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Posted By: weeve

555-1708 - 04/15/04 01:15 PM

dood how can someone not remember a number that short, and obvious. I guess it's kinda like well in that one arnold swartzenegger movie where all the numbers in the phone book are 555-, meaning that like from 1xx-9xx- it's 555 in movies. So really it's expressive in that it's 3 numbers, and for more to remember. But for [censored] real. 7 numbers? I memorize like 3 days worth of paragraphs of [censored] to remember. Through pain, uncomfort, comfort, bliss, passion, fun, whatever. How can it be that hard? unless your dyslexic which I am. But [censored] if that happened to me, and I wanted to call her. I'd just use my deductive reasoning number wise to find out which number combination is hers. for real.
Posted By: Jaspel

Re: 555-1708 - 04/16/04 03:47 AM

wtf, where did this come from? irc? can you explain? I thought that 555's were all false #'s or is that a misconception.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: 555-1708 - 04/16/04 05:36 AM

555's are a valid prefix; Information can usually be found on 5551212 in some areas...
Posted By: weeve

Re: 555-1708 - 04/16/04 08:52 AM

lol where did it come from, a ad lmao. If you haven't seen the ad where the dood passes the chick on the metro/subway rail, and she eats a piece of gm then blows on the window, and rights her number. But the dood doesn't have anything to write it down, so this wall street shmuck does instead.

not a misconception, their real, their just not directed to houses, or civilian type stuff. But um this is in off topic for a reason, not Phreaking. cause I wanted to talk about the ad. Then also movies that use 555, and that movie where the whole phonebook was. It gave me the perception that in pretend worlds all those 555's go somewhere. heh, plus I usually rationalize the un rationalized. Giz noticed one, 555-1212:) If you want more, I'll see what I can do heh, but I don't think I was trying to lead this conversation to a real world 555 use. Though if it goes that way, so be it.
Posted By: Gollum

Re: 555-1708 - 04/16/04 11:24 AM

lol, well i was thinking the same thing. i was like " numbers aren't that hard to remember"...and yes, movies use 555 all the time cuz i believe, that like, only that 555-1212 number exists. but i was like " uhh....where is this going?" lol but yea, i remember that commerical. i figure, if he can't remmeber it, he doesnt' deserver her. wait, lol. are we criticizing a gum commercial? hehe//
Posted By: weeve

Re: 555-1708 - 04/16/04 04:40 PM

LMAO Criticizing, no, mocking yes, that wall street dood had a pen, and paper. Yea, It's just unrealistic commercials is all, I smirk at them, then scream DUMBASSES! lol

He didn't deserve her no, but neither did the suit, that she wasn't giving the number too. Though no one knows, it is off course...duhn duhn duhhhhh, a pretend [censored] world, and were just joking around about it aren't we? It was a number for their brief interaction. If wall street dood there called her, at best he'd get used, or she'd blow him off saying she's taking a shower tonight, alone.

But then yes, this is going in a weird direction:D:X
Posted By: sinetific

Re: 555-1708 - 04/18/04 02:58 AM

I hate advertisements. Like the one with the guys driving around in a truck and the one is singing the shania twain song "I feel like a woman" or whatever and all the other guys are looking at him like 'stfu'. Everyone watches that commercial and is like "omg thats so funny" but I hate it. First, why is a truck filled with guys listening to shania twain in the first place? Second, why dont they just shut it off? I swear ad execs are getting dumber by the minute and they are taking the rest of civilization down with them. Morons watch thier adds and are all like "duhr, im suposed to accept this as funny, or sexy, or 'cool' or whatever because some dumbass is just shooting out random ideas to a boardroom full of suits hoping some old rich assfuck aproves his idea
Posted By: dashocker

Re: 555-1708 - 04/18/04 07:22 AM

Amen sin. I heavily critique commercials for some reason, I always have. Don't really know why. I get them stuck in my head a lot too. Ads are used far too often to sell a product that is second-tier in the first place. They just try to put a new spin/face/etc. on their product to make people wanna buy it more. Take McDonald's for instance with their new hella annoying inner-city song commercials. Everyone around here eats at Wendy's because their food is the best. The product should sell itself. People aren't as dumb as ad execs think. We aren't gonna buy something just becase they put a supermodel in the commercial.
Posted By: weeve

Re: 555-1708 - 04/18/04 07:25 AM

so then you both feel why I had to do this here? smile laugh yea?
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