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Thank you UGN

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Thank you UGN - 05/14/04 07:07 AM

Sorry for boring you guys with this but I just wanna take a quick timeout to say thank you to the people at UGN for helping to put me on the road that I'm rite now. I first came here about 4 years ago and eventhough I was a complete newbie I was welcomed and made a bunch of friends and learned a lot more than I could have myself. I think my first question on this board was something bout how to hack a website (god, what a lamer). Anyways, because of you guys I strived to be better and gain respect. I had my on and off times when I wouldn't touch a computer for 6 months (or I wasn't allowed, who remembers that?) but in the end it was the UGN people from way back who I have to thank. Rite now I'm studying towards my bachelor's in Computer System Security and will hopefully be able to have a successful career doing exactly what I love doing. Again, thank you guys.

special thanks go to screamer, unreal, SR, Jon, IceDog, Optix, Pred and BlackBeard for starting this site and Gizmo for keep it alive and transforming it into what it is (UGN actually has news now).
Posted By: Rapture

Re: Thank you UGN - 05/14/04 12:59 PM

werd, UGN is cool. I don't post much or ask many questions, hell I don't even answer many but it's a solid hour of good reading each day (new topics etc).

good job gizmo smile
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Thank you UGN - 05/14/04 01:24 PM

what happened to all the "[censored] you gizmo, you're going to run UGN into the ground" posts :x... I find it funny that I have a stable host for free and a secure system and people still like to say i'm not doing any good :x...
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Re: Thank you UGN - 05/14/04 04:08 PM

Didn't some people leave when u took control from Blackbeard eg. optix, icedog?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Thank you UGN - 05/14/04 05:20 PM

Yes actually a few people did dispute the decision and left. It's actually a pretty funny story if you know it...

Optix wanted Admin's or he'd leave. I wasn't willing to give Admin's to anyone, especially someone who I've had such a sketchy past with until they prove themselves to be trustworthy...

I agreed to Admin IceDogg, but when I refused to admin Optix he and ice left; it was fairly amusing...

From what I hear now howerver, Oppy joined the army or something...
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Re: Thank you UGN - 05/14/04 05:48 PM

Glad to hear you're doing so well, man. I'm glad all of us were able to be part of that along down the road. (Oooh oooh! 100 points to anyone who can provide an IRC log from when Impy used a straight razor on himself. laugh ). Man, those were some good times back then. laugh

Keep us all updated on how things are going dude. Good luck!

EDIT: And damn you DAK for making me feel all nostalgic. :p
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Re: Thank you UGN - 05/14/04 07:44 PM

well... i think UGN is better now then it's ever been. gizzy is doing a great job. it would have been crap if Optix had been given admin. so thank you gizzy for not letting that [censored] have any more power!
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Thank you UGN - 05/15/04 05:29 AM

Well, the choices where this:

1. Sell the site to me.
2. Sell the site to the #2 bidder, I believe they owned one of those search engine things that turn all url's to hell.
3. Sell the domain to oppy, the #3 bidder (if I understand correctly)...
Posted By: Ntd

Re: Thank you UGN - 05/15/04 09:25 AM

Thank God u didn't admin Optix!!
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Re: Thank you UGN - 05/16/04 04:21 AM

oh Gizmo, you big furry bozo. I got my moods. I still don't approve of some of the things you're doing but it's not my site. anyways, thank you for keepin it alive.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Thank you UGN - 05/16/04 04:43 AM

What's not to approve of? There's always the sugguestions forum...
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