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Wake-On-Lan Tutorial

Posted by: Gremelin

Wake-On-Lan Tutorial - 09/08/02 12:22 AM

Well for those of you who know I type up articles for some different Zines. I wrote up one for UGN today because I was bored and wanted to learn WOL a little more, its amazing that its so easy but I included just about everything that you need to know.

so hey if you're bored take a look at and give me input .

I think i'll submit it to a few zines that I woulnd't normally post to.

Posted by: Cold Sunn

Re: Wake-On-Lan Tutorial - 09/08/02 04:20 AM

Gizzy, you should use some word wrap in your shizzle. or just save it as .html or something.
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: Wake-On-Lan Tutorial - 09/08/02 04:59 PM

it is word wraped, but when opening a text file with IE or your fav browser it doens't work out lol...
Posted by: Cold Sunn

Re: Wake-On-Lan Tutorial - 09/08/02 08:44 PM

Posted by: BackSlash

Re: Wake-On-Lan Tutorial - 09/09/02 12:27 AM

i think gizmo keep us from learning that he doesn't comprehend word wrap
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