an it [censored] u over worse than weed.if som1 smokes a 20 bag, theyll get high enjoy evrythin an b funny as if they drink vodca or remy martin or watevr theyll get very loud, obnoxious,and violent
Posted By: unreal

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/26/02 05:59 PM

Bentley, you seem to be a proponent of "getting high" for fun. You suggest that everything would be funny and enjoyable. Tell me then, what happens then when someone who is high gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, and consequently, how does this differ from someone under the influence of alcohol?
Posted By: Infinite

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/26/02 06:05 PM

Depends on what they are high on unreal. I smoke a fair amount of weed, and I have zero hesitation about getting behind the wheel high. Whether it is driving accross town to a friends or 3 hours down the highway to Edmonton, driving while high is not a problem. I have done it many times before, and I'm sure I'll prolly do it again. I see no harm in driving while stoned from smoking weed.

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/26/02 07:29 PM

I never smoked pot for fun, I always did it to relax, how I was growing up it was rough as hell, rather than shooting myself I got stoned, it made things a little easier to cope with.

For note, people high behind the wheel are more aware than those drinking alcohol, because their scared shitless of going to jail, hell my brother drives better stoned than he does sober.
Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/26/02 08:21 PM

yea, an when ur high u can jst close ur eyez 4 a few mins an wet ur brings u back a lil bit.can u do dat when ur drunk?
Posted By: unreal

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/26/02 10:31 PM

No matter how much a person says that they can drive while high, it is still a proven fact that a person's motor skills and reflexes are impaired while under the influence of marijuana. If you were high, could you effectively react if a car was to suddenly start moving into your lane just about to hit you?
Posted By: Infinite

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/26/02 11:48 PM

I get high and go inline skating a few blocks away at the skate park. 20 ft halfpipe, and I skate it just fine. 360 grabs and all sorts of grinds are no problem. I get high and go skiing; 6ft of powder or non-stop moguls, either works for me. I get high and do all sorts of reflex intensive activities, and I have no trouble concentrating. And for all the years I have been high and drove, not once have I ever been in an accident. So to answer your question, yes, I can effectively react to that car moving into my lane about to hit me.

Posted By: unreal

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/27/02 03:32 AM

Well thanks Infinite. You've strengthened my belief that the human race is going down the shithole.
Posted By: Drake

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/27/02 04:56 AM

I'm all for smokin for relaxing or for fun or whatever, but I'm gonna have to side against driving while high. Hell, I can barely catch a damn lighter when I'm high, no way I'd trust myself or anybody else to drive. Giz, I've heard that certain drugs stay in your spinal chord and that if you crack your neck or soemthing like that you can experience a "flashback" like what you said. DOn't really know abhout it, just something I overheard a while ago.
Posted By: Curse

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/27/02 08:02 AM

Lysergic Acid Dythalimide [LSD, Acid] stays in your spinal fluid and many people can induce a trip by cracking their back.

And I know alot of people who get hyper active from smoking Marijuana, they don't seem to have impared motor skills or thought process, but rather they are wittier and do things more expediently... But I would not drive while high or let someone drive who is high...
Posted By: Predator

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/27/02 11:21 PM

$500,000 Bentley, you are an idiot! As I said before you can't compare alcohol and weed!!!
Alcohol is a hard drug if you believe it or not, and weed just is a soft drug, they are very very different worlds, so stop comparing them.

Originally posted by $500,000 Bentley:
alcohol makes u do dumb [censored] an it [censored] u over worse than weed.
omg how can you say something like that, you probably never touched one drop of alcohol in your life. And when you have a "laugh kick" or whatever it's called, you laugh about the most stupid things there are. Isn't that beeing dumb, beeing an idiot?
Oh and btw i can make you act damn dumb when you're stoned, even agressive without even touching you. So the thing about people getting agressive when drinking alcohol is just [censored]. There are people who get agressive when drinking alcohol, but the same goes for weed.

And about the 2nd part about your statement. Why do I know a lot of people who get damn sick when smoking weed, even worse when getting drunk?
ha there.
Why do i just have the feeling that goes for you: "woohoo look at me i smoke weed, now look how cool i am now"

Ooh and Curse, i don't mind people smoking weed time to time to "broaden their horizon" or whatever. I just hate the attitude "i smoke weed so i'm cool and people beeing more stoned than sober", But what i said before still goes on. But smoking weed to relax, hmm maybe, but there is nothing more relaxing than getting a massage from a girl.
Posted By: Drake

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/28/02 05:31 AM

I've got to agree with with Bentley on this Pred, I think weed is better. I had to live most of my life with an alchoholic and it sucked. there was nothing good about it. on the other hand, i have lots of friends who smoke all the time. My friend Bjorn never takes off his shades cause his eyes are allways red. I think it's bad, but they're still cool to hang out with. I realize that both drugs are bad, and you're right, they can't really be compared, but that's my opinion.

ps: i have touched the stuff, and being drunk sucks, while being high is fun
Posted By: Crime

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/28/02 09:29 PM

ahhhhhh hahaha
Posted By: Curse

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/30/02 01:02 AM

Now me and Pred have reached an understanding...
I don't like people who think they are so cool because they smoke weed either...
Posted By: dashocker

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/30/02 09:16 PM

As Curse said, if you do anything excessively its bad. Doing anything in moderation will certainly not harm you for a very long long time. For instance if you smoke like 3 cigarettes a day, it will take a long time for the negative consequences of smoking to kick in. Same thing for like 1 or 2 drinks a day. I've never smoked weed but I have done alcohol before(only like 1 or 2 glasses) and I really didn't see a problem with it. No hangover, no drunkeness, but I did actually enjoy reading the Odyssey for once...I guess I just can't understand why people can't control their urges for drugs and whatnot. Just cause you do drugs once, doesen't mean you have to do it the next day and so on and so forth...just do it when you need it. That way its not really abuse. There was this thing in the PARADE magazine yesterday that said kids are starting to drink younger and drink more. Most of them do it because they think it makes them cool and they hear about it at school and stuff, but the media is always trying to hype how drugs affect your grades and everything. No one ever does a study to see how one's personality and priorities and living environments and their parents affect their drug use, its always the other way around. Well, just wanted to add my 2 cents..

p.s. Bentley, how do you type like that on a regualar basis? I mean, is there a system or something?
Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

Re: ....all about the weed - 12/30/02 11:22 PM

why does everyone comment on my spelling?anyway i was brought up around doesnt seem that bad 2 me.i dont think im cool just because
i smoke.
Posted By: Evans

Re: ....all about the weed - 04/27/04 02:15 AM

I have to go with Curse. Perhaps I am a little bias but none the less there are NO studies that PROVE the weed has ANY ill effects. Unless of course you would like to belive what the government is spoon feeding you then by all means go right ahead.
Enlightened -Evans
Posted By: Ghost

Re: ....all about the weed - 04/27/04 03:19 AM

Dude, dont bring back two year old topics.
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